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How much do you know about mechanical keyboards Part 11: If you can’t win the championship, it’s not bad to use a joint model——Rapoo eStarPro joint family barrel experience

Glory of Kings has penetrated into thousands of households. From the elderly to the young children, they will basically play two games when they are free. This is entertainment. King of Glory has developed a variety of official competitions, and there are various competitive teams in the game competition. The game is not useless in the traditional view, but requires teamwork, tacit understanding, etc., which can be cultivated by individuals. skills. There are only so many competitions related to the competition, and there are only a few who can win the championship. Ordinary people can't stand on the podium, but they can realize the feeling of being with the champion by purchasing some co-branded products.

No, recently Rapoo has played around with computer peripherals and peripherals, and newly launched a joint family barrel product of the King of Glory champion team eStarPro.

To be honest, regardless of the commemorative significance of the joint model, this simple and atmospheric color scheme is a great love. The Rapoo eStarPro co-branded family barrel includes: Rapoo V700-8A independent fast silver-axis mechanical keyboard, Rapoo VH650 virtual 7.1-channel RGB gaming headset, Rapoo M650 multi-mode wireless pudding mouse, and a medium-sized mouse pad. The consumer usage reports will also be carried out in this order one by one later.

Rapoo V700-8A is a new multi-mode mechanical keyboard recently released by Rapoo. I bought a mecha purple green switch at the first time to feel it when it was launched. At that time, this keyboard was only available in three colors: Lonely Warrior, Mecha Purple, and No Man's Land, and the switch body was only available in three colors of green and black tea. With the release of the eStarPro joint model, not only new colors, but also The connecting shaft is also updated to the Rapoo independent fast silver shaft that is more suitable for games.

The packaging of the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard has also been updated. There are two layers. The first is the pull-out shell. The product model and appearance are printed on the package, as well as the co-branded logo ESTAR. The overall packaging is white and blue, and the style is relatively fresh. After taking out the first layer of packaging, there is only a pure white packaging with a brand logo, and the disposable sealing sticker is also on this layer.

After opening the package, what you see is not the keyboard body, but a key distribution map. This is more individual, and I have never seen this kind of key map in other keyboard packages, even the non-co-branded V700- 8A has none. Then there is the keyboard body. Not surprisingly, it is still white and blue, fresh and natural.

Take out all the contents of the package, including: keyboard, 2.4Ghz receiver, key puller, manual, Type-c data cable.

The 2.4Ghz receiver of the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard.

The Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard, Rapoo officially gave the co-branded model a name: the boundless star sea, which sounds more artistic, the sun rises and the moon sinks, the star sea is boundless, with the e-wave mascot as the representative element, the vastness The starry sky is the background, the clouds are surging and the dragons are singing, touching the broader and boundless sky, and seeing the miracle that belongs to the hexagram. It can be seen from the appearance diagram that the keys of this keyboard are arranged in a 75% arrangement, with a total of 84 keys, and the overall layout is compact without any spare space.

The main function of the Pennefather V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard is to support multi-device connection. A total of 5 devices can be paired, three of which are via Bluetooth (including Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 3.0), and one is via a 2.4Ghz receiver. One is connected by wire. Bluetooth connects to mobile phones, tablets and other devices, 2.4Ghz connects to notebooks, and wired connects to PCs, perfect. Switching is also very easy, just switch through the function key Fn and the number corresponding to the number area. Numbers 1-5 are also printed with different connection methods on the keycaps to avoid confusion.

When it comes to wired connections, the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard provides a Type-c interface on the back of the keyboard, which can not only connect to the wired connection, but also charge the keyboard.

Such a good-looking exclusive keycap is no exception to the PBT material, but the keycap of the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard is five-sided thermal sublimation, which further improves the durability of the keycap and can be away from surface printing. The color fades, and the keycap is oiled after a long time. From the perspective of visual effect, the color is fuller, it looks more textured, and the touch feels slightly frosted.

The Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard uses a floating island-style keycap design, which is easier to clean. Although everyone doesn't care about this, who doesn't love a clean and tidy keyboard? It can be cleaned up easily, why not do it?

