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I am the master of my keyboard, share my customized mechanical keyboard Luofei Xiaoqiao 100

Not long ago, I customized a Xiaoqiao 68 mechanical keyboard on the WeChat mini-program named Luofei, but my nephew saw it and asked for it. So this time I simply re-customized a new keyboard for myself, and I chose the brand of Lofree Luofei, which is still my favorite yellow axis body, but this time I was directly selected for Xiaoqiao 100, with a few more buttons , I feel more suitable for me. As for the keycap theme, I picked the summer invasion plan.

Let me talk about Lofree's "Lofree Building" first. The interface design of the program is very trendy, and I believe it will be liked by young friends. Here you can choose keycaps of various artistic styles, and there is also a show square for users to communicate and display "results". Judging from the number of pictures posted by users, this platform is quite lively.

Because I have experienced the fun of installing the shaft body on Xiaoqiao 68 before, so this time I will be "lazy" and directly choose the keycap optional version. The color of the body is still cement gray, and the theme of the keycap is Summer Invasion Plan. After all, summer is here now, haha.

The body and keycaps of the keyboard are packed in separate cartons. The accessories of the body include the instruction manual, certificate, Type-C cable and 3 AAA alkaline batteries. The accessories of the keycaps are Keys and certificates.

Compared with Xiaoqiao 68, the body of Xiaoqiao 100 with 32 more buttons will be slightly larger. Its specific size is 367 x 129 x 54.5mm, and its weight is about 1010g, which can be regarded as a lightweight design. In terms of product materials and production technology, the two are the same. The main body is made of ABS material, and the workmanship is very good, showing the level that a large factory should have.

The shaft is installed before leaving the factory. If you want to experience installing the shaft by yourself, you can choose the optional version of the shaft. This time I still choose Jiadalong G yellow axis Pro, the total stroke of this axis body is 4.0±0.4mm, the action stroke is 2.0±0.6mm, the trigger pressure is 50±15gf, and the inside of the axis body adopts a new anti- Oxide gold contacts, with a trigger life of up to 80 million times, is a popular switch that takes into account both office and gaming, and also supports hot-swappable switches, which has a certain degree of playability.

The matching keycaps are placed in the correct position when leaving the factory, and put into a custom-made transparent plastic case. If you are a beginner, it is recommended not to mess them up, so that the keycap installation can be completed quickly.

Xiaoqiao 100 is equipped with PBT keycaps with a content higher than 90%. It adopts the five-sided thermal sublimation process. The color and pattern on the keycaps penetrate into the keycaps through the thermal sublimation process. It is durable and does not fade. It is not easy to oil up, which I am quite satisfied with.

After installing the keycaps, I looked at the Xiaoqiao 100 mechanical keyboard that I matched. The more I look at it, the more I like it. It is really a combination of "good-looking skin" and "interesting soul". This is what the customized mechanical keyboard brings. fun of.

The exquisiteness of Xiaoqiao 100 is also reflected in the details of the product. The brand LOGO is embossed on the front and right side of the fuselage, and some English symbols are silk-screened on the side, so that the cement gray fuselage does not look monotonous, but A little more of the literary style that young people like.

Viewed from the side, the highest height of the keyboard is 54.5mm, and the lowest is 33mm. The keycaps are arranged in steps and inclined at a certain angle. , The fingers are not easy to fatigue and sore.

As a three-mode mechanical keyboard that supports Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G and wired connections, Xiaoqiao 100 is very friendly to system compatibility, which also makes it suitable for more devices and scenarios. There is a power knob at the bottom right of the keyboard, with a total of 3 levels of adjustment, namely OFF, ON and 2.4G/BT. Switch between wired mode and wireless mode by turning the knob.

On the side of the knob is the Type-C interface. After connecting the cable, you can use the wired mode. However, in most cases, I still prefer the wireless mode without the constraints of wires.

Xiaoqiao 100 is powered by 3 AAA7 batteries. The official battery life reference is about 3-4 weeks, but the specifics still depend on personal usage.

There is also a storage compartment next to the battery compartment, which is used to store the 2.4G wireless receiver, which can be taken out when needed, and put back on the contrary, so that you don’t have to worry about losing this small accessory.

Of the two wireless connection methods, the one I use the most is Bluetooth, because Xiaoqiao 100 can connect with up to 3 groups of Bluetooth devices, and the wireless connection device can be easily switched back and forth between the FN key and the corresponding key, which is very convenient to use. convenient. As for the input experience of Dalong G Yellow Switch Pro, generally speaking, the input feels silky smooth, the trigger speed is also fast, and it is relatively quiet, because the internal structure of the keyboard of DeXiaoqiao 100 adds a silicone sandwich pad, which can effectively reduce the space. The accent sound can meet my daily office and game combat needs, and the performance is still in line with expectations.

Lofree Xiaoqiao 100 can be called a good keyboard with both internal and external aspects. Whether it is the appearance design, craft materials, or the input experience of the shaft body, I am quite satisfied, although the price will be lower than those of non-customers. The customized ordinary keyboard is slightly more expensive, but it is more artistic, and it will be a beautiful landscape to decorate the computer desktop. Would you be tempted by a personalized three-mode mechanical keyboard like Lofree Xiaoqiao 100?

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