How could one have the heart to refuse a full set of Dareu Cinnamon Dog peripherals?

Computer peripherals are not only used as practical tools, but also become necessary accessories for consumers to show their personality and create an atmosphere. The duration of this outlet will surprise people. Dareu has created many joint accessories. Recently, it announced a high-profile partnership with three Rio IP jointly launched a three-mode wireless keyboard/mouse/handle, etc., and the market price starts at only 299 yuan.

First, let’s get to know “Yugui Dog”, which is the familiar big-eared dog, especially the two snow-white and big ears are fluffy and cute, and the blue eyes highlight the characteristics of vitality. The image is very cute and widely loved by everyone. This image Derived from the popular mascot launched by Sanrio in Japan, it comes from the animation "Fantasy Magic Melody", and the peripheral derivatives are very rich.

The model of the three-mode wireless keyboard jointly branded by Dahlyu Yugui Dog is Daryu Z82 small sugar cube wireless keyboard. The overall appearance includes keycaps, and the main frame is round style. In actual use scenarios, it can perfectly cut into the young players of generation Z and the female market. digital products. In terms of color matching, it is reported that Dareu takes Cinnamon Dog's relaxed, energetic, and healing life style as the starting point, and combines the details of the classic small sugar cube wireless keyboard with the warm and healing color scheme of Cinnamon Dog. The two contents are perfectly integrated, and you can feel the atmosphere when you use it Create deep emotions that bring us.

The keyboard has a high layout with 75% occupancy, and it is matched with Dareu's customized PBT spherical keycaps and Gasket structure; it still brings more personal and high-quality experience in terms of vision and operation. The right side of the entire keyboard is a multi-function knob. Handy and easy, the most important aspect of the switch body is the Dareu Z82 Small Cube Sugar Wireless Keyboard, which uses the Kaihua mute switch body that is particularly quiet in actual experience. The hand feeling determines the good feeling.

In terms of overall configuration, Dareu Z82 Small Cube Sugar Wireless Keyboard Cinnamon Dog co-branded model has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, which can meet the battery life requirements of daily use. In terms of connection with the computer, this keyboard supports 2.4G/Bluetooth/wired three-mode connection. With one more connection method, the gameplay is more interesting, especially providing more possibilities in creating the atmosphere of the wireless desktop scene.

The current market price of Daryu Yugui Dog Custard Z82 three-mode wireless keyboard is 499 yuan, which is really a conscientious price for a co-branded product that is also a mechanical keyboard.

The co-branded Daryou also launched a wireless mouse and a wireless handle. This Cinnamon Dog A950 wireless mouse is based on the original Eryou A950 gaming mouse, and retains the lightweight body and charging base of the A950. The most important thing is the color matching. The Cinnamon Dog theme is used on the phone to highlight the cultural atmosphere, and the weight is only 88g, which is light and easy to use without dragging.

The wireless mouse supports 2.4G / Bluetooth / wired connection, which is convenient for multi-device use. It is equipped with a custom AIM-WL low-power sensor inside, and it can last for 30 days on a single charge.

Dareu Cinnamon Dog A950 three-mode wireless mouse is priced at 329 yuan.

The wireless handle model is Cinnamon Dog H105, which is amazing in terms of color matching. The light blue Cinnamon Dog is matched with the sky blue background color of the handle, and the buttons are designed in dark blue. The whole atmosphere is created to set off the little expert.

The wireless controller Cinnamon Dog H105 wireless controller also provides wired/2.4G/Bluetooth three-mode connection mode, equipped with a Hall trigger, supports "zero" blind zone joystick adjustment, built-in asymmetrical vibration motor, full feedback, and full sense of presence.

The price of Dareu Cinnamon Dog H105 three-mode wireless handle is 299 yuan.

Are you excited? This whole set of peripherals is clearly arranged, why don't you take them home quickly?

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