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How to choose game peripherals? A set of Rapoo peripherals satisfies the imagination of the table! Highly recommended for gamers! RGB gaming peripherals are really delicious!

As a digital player and a game fan, the requirements for hardware have always been very important. In addition to appearance, it also needs to be easy to use. I believe that many friends, especially male compatriots, have always pursued the dream of owning a set of computer peripherals with good looks and a sense of technology. For example: mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, RGB mouse pads, headphones, handles, microphones, etc., and the sense of atmosphere is also very important. For Uncle V, he likes products with RGB atmosphere lights very much. Headphone brackets are also very important. Headphones have a place where they should be placed. The lack of all these peripherals will affect the game experience, especially for gamers. These are too important! Recently, I changed a set of peripherals for my desktop. Compared with some plain appearances on the market, I personally prefer the suits of the Rapoo brand, which not only have integrity, but also greatly improve the practicality!

This set of peripherals includes: "Rapoo KC-8A Theme Keycap" + "Rapoo V10RGB Mouse Pad" + "Rapoo VH650 Gaming Headset" + "Rapoo VH10RGB Gaming Headphone Stand" + "Rapoo VT960S Wireless "Dual-mode Gaming Mouse" + "Rapoo V700-8A Multi-mode Mechanical Keyboard", to be honest, this set has been selected for a long time, and a lot of thought has been spent in order to match it with the desktop. Now I am very satisfied with it.

Let’s talk about the Rapoo V10RGB mouse pad. I chose it mainly because of the RGB lighting effect. In addition, it is more smooth to use with the Rapoo VT960S mouse, and the experience when playing games is better! It supports four cool lighting modes, and you can find your favorite color by switching the lights. In addition, it also supports 10W high-power wireless fast charging, and supports devices with the international QI wireless charging standard protocol, such as: mobile phones, mice, Wireless charging of devices such as earphones. It can be automatically matched according to the device, and it is smart and does not hurt the machine!

This Pennefather KC-8A theme keycap, because I bought the Pennefather V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard before, it is mainly replaced for it. This theme is very fresh. Personally, I prefer products with good looks. Whether it is the product itself or accessories, we all pursue unity and coordination. It is suitable for most of the 75% keyboards on the market, and it is also compatible with independent mechanical switches, including: Jiadalong, Kaihua, TTC genuine brands, and also supports cross switches such as Cherry MX switches. Both sides of the large key travel support cross satellite switches. Compatibility is high!

The Rapoo KC-8A theme keycap (Meow Cute Holiday) is made of PBT thermal sublimation material, which is highly ergonomic and has an 84-key arrangement design, which perfectly matches the keys of the Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard. The keycap made of PBT material has obvious advantages, it is wear-resistant, not easy to fade, and not easy to oil, and the sublimation process makes the characters and patterns more clear and colorful.

The theme of this cute holiday has a touch of fun and cuteness. There are beaches, sunrises, and the comfort of the seaside. Both boys and girls will like it very much. As shown in the picture above, this is the effect after replacement. Compared with the original keycaps, it looks better and is more cured. When using it at home, it has an extremely lazy and relaxed atmosphere.

The Rapoo VH650 gaming headset adopts a metal retractable single-head beam design, which is wrapped with a high-density hydrolysis-resistant sponge with a thickness of 2 cm. It does not feel too much pressure on the head when worn for a long time, which brings a better wearing experience. comfort. It is worth mentioning that there is a semi-circular RGB light on its shell, which will display different colors when it is turned on, and will create a very good atmosphere during the game.

The Rapoo VH650 gaming headset has a 50mm super large generating unit. Its three-band equalization can achieve excellent performance whether playing games or listening to songs. It also supports virtual 7.1 channels, which strengthens the "listening position" of the headset The effect can bring a more immersive game experience when playing games such as eating chicken. In addition, it is also equipped with a 360° omnidirectional microphone. The built-in microphone can better communicate with teammates when playing games, grasp the game dynamics in real time, and easily win the MVP.

Rapoo launched the VH10RGB Rhythm Symphony Backlight Gaming Headphone Stand, with RGB pickup ambient light, 10 kinds of Symphony RGB rhythm, 17 kinds of base RGB magic lighting effects, the bracket can also accommodate headphones, making our desktop more streamlined beautiful. In the evening, with RGB mouse pad, RGB earphones and other equipment, the whole atmosphere is full!

As a headphone stand that supports HUB interface, its base has USB2.0/USB-C/ and 3.5mm interface, three expansion interfaces can provide different device connections, support data transmission, audio transmission, etc., for the host interface In tight situations, it can facilitate multi-device connection.

For gamers, the personalization of the desktop scene of the game and the creation of a desktop scene with an e-sports atmosphere are believed to be the ideal state for many people! When playing games, you can get a better sense of atmosphere and an immersive experience!

Summary: For the Rapoo brand, Uncle V is quite impressed, and has used many of their products since he came into contact with it. Nowadays, the appearance of the peripheral product line has made great progress. Whether it is earphones, mice, keyboards and other peripheral products, this change in appearance design is very obvious. Not only the appearance is higher, but the practicality has also improved a lot, especially for gamers. What are your thoughts on such a set of Rapoo products? Welcome everyone to leave a message to discuss!

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