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How much was sacrificed for the feel and sound——Fu Ling CMK87

Hello everyone, I am Yui Yuya Hirasawa Yui.

Today, let’s talk about a keyboard I bought recently: Belly CMK 87.

In addition to products, I would like to talk about my views and some opinions on the entire category of domestic customized keyboards.

Buying CMK87 is largely because of the appearance.

It's not that the CMK87 is so good-looking, it's just that I'm not interested in other 87-equipped keyboards at this price. The appearance of CMK87 is barely acceptable to me after looking around.

My requirements for the appearance of the keyboard are very simple, as far as possible, the front should be a solid color without other elements.

I don't like the embellishment of the metal block on the side. If the keyboard frame is a solid color, I would prefer it.

When choosing a shaft, looking at the shafts on the details page, I struggled for a long time whether it was a cotton candy shaft, an ice cream shaft, or an ice mint shaft.

Now there are too many types of keyboard switches, and it is impossible to distinguish and classify them simply like black, red, tea and green in previous years.

I even think that there are too many types of shafts now. Some time ago, I saw Rem shafts, Ram shafts, and knight shafts. Is this going to harvest the two-spined salamander?

Some manufacturers even change the color of the old switch body and sell it as a new switch. Some keyboard UP videos also emphasize that this is a civilian color-changed version of a high-end switch.

I think this kind of market is too chaotic, which greatly increases the purchase threshold for users.

Even I, who has used eight or nine keyboards, can't judge which axis is suitable for me from the details page. It is even more difficult for ordinary users who have not had much contact with the keyboard.

There are not many surprises in the hand feel, which belongs to the performance and quality that should be at this price. The big keys that keyboard bloggers are blowing, I don't think they are too bright.

If the keyboard of 400 yuan is 80 points, then CMK87 is 90 points.

A little better, but not by much.

The avocado shaft gives me the feeling that it is very soft and elastic, and the shaft body will be triggered with a little force.

When I write articles and think, I will habitually put my hands on the keyboard. In the first few days when I first started, I often touched it by mistake because the trigger pressure was too light.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sound performance. I don’t know if you have heard that kind of particularly expensive customized keyboard sound. The sound of CMK87 is very similar to that kind of keyboard. Da da da sounds like a high-end taste.

Next, let's talk about what I am not satisfied with this keyboard.

How much did CMK87 sacrifice for "feel" and "sound"?

The first sacrifice is the keyboard backlight.

Whether there is a keyboard backlight has a great impact on the user experience. Although the CMK87 supports RGB backlight, there is no difference between the backlight on and off because of the switch body and keycaps.

Even if you adjust the brightness of the backlight to the maximum gear, you can only see a little bit through the gap of the keycap.

This is the effect of the blue backlight with the lights turned off. For comparison, you can look at the lighting effect of the ROG Ranger NX above.

The blue backlight is actually the most conspicuous color. If you change the backlight color to red or other darker colors, then the backlight of CMK87 is really better than not turned on, which will increase power consumption.

If the backlight problem of CMK87 can be saved, after all, the lamp beads and drivers are ready-made and can be solved by replacing the transparent shaft and transparent keycap.

The wireless experience of CMK87 really cannot be saved.

First of all, let’s talk about battery life. The battery life of domestic keyboards has not been very good. What's more, the CMK87 only has a battery capacity of 2000mah inside, and the battery life will definitely be greatly reduced.

I also had a psychological expectation when I bought it. In actual use, I have to charge it once every two days on average, which makes me feel lonely because of the wireless.

Except for a fresh use of wireless in the first few days when I got it, I plugged in the cable for the rest of the time.

By the way, it does not have a storage slot for the 2.4G receiver.

Maybe the manufacturer thinks that no one will take out the 1.6 kg keyboard, or it may be because they know how bad their wireless is and know that no one will use it.

Speaking of cable, the cable sent by CMK87 made me feel very complicated.

This line looks very much like a very soft paracord, but in fact it is far less soft than a paracord.

The CMK87 line is to make the sheath of the braided line into the appearance of a paracord, and you can clearly feel the core of the line when you touch it.

However, the wire of CMK87 is softer than common braided wires, and the hardness is between paracord and braided wires.

Why can't it be a serious paracord? If you want to do this kind of thing that doesn't have umbrella weaving or weaving, isn't the paracord cost very high?

I don't understand.

Finally, disassemble the machine and look at the materials.

Open the keyboard and you can see the ultra-thick silicone pad, which is one of the reasons why this keyboard weighs 1.6 kg.

The keyboard structure is:




metal positioning plate

Silicone pad under shaft


Extra thick silicone pad

Bottom case

The upper cover is a double-layer design, and the two upper covers are connected by multiple snaps, and it is not recommended to disassemble.

The battery consists of two small 1000mah batteries with a total capacity of 2000Mah. The manufacturer is unknown.

The interface on the PCB board has sealant and a battery holder.

As mentioned above, the battery life is poor.

The shaft seat is from Kaihua, and the silk screen 4056 below is a power management IC, and the supplier is unknown.

The keyboard IC is from Weisheng Semiconductor, the model number is crossed out by Fuling, and it can be vaguely seen as VS11K09A.

I don't know why Fu Ling did this, but generally speaking, the scratched IC is usually a good product or a defective product.

The wireless module comes from Broadcom integration, 32-bit microcontroller, 160KB ROM, 20KB RAM.

Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G connections, without any low-latency protocols.

The actual performance is barely usable, and occasionally there will be missing words.

I am actually not very satisfied with this keyboard, neither the workmanship nor the wireless experience can meet my requirements for this price.

If you only talk about a single template, CMK87 is a good keyboard.

Although the single-mode backlight is the same, the feel and sound of the keyboard are remarkable at the same price.

There is a price difference of 200 yuan between the single-mode version and the three-mode version of CMK87. 200 yuan in exchange for such a wireless experience, I don't think it's worth it.

But is the wireless problem a problem with the CMK 87 keyboard?

From my experience with so many domestic keyboards, obviously not.

Perhaps the significance of wireless for keyboards is not as great as that of mice and earphones, so now the wireless of domestic keyboards is only usable.

Manufacturers are more willing to spend more research and development funds and materials on the shaft body and sound-absorbing structure, because it is easier for consumers to perceive and the related research and development costs are lower.

Now domestic keyboards at mainstream prices are rolling in various noise reduction and feel. Everyone is using more expensive shafts, better sound-absorbing materials. Let the product feel better and better, and the sound is better and better.

It's not that I don't like this, I also hope that my keyboard feels and sounds better.

But for a peripheral, I also hope that its wireless experience can be the same as that of a mouse and a headset: long battery life, low latency, and high stability.

I hope that domestic manufacturers can roll a roll of wireless experience after finishing the sound-cancellation and feel.

I'm Yui Yuzai Yui Hirasawa, see you in the next article.

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