How about JD.com’s self-operated 185 98-key three-mode mechanical keyboard?

98 arrangements, PBT keycaps, Bluetooth/2.4/wired three-mode, C port with wire slot Luo Ji! , there is also a volume knob, a convenient storage slot...

However, these are not so important, what is important is it, the selling price of 185

The last keyboard was an 87-key single-mode wired keyboard that I randomly selected on Taobao, but after using it for several years, I can’t say how much the demand for small keyboards is. 300, 400+, and the three-mode wireless is 600. It is not discussed. It is really

Shy in the bag

Every time I lift the notebook from the bed to the table, plug in the keyboard, and habitually want to touch the small keyboard to press the power-on pin, but the moment I touch the cold table, I always feel that my hand is Empty of , my heart is ice cold of . My table is not big enough, but it is not that small either. I feel cold in my heart, and I need something to fill in the empty space in my hands.

So I decided to get a decent keyboard to warm up However, its blue and white color scheme is sold out XD

I don't play keyboard much, and I'm very unprofessional. I can only talk about my problems as an ordinary person;

Looks like there is no standby , every time you run out of wireless, you have to manually switch the mode to make it stand by;

The sound of the backspace key is empty , as if hitting the cavity;

I bought the unglazed version No RGB no fighting power

switch mode Picks feel a bit soft , I don’t know if it will cause bad contact if used for a long time;

The mode indicator light is directly the lamp bead, although it is small, but a bit dazzling

Printing of keycaps and covers fonts are a bit weird

charging port C mouth is too tight , although this is very secure, it is difficult to unplug it after charging.

Everything else is good for me:

Advertise 1700mAH, battery life should be good;

Hot-swappable, you can change the shaft body you like more by yourself;

Gasket+ is filled with sound-absorbing cotton, and there is no sound of hitting the bottom plate;

The whole keyboard is relatively not very heavy;

The volume knob is easy to use, not too soft, Although Not infinite knob, Although There are no grooves or knurling, Although You have to pinch and turn with two fingers

but it's not expensive So I feel like I can live with the above problems

The packing box is very simple, write the model and draw the shape

Environmental protection (no plastic seal, no stickers, happy)

Accessories include replacement keycaps, CA cables, and replacement shafts body

The 2.4G receiver storage slot will not fall out when you shake the keyboard, and you can come out by lightly digging the slot with your fingers

The mode switching paddle feels a little soft, so you have to watch it carefully when you flip it

A bit dazzling lamp beads

Large key satellite shaft without connecting rod

Is it a tea shaft that I don't know?

This article is typed with this keyboard. Generally speaking, the rebound is fast, and there is no sense of lag even when you press it. The sound is only a simple shaft collision sound (I think) The feeling of being stuffed with mute cotton is still very good

More importantly, I found that the paragraph axis like the brown axis is more suitable for me than the linear axis like the red axis. It's easier to press the wrong button XD

Looking forward to its performance in the follow-up work~

Sui Sui Nian: This is my first normal article, I’m a little excited when I think about it I used to write a brief introduction to the shared butter (

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