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How to create your exclusive keyboard, the best solution for customized keyboard? Keychron Q1 hands-on experience

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The keyboard is an important tool for our daily use of computers. It is not only related to our input efficiency, but also affects our mood. A good keyboard should have a comfortable typing experience and reflect individual style. However, most of the keyboards on the market are either stereotyped or have a single function, which cannot meet our individual needs. So is there a customized keyboard that can show your personality and is cost-effective?

i think the answer is Keychron Q1 The keyboard is gone. This is an all-aluminum customized mechanical keyboard, which adopts a special 82-key 75% arrangement, a central suspension design, RGB lighting effects, supports MacOS and Windows layouts, and a very interesting stepless knob, etc. So, what exactly is the Keychron Q1 keyboard? Next, let's take a look together.

The first is the packaging. Keychron Q1 has a low-key all-black color scheme as a whole. The outline of the keyboard is printed on the front, and the small right corner corresponds to the model of the keyboard. As you can see, the one I bought is Q1T3.

In terms of accessories, it is relatively rich, providing a C to C cable with an adapter, 4 replacement keycaps, 4 screws and 4 buffer pads, etc.

It is worth noting that Keychron Q1 is also equipped with a special removal tool, which is located in the interlayer of the box. It is convenient for everyone to adjust or replace the parts of the keyboard according to their own ideas.

This Q1T3 keyboard is different from the silver gray of the Keychron Q series, but uses rose red as the main color, with brown and orange embellishments, it looks extraordinarily beautiful and elegant, and it looks like a work of art when placed on the desktop Taste.

The keyboard features a CNC aluminum body that is finer and more angular than traditional aluminum keyboards. The surface of the keyboard is anodized and sandblasted, with a delicate matte touch, which is extremely comfortable to the touch.

Keychron Q1 is a compact 75% arrangement, with a total of 82 keys, including arrow keys and Del keys. As far as personal usage habits are concerned, the experience is not much different from that of a large keyboard, and the key does not take up much space. The overall layout is compact but reasonable, and the spacing of the buttons is just right, so there will be no accidental touches.

In terms of function buttons, Keychron Q1 is also not missing, such as the main media control buttons, forward/backward/pause, sound adjustment, and screen brightness adjustment, etc., which are convenient for us to perform quick access operations and are quite easy to use.

It is worth mentioning that the Keychron Q1 is divided into nameplate version and Knob version , I started with the knob version. You can see that there is a knob in the upper right corner of the keyboard. By default, we can fine-tune the sound by rotating this button, and mute it by pressing it.

In terms of the switch body, the one I started with is the G-pro brown switch developed by Gateron (Jia Dalong). The trigger key stroke is 2mm and the trigger pressure is 55g. The tea switch is a universal switch, which is very suitable for both writers and gamers. Of course, if there is a need to replace the shaft body, Keychron Q1 can also meet it.

The keycap is made of OSA height ball cap and PBT material. It adopts a two-color injection molding process. The surface feels delicate and warm, without burrs, with clear fonts and excellent overall details. Thanks to the advantages of PBT material, Keychron Q1's keycaps have a longer service life and better anti-grease effect.

In addition, Keychron Q1 supports MacOS and Windows dual systems, and is equipped with a corresponding replacement keycap. When we switch devices, we only need to toggle the switch on the shoulder of the body to quickly switch between uses.

It may be that considering the shielding of the signal by the all-metal body, Keychron Q1 does not support wireless, so we need to plug in the cable before using it. After the device is connected, the system will automatically install the keyboard driver, and the RGB light will also light up at this time. It is a pity that the Keychron Q1 knob version is not equipped with a more advanced aviation plug-in cable.

As a customized keyboard, in terms of software, Keychron Q1 fully supports QMK and VIA open source key change. Taking VIA as an example, we only need to log in to VIA's official website, and then we can easily customize and change each key on the keyboard, set macros, and adjust lighting.

There are more than 20 built-in lighting effects in VIA, such as breathing, waves, rainbows, etc., combined with the RGB SMD LED lights of Keychron Q1, the effect is very cool. The lower lamp bead design makes it easier for users to see without affecting other people. And in low-light environments, it will not be dazzling.

For people like me who need to face the computer every day, a good keyboard can really make people feel good. First of all, the unique paragraph structure of the mechanical keyboard allows me to feel a clear feedback every time I tap, which feels like typing on a typewriter, with a sense of ritual.

The G-pro brown switch of Keychron Q1 feels very comfortable in the hand. When you press it down, you can feel a more obvious sense of paragraph. The strength is just right, with a certain degree of elasticity and feedback. Stuttering or jittering.

Moreover, when the keycap bounces back, it will make a crisp and melodious sound, which is not very loud, but it is also nice enough, just like playing a piano, following the sound has a kind of magic that people can't stop. And Keychron Q1's Gateron PCB satellite key is also very stable, and there is no shaking when it is pressed. After the overall experience, whether it is typing or gaming, it is very smooth and crisp.

Well, this issue is my sharing content and I hope it will be helpful to everyone;

In general, Keychron Q1 is a recommended customized mechanical keyboard, which can meet the needs and preferences of different users and make typing and gaming a pleasure. In contrast, the price of some ordinary mechanical keyboards on the market can easily range from hundreds to thousands, while Keychron Q1’s customization and all-aluminum body are absolutely full of sincerity at this price, and it is also very cost-effective .

Of course, there are also some regrets, such as not being equipped with an aviation plug-in cable, not supporting wireless connection, and not having a special Caps Lock light, but these do not affect my love for it at all.

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