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Hundred yuan office keyboard and mouse, Cherry DW2300 simple evaluation

Cherry DW2300 is a keyboard and mouse set just released this year. Once this keyboard and mouse set was launched, it was welcomed. The appearance of Cherry DW2300 adopts a relatively retro design, and secondly, it is no different from other office keyboard and mouse sets. As a world-class peripheral manufacturer, Cherry must be in place in all aspects.

The keyboard of Cherry DW2300 uses 104 keys. 104 keys are necessary as an office keyboard. It is very convenient in office work, even for daily use. The 104 keys of Cherry DW2300 are very convenient for using number keys and excel tables, and there are many shortcut keys.

The keyboard has transition processing, and after pressing the keys, it feels very textured and very comfortable. Even typing for a long time, there is no discomfort. When used for a long time, there will be no slight hand feeling. Overall, the keyboard is relatively small, using a symmetrical design. The membrane keyboard is very light and comfortable to use.

The mouse in the suit is very round as a whole. This mouse is not big, but also very light, and the appearance is also very good-looking. Beauty design online. The design of the mouse refers to the ergonomic design, which is effortless to use and free from the wrist. There is no discomfort on the wrist when using it. This mouse feels full in your hand.

The wireless mouse can be used without being bound by wires, and it is also very light in weight. Without the battery installed, it is only 66g and uses one AA battery. The mouse uses a PixArt original phase sensor, 1200dpi. It is worth mentioning that the mouse uses a receiver, which is still very convenient. The design is all driver-free design, so you don’t have to worry about installing the driver after changing the computer.

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