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I agreed to quit the ring and break the ring again! The third keyboard jointly branded by iQnix & Pandaer!

Since the last time Pandaer and iQnix co-branded the super-touch transparent mechanical keyboard (that is, OG80), Pandaer seems to know the taste, and has successively launched the F97 and the ZX75 in my hand. There are two sets of keycaps. Although they are all expensive, there are still some fans (jiu) silk (cai) who pay for them, and I am one of them. Although there is no product that must be bought as soon as it comes out, I both like the OG80 and ZX75, which are known as the IQ tax. Bought

I call it "impulse consumption"

A plain cardboard box

Although it is just an ordinary cardboard box, compared to other manufacturers, it is only an outer packaging of the product. Today's express delivery is so violent that it is easy to break or deflate the packaging box. Still worthy of praise!

Plastic packaging is also a good point

Another point is that the keyboard of the aluminum factory is sealed in plastic, which can more or less avoid the possibility of second-hand.

Super rotary sound transparent mechanical keyboard, the longer the name, the better?

The usual black packaging box for the products of the aluminum factory is quite high-end.

Additional keycaps and some accessories

Compared with the ordinary ZX75, there are some more personalized keycaps, and the accessories are the basic configuration of the aluminum factory, the key puller, the Type-c data cable, the acceptor extender and a brush (see Weibo netizen unboxing Only then did I know that there were some stickers inside the envelope of the instruction manual, which I didn’t take when I unpacked it)

Personalized keycaps that fit the theme of this graffiti

The appearance is quite good, and there is a sense of street coolness

With a 6000mAh battery, there shouldn’t be too much battery life anxiety

The detachable magnetic foot support can be converted into two forms

Graffiti on top right


The color matching of the upper and lower covers, the collision of transparent and solid colors

Gold powder YYDS!

This time, the ZX75 co-branded by Pandaer and the aluminum factory is equipped with TTC's gold powder switch and fast silver switch. Compared with the fast silver switch, the gold powder switch is more suitable for my daily use, so I decisively chose the gold powder switch. Unfortunately, this time it is not equipped with ACE. axis, otherwise the green ACE axis will be more in line with the theme color of OLLIE this time.

The feel still continues the feeling of OG80, and the consistency is relatively high. The large key is still a balance bar. Now the aluminum factory should be the only keyboard manufacturer that still uses a balance bar. Although there is still a big F, the big F has not been updated for thousands of years. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the aluminum factory is the only one. The advantage of the balance bar is that it is basically very comfortable after a little adjustment. Now the keyboard of the aluminum factory is basically ready to use. The large keys are very stable without a trace of noise. . Especially the sound of the blank space, I really love it, this cavity sound, I love it to death

MDA keycaps are also the most popular keycap height recently. Ball caps close to the height of the original factory are also very suitable for newcomers who are new to mechanical keyboards. It will not make people adapt like high ball caps.

The keyboard with 75% arrangement is more streamlined than the 98 arrangement, leaving a few more commonly used function keys to further reduce the size, so that I have the best choice for my desktop, but I don’t like the 60% arrangement. Keyboard, because there is no F area, the most commonly used ALT+F4 needs to press three keys, which makes me feel very cumbersome

As for the shaft body, there are only gold powder shafts and fast silver shafts to choose from this time. I ordered the gold powder shaft without thinking. Unfortunately, there is no ACE shaft that I like. Also because I am immune to light again now, I also decisively chose the matte version (I know some people will say why don’t you choose the light for the transparent shell keyboard?), I can only say that I like it, and because there are no side lights and bottom lights (The solid-color bottom shell is useless even if it has lights!) So I don't choose the version with lights


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