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How much do you know about mechanical keyboards Part 10: Multi-mode mechanical keyboards allow you to switch between all devices at will, don’t miss the Rapoo V700-8A

As a domestic brand, Rapoo has always produced cost-effective products. I have been deeply impressed by this brand since the V500Pro mechanical keyboard at the entry-level level of 100 yuan for the masses. Rapoo's mechanical keyboard has iterated many models, and recently released a V700-8A, which is the first time to experience it.

From the design of the package, you can see the appearance of the product. When you open the package, you can see the keyboard and the accompanying cable, key puller, manual, and signal receiver.

When I first got it, I felt that the V700-8A is very small, with 84 keys, the keys are designed in a compact style, and the keys are arranged in 75%, which will not take up too much desktop space.

This keyboard uses PBT two-color injection keycaps, and the "second color" inside the keycaps is a transparent design. The keycaps are matte and smooth to the touch.

Since it is a mechanical keyboard, the keycap is naturally a pluggable design, and the keycap adopts a cross-shaped design.

The V700-8A uses Rapoo’s own mechanical switches. There are four optional switches for this keyboard:

Black axis: classic linear axis, the pressure is relatively large, suitable for small partners who play games

Green axis: Clear sense of paragraphs, suitable for friends who like to type with a snapping feeling

Tea shaft: Slight paragraph feeling, suitable for friends who like paragraph feeling but are afraid of being beaten too loudly

Red axis: classic linear axis, compared with the black axis, the pressure in grams is smaller, and the noise is relatively small

However, this keyboard shaft is fixed and does not support plug-in replacement.

Large keys such as space use satellite switches, which can ensure the key feel of large keys.

The entire keycap of Mecha Purple provides three color areas, white is the theme color, turquoise has only three keycaps, and purple is mixed and matched on the function keys, and the color matching is relatively fresh. It would be perfect if some replacement keycaps could be provided.

The keycap is a floating design, and the keycap can be pulled out by hand.

The body of the keyboard is made of sandblasted oxidized aluminum alloy. The visual effect and touch are basically the same as Apple's products, and the simplicity is the most magnificent.

On the left front side of the fuselage, there is also a Rapoo light-transmitting logo, which will always be on when the keyboard is working normally, which is similar to the bitten Apple light of the old Macbook. It took me a while to find out that the logo light also serves as an indicator light, for example, it is red when charging and white when it is working normally.

Speaking of this, I also found an interesting point: when the keyboard is powered on, the keyboard lights will form a V-shaped light effect. At first I thought it was a heart, but it took me a long time to realize that it should actually represent a "V".

From the marks on the keycaps, it can be seen that this keyboard can be connected to multiple devices (the actual connection methods include Bluetooth 5.0, 3.0, USB receiver, and cable), and the numbers 1-5 in the digital area correspond to three Bluetooth connections, one 2.4GHz connection and a wired connection, a total of 5 devices can be paired, and the two-key switching device can be realized through Fn and the corresponding button.

There is a C-port on the back of the fuselage for charging/wired connection, but it can be paired with 4 devices wirelessly, which is enough, and the cable is basically used for charging. After using the hidden C port design of FL980 for a long time, the C port of Rapoo V700-8A is simply not too convenient. When it comes to charging, in fact, there is no need to charge it frequently, because this keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which can be used for a few days without any problem.

In order to maximize the integrity of the fuselage, the keyboard switch is designed at the bottom of the fuselage, and there are four non-slip rubber pads and two non-slip feet on the bottom.

This keyboard uses a monochromatic white light. Although I like the light pollution of RGB, the V700-8A Mech Purple with white light has an elegant feeling.

Even with only white lights, it can provide a variety of different lighting effects.

This keyboard is also equipped with a driver, which happens to be the same driver as the Rapoo VT960S I shared some time ago. After connecting, the device will automatically appear in the driver. The software can store different setting schemes for one-key switching. For example, in daily office use, set some special shortcut keys to improve efficiency, and set a macro to play games at home after get off work to make one-key combos, etc.

This keyboard supports full-key programming in limited connection mode, and the functions of 84 keys can be set individually one by one.

The function of a single button can be realized through a combination of keys.

You can also set the command execution process in the macro editor, and then realize it with one click.

Of course, each key of the keyboard has a basic function, and the basic functions can also be modified or disabled according to your own preferences.

The lighting of this keyboard can be realized through shortcut keys or through the driver software. The brightness, speed and lighting effect mode of the lighting can be customized by yourself.

I also found that the brightness can be set individually for each button, with a total of 10 brightness levels. This function can be used to highlight a commonly used button when using it at night, making it easy to find.

If you want one-key multi-function, macro editing is indispensable.

Multiple macros can be saved, and personalized settings can be made for different tasks, and you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the saved macro solution when changing computers. Rapoo’s driver software supports setting up cloud storage, and you only need to log in to your own Rapoo account.

If it supports single-key switching, it must have a built-in chip, so it must support firmware upgrades.

The upgrade process is also very simple, just click and wait. There will be corresponding prompts for each step. After the upgrade is completed, re-plug the cable and it can be used normally.

The most convenient thing about the Rapoo driver software is the cloud synchronization function, which reduces the cumbersome operations during design and makes the use environment wider and more convenient.

To sum up, the Pennefather V700-8A can get a high score no matter in terms of workmanship details, function realization, or even appearance value. 75% of the mechanical keyboards equipped with it can try to consider this one, which will make you feel more comfortable. You are in for a surprise.

The above is all the content of this sharing, thank you for watching patiently, and please don’t hesitate to share.

Hope the above content can be helpful to your purchase.

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