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How do workers create interesting desktops? Good-looking keycaps are easy to use and individual

Can't wake up in the morning, can't sleep at night, the life of social animals, in addition to part-time jobs or part-time jobs, the most contact with each day is the computer and keyboard in hand. In the mixed keyboard market, LOFREE shipboard panda 131-key OEM theme keycaps stand out, adding some luster to the busy and anxious social animal life.

Stylish appearance, five-sided sublimation process

When I got the box, it was impeccably packaged. The retro black background color and golden font design, full of industrial and technological sense of the breath.

Through the transparent part of the package, you can see the cute and three-dimensional keyboard caps inside. Before encountering the keyboard cap of Luofei, I never thought that I would pay for the appearance of the keyboard cap one day.

The packaging is very poignant to me. There is a feeling of going back to designing blackboard writing in class when I was a child. It is like drawing a blackboard newspaper with chalk on the blackboard. It is full of creativity.

After unpacking, the black, white and red color scheme is fresh and attractive, and the packaging is simple and clear in each grid. The black and white color matching keycaps are very Q, and they feel good to the touch.

Satisfy individual ideas, keycaps can be matched as you like

There are many design styles of this keyboard, and there are many choices in the introduction on the official website, which can satisfy people's choices in different scenarios. I like the design of "Community Animal Banana" the most. It has advanced color matching and a strong sense of design, which can meet the multiple use scenarios of social animals.

The street attitude is also very classic. The red, white and black color scheme reminds me of the arcade games when I was a child, and it is also practical. The letter keys are very simple, and some hand-painted elements will be added to the less functional keys such as the space bar, which is interesting and practical. .

Now I like to use this keyboard when I am working, and many colleagues in the office come to me for links.

3. High technical standards to meet the core needs

The core requirement of the social animal for the keyboard is actually durability, because high-intensity text work requires the quality of the product. This theme keycap is well molded and the details are more delicate. It can be said to be a necessary keyboard accessory for the social animal to work overtime.

Unknowingly, I have been with this keycap for more than a month, and the more I use it, the smoother it is. I always feel that I have a social animal time accompanied by a beautiful keyboard, and even working overtime can be accepted a little calmly.

Later, my colleagues also followed the trend and bought this keycap, but his one is the Pharaoh’s gold parade, and I feel that the appearance is even better. The dark green and yellow are simply YYDS in my heart, and there are a few gradients. Really played with the mechanical keyboard.

4. Advanced design concept, professional ingenuity

The design of this set of keycaps is a bit something. It is a culturally innovative design based on ancient Egyptian civilization such as pyramids, murals, and pharaoh's guard of honor. The ingenious design of the yellow regular triangle and regular pyramid in the letter part suddenly feels that this design team is really good. Make products with heart.

My colleague couldn't put it down after buying it. It is said that he will replace the keyboard at home with an identical one.

Since the keycap itself is designed in a variety of colors, it is actually very harmonious when placed on the desk, and it can be connected with any color of any element around it without being obtrusive.

It matches any monitor very well, and typing on such a beautiful keyboard every day has a greater motivation, which is simply the light of social animals.

5. Match as you like, bring creativity into life

The ingenuity of the designer can be seen in the design of each keycap. There is a team of interesting designers behind Luofei. They are committed to focusing on every 2 square meters within our reach, whether it is a desk , the airport or a coffee shop, there is

Life, there is Luo Fei.

Nowadays, everyone's life rhythm is generally very fast. In the process of pursuing efficiency, it is commendable to be able to maintain some small interests, small hobbies, and small fortunes of one's own.

The Luofei keyboard cap allows me to realize the state of discovering beauty, using beauty, and finding beauty in life, and it seems to light up a lamp for my ordinary social animal life.

Live with your heart and discover beauty with your heart. Sometimes life is like this, if you look at it with the eyes of a social animal, it will be dull, but if you look at it with colorful eyes, it will be beautiful in return.

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