In addition to the craftsmanship of the keycaps, the frame of the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard is made of aluminum alloy material with sandblasting and oxidation process, and the effect is directly full whether it is visual or tactile. A brand logo light in front of the keyboard further enhances the texture and makes it comfortable to look at.

As mentioned earlier, the Rapoo V700-8A series mechanical keyboards originally used only green and black tea shafts, but the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard uses Rapoo’s own fast silver shafts, which belong to the linear shaft body. If the body feeling is not obvious, it can be understood as a linear feel similar to the red switch. I don’t need to say more about those who are sensitive to the switch body. The feel of the fast silver switch is not worse than the hottest gold powder switch.

In addition to the first time, the large key of the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard adopts the satellite shaft design, which makes it easier to replace the keycap.

The Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard naturally does not lack support for RGB lighting effects, but since it is a co-branded model, it must have the characteristics of the co-branded model. The Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard uses ice Blue light effect backlight system, the light position is in the upper area of ​​the shaft body. The color of this background light is also integrated with the color system of the joint name. In terms of lighting mode, the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard also provides a variety of options: 7 backlight lighting effects, including ripple, constant light, single point, breathing, starry dots, curve mode, and custom mode. Fn+Right Ctrl to toggle. The combination of Fn and arrow keys can also adjust the frequency and brightness of the light (a total of 4 levels of brightness).

There are four non-slip rubber pads on the back of the keyboard, and the switch is also hidden at the bottom of the keyboard. The battery is hidden inside the keyboard. You may have doubts, it has lighting effects and Bluetooth, how long can this keyboard be used without plugging in the cable? The Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery. The key is that Rapoo also has its own low-power consumption technology. If it is only used unlimitedly, it can be used for about 2 months when fully charged. If the effect is full , can take about 1 week.

The bottom is designed with a one-piece foot support. If you feel uncomfortable typing when laying flat, you can use the foot support to increase the slope of the keyboard to improve typing comfort.

The 84 key positions of the Rapoo V700-8A eStarPro co-branded mechanical keyboard can be independently set through the driver program, and the setting effects can be written into the onboard chip or stored in the cloud for retrieval and use at any time. Under the Windows system, you can also use the Fn and F function keys to realize the multimedia pairing function, which is convenient and fast for office work, entertainment and games.

Although it is a co-branded product of mobile games, since it is a co-branded game, it must have some game attributes. One of the products that is not co-branded with the family bucket is the virtual 7.1-channel RGB gaming headset, Rapoo VH650. The name of the color scheme of the Rapoo VH650 eStarPro joint model is also called Xinghai Boundless.

The packaging of the Rapoo VH650 eStarPro co-branded model is the same as the keyboard shared above. It is also the main color of white and blue. The appearance of the headset can be seen on the front of the package, and the model of the headset is also marked. The side of the package is the characteristic function of this headset, and the back of the headset is the production information of the headset without exception.

The content is very simple, that is, the main body of the earphone and an instruction manual. The Rapoo VH650 eStarPro joint model is a wired design, which does not seem as convenient as a Bluetooth wireless connection, but since it is positioned as a gaming headset, reducing the delay is the top priority. No matter how advanced the wireless connection is, it is impossible to lower the delay than the wired connection. This is why this headset is designed with a wired connection. The appearance of the headset is also white and blue, which can be integrated with the keyboard.

The cable plug of the Rapoo VH650 eStarPro co-branded model uses USB-A, which does not seem to be so high-end, but actually expands the usage scenarios. The USB-A interface is still the mainstream interface of the PC. Of course, the game book will not lack USB. -A interface, which can achieve direct connection.

Headphones can change the damage caused by in-ear headphones to the ear canal, but the "clamp head" feature makes many headphones not so comfortable to wear, but the Rapoo VH650 eStarPro joint model has increased earmuffs. Considering the thickness of the sponge and the size of the earmuffs, it can wrap the ears at an adaptive angle.

On the head beam, the sponge thickness of the head beam is thickened, and a retractable metal single head beam design is used to further improve the comfort.

In terms of sound, the Rapoo VH650 eStarPro joint model is equipped with a single-formed 50mm diaphragm generator unit, which has strong power and transient explosive power, and can restore the scene in the game in the game scene, plus the driver software to open the virtual 7.1 channel Sound effects, to achieve hearing recognition, enhance the sense of the scene.

