How useful is this explosive shaft? ——Kaihua BOX blueberry ice cream shaft PRO evaluation experience

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

I think when it comes to the mechanical keyboard switches that have exploded recently, this Kaihua BOX Blueberry Ice Cream Switch PRO will definitely have a place. Because this switch is an evolution of the ice cream PRO, it retains the smooth and stable advantages of the ice cream switch PRO, and at the same time it is tougher on the bottom, feels more solid, and triggers faster, so this switch not only The product line of the ice cream shaft series has been expanded, and it has also brought a new feel.

There are a lot of evaluation videos about this switch on the Internet, and most UP owners are full of praise for the performance of this switch. As a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, I naturally can't miss such a high-heat switch.

So taking advantage of the opportunity, I bought some, and let's try the experience of this shaft.

This Kaihua BOX Blueberry Ice Cream Shaft PRO uses the same mold as the Ice Cream Shaft PRO, and the position of the shaft core is changed to light blue, which belongs to the lighter one in terms of appearance.

The shaft core of the shaft still adopts a circular surrounding structure, which is also one of the characteristics of the BOX shaft. The advantage of this design is that it can play a dustproof and waterproof effect and protect the internal parts of the shaft body.

The position of the light hole of the shaft body is not completely hollowed out, and the insertion and removal area of ​​the LED pin is reserved.

The bottom of the shaft body is still designed as a five-pin shaft, which can meet the installation of a steelless PCB keyboard.

After the shaft body is disassembled, the interior is still a classic BOX structure, and the spring is silver-plated to effectively prevent oxidation and rust.

It can be seen that compared with the MX shaft structure, the trigger structure of the BOX shaft body and the metal shrapnel are fully enclosed, which is more conducive to the dustproof and waterproof of the shaft body and improves the service life of the shaft body.

The specific parameters of this Kaihua BOX blueberry ice cream shaft PRO are as follows:

Operating force: 40±10gf

Full stroke: 3.5±0.3mm

Conduction stroke: 1.0+0.4mm

Material: full POM

Type: Linear Axis

It can be seen from the data that this switch should be a linear switch with light pressure and fast triggering. I think the overall feel is closer to the characteristics of a silver switch.

In addition, the core column of the shaft body is significantly longer than the previous ice cream shaft, which also makes the bottoming of this shaft body tougher and more direct.

In terms of smoothness, the ice cream shaft has always performed well. First, the resistance of the BOX structure is smaller. Second, the full POM material allows the shaft body to lubricate itself, and the more it is used, the smoother it becomes.

The Kaihua BOX Blueberry Ice Cream Shaft PRO adopts a surrounding structure, which limits the shaking of the shaft body and improves the stability when knocking.

Now let's experience the percussion sound performance of this shaft.

At this juncture, it seems that the era of the cherry axis is really gone forever. No one thought that the once absolute big brother would gradually become the current embarrassing situation. So the market is like this. For consumers, no matter how good the story is, it cannot withstand the impact of low price and high quality. In today's fierce competition, only continuous innovation and continuous breakthrough can make us invincible. But if you stick to the stereotypes and don't think about making progress, you will naturally be eliminated by the market.

Let’s talk about this Kaihua BOX Blueberry Ice Cream Shaft PRO. After testing, I found that it is indeed as described by many UP owners. There is no problem with this shaft in terms of smoothness, stability, or feel. Now this switch is exclusive to the Keydous brand, and it should be released one after another in the future. For friends who like BOX switches, it’s not my bragging, it’s over if you really close your eyes and enter.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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