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How to get a customized wireless mechanical keyboard, Luofei Xiaoqiao will give you the answer.


As a fashion brand, Lofree's mechanical keyboards have always been loved by keyboard players for their unique and bold design style and high-value appearance, and my favorite is Lofree's support for customized keycaps. Users can choose their own keycap style according to their own preferences, which is very in line with the pursuit of personalized trendy peripherals by young people.

Recently, I had the opportunity to get the Lofree 68-key mechanical keyboard. Its keycap supports exclusive customization. I chose the cement gray keyboard base and pharaoh-themed keycap according to my own preferences. I chose 68 keys, yes Because of its compact key layout, its compact size can make better use of desktop space. You can choose the number of keys according to your actual needs, and the choice of keycaps can open Luofei’s small program - Luofei Build, which has a variety of rich themed keycaps for you to choose from. I chose the best axis body. For Dalong G Yellow Pro, you can also choose the axis body according to your typing habits.


After the arrival of the small keyboard, it is packaged separately. The shaft body and the keycap need to be installed by yourself. After aligning the key holes of the shaft body one by one, insert them in, and then install the keycaps one by one in order. Although the whole process is a little troublesome, I still enjoy the fun of DIY, and the feeling of assembling my own personalized keyboard bit by bit is great.


The reason why Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard is called Xiaoqiao is because the overall layout of his keyboard adopts an ergonomic arc structure, and the front of the keyboard is slightly tilted with the wrist as the center of the circle.

The advantage of this shape is that it is more in line with the tapping path of the fingers when typing, and the distance between the number keys and the first row of letters will be closer to the fingers invisibly. When typing, it can reduce the pulling feeling of the fingers and reduce the fatigue of the fingers.

Xiaoqiao's keycap is made of PBT thermal sublimation material, which is thicker and will not become greasy after a long time. The outline of the keycap adopts a relatively rounded chamfer design, which will not cause hand scratches during use. Case,

The pharaoh-themed keycaps adopt a gray-green➕orange-yellow color scheme, plus pictographic decorations full of ancient Egyptian-style patterns, which are very stylish. The Tutankhamun head pattern in the upper right corner makes this keyboard even more stylish. Vintage and mysterious.

The detailed design has always been Luofei's advantage. The small keyboard is powered by three AAA batteries. The placement of the batteries is cleverly set in the cylindrical support frame. The wireless receiver storage compartment is also set inside for normal use. When connected by wire, this receiver will not be left unattended.

experience feelings

Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard supports three-mode connection. In addition to wired connection, it also supports Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connection. Whether it is a computer, notebook, mobile phone or tablet, it can be connected easily. Switch modes.

The switch I chose is Jiadalong G Yellow Pro. I like its more relaxed, non-segmented touch, and the key travel is just right for me. When typing at high speed, this crisp and rebounding feeling is very good. Comfortable, when you choose and buy, you can also choose the shaft body according to your own preferences.

In terms of sound, it may be due to the material of the keycaps. The overall sound is slightly louder than my original keyboard, but it does not feel very noisy and loose. The sound is relatively compact and thick, and it has a feeling similar to solid wood. Complemented my set of pharaoh-inspired keycaps.

My small warped keyboard is mainly used at home, and it is connected to desktops and notebooks. Its rich colors and personalized keycaps can make my monotonous coding work interesting, and it has a refreshing keyboard style. , It can also change your mood.


Overall, the Lofree keyboard is a high-value, high-quality, good-looking, easy-to-use mechanical keyboard. Its customized keycap gameplay is very in line with the needs of modern young people for personalized aesthetics. Excellent material workmanship and ergonomic design make it easy to use. In addition, various practical functions such as three-mode connection and seamless switching make it a practical tool for moving bricks. If you want If you have your own personalized custom keyboard, act quickly and choose your favorite switch keycap!

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