In game battles, voice dialogue is an essential link, especially when playing team battles. The Rapoo VH650 eStarPro co-branded model has a high-sensitivity omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone on the right ear side, which can effectively suppress environmental noise and ensure pure and clean voice calls. With the support of the microphone material, the angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to adapt to more scenes.

The Rapoo VH650 eStarPro co-branded model has three physical buttons designed on the outside of the earmuffs, which are the backlight switch, the volume adjustment wheel, and the microphone switch. The position is just right, and you can touch it with your hand.

As a cool headset, how can it work without the blessing of RGB? The Rapoo VH650 eStarPro joint model is designed with ring-mounted RGB light strips on the outer rings of the earmuffs of the left and right ears.

Rapoo also provides an exclusive driver for the Rapoo VH650 eStarPro co-branded model. The Rapoo Gaming Headphone driver is used to customize the sound quality of the headset to meet different game scenarios.

The packaging of the Rapoo M650 pudding mouse eStarPro co-branded model does not use white and blue color matching like the keyboard and earphones, but a pure white design. This packaging is consistent with the ordinary M650.

It also adopts a two-layer packaging design. The first layer is a pull-out shell, and the second layer is a transparent PVC top cover. There are some mouse usage reminders printed on it, and you can directly see the appearance and color of the mouse body. Compared with the ordinary M650 mouse, the joint model has the ESTAR logo printed on the palm, which is unique.

After taking out the mouse, it was discovered that the Rapoo M650 pudding mouse eStarPro co-branded model is actually a white mouse with a blue color on the side of the mouse and an ESTAR logo on the palm, which is relatively simple overall. The material of the mouse is skin-friendly, soft elastic rubber ring.

The mouse has a total of three buttons, namely the left button, right button, and scroll wheel. A Bluetooth pairing switch is designed on the back of the mouse.

When the box is newly opened, there is an arrow that is pulled hard. In fact, this is used to isolate the internal battery from contacting the mouse contacts, so as not to run out of power before starting to use it. This is also a measure to protect the battery.

The Rapoo M650 pudding mouse eStarPro co-branded model adopts a magnetic suction cover design, with three magnetic suction points, the suction is strong, so you don’t have to worry about it falling during normal use. The Rapoo M650 pudding mouse eStarPro co-branded model is powered by a AA battery. Through Rapoo’s own power saving technology, a AA battery can last for 9 months.

There is also a 2.4Ghz receiver next to the battery compartment. I have to make a suggestion here. If it is sold in a set, is it possible to distinguish the receiver of the mouse from the receiver of the keyboard? After all, it is a topic. Yes, it's not a big trouble if you don't distinguish and get confused, but you have to test it anyway. However, the keyboard supports multi-device connection, and the Rapoo M650 pudding mouse eStarPro also supports Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and 2.4Ghz connections, so the receiver is basically a spare connection option. Of course, if there are many devices, you can pair three at the same time and switch at will.

The Rapoo M650 pudding mouse eStarPro co-branded model is flat, medium mouse, with a warm and moist shape, and supports a DPI of 1300.

After opening the magnetic cover, you can clearly see the slight movement of the scroll wheel and the left and right buttons. The micro-movement of the Rapoo M650 pudding mouse eStarPro co-branded model is silent, and the press is basically silent.

The last one is a mouse pad that does not need a title but has the theme style of the eStarPro joint model. It is a medium-sized mouse pad in size and a leather-like material in terms of material, and it is ultra-thin. However, can you tell which member of the eStarPro team is the guy on the mouse pad?

To sum up, this set of Rapoo’s co-branded family barrels is rich in equipment, including keyboards, earphones, mice, and mouse pads. The design with the same theme can make obsessive-compulsive disorder happy, and different equipment can also stand out in the same category with cost-effectiveness. If you are a fan of eStarPro, don’t get entangled, it’s comfortable to buy it back and watch it; if you are a gamer, although this set of family barrels is released as a joint model, the configuration is designed towards gaming equipment; this dual Eleven, I hope you can choose a set of equipment you like.

The above is all the content of this sharing, thank you for watching, and please don’t hesitate to share.

Hope the above content can be helpful to your purchase.

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