I announce that the new "Yan Wang" was born——Hubatu F75 mechanical keyboard evaluation experience

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

The slogan "Appearance is justice" seems to be applicable to the key ring as well. After all, the beautiful and exquisite appearance can always leave a deep impression on consumers, and it is also one of the driving forces for buying hands. Therefore, in the face of such an involuntary keyboard market, various manufacturers have racked their brains to innovate their own appearance designs, get rid of the shackles of male models, and find their own "appearance".

As a fanatic of mechanical keyboards, I have been playing keyboards for some time. In my mind, there are few mass-produced keyboards that can attract me by their appearance. But when I saw this keyboard, I was not calm all of a sudden, because its appearance is so good, it is definitely the TOP1 appearance in my heart so far, then this keyboard is from Hubatu —— Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard

Maybe you will feel that this brand is a little strange, but a good product never needs a story and a background, not much to say, see the details in the text.

The packaging of the Hubatu F75 adopts a light, luxurious and minimalist style, with a hot stamped keyboard sketch printed on the front.

In the lower right corner, you can see some product features and the words F75.

When you open the box, you will see the main body of the keyboard. Cushion foam is added on both sides, and the protection is sufficient.

The accessory box is also designed with bronzing sketches, which is very delicate.

After opening, you can see that the interior includes aviation plug helix, key puller, shaft puller, keyboard cleaning kit, magnetic kick stand, dust cover and other related accessories.

The content is rich, and the quality is quite high, even if it is taken out and sold separately, there is no problem.

I have to say that when I first saw this Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard, I was instantly amazed. Even my kids were full of praise when they saw it.

The one in my hand is the theme of cold river snow. In order to match such a poetic artistic conception, the keycaps are matched with blue gradients. From top to bottom, from shallow to deep, the transition is natural and natural, such an excellent appearance The design directly enhances the visual impact of the entire keyboard.

The shell of the keyboard is made of light blue plastic material, with smooth edges and delicate touch, which also complements the theme of Hanjiangxue.

Since it is F75, it means that this keyboard adopts an unusual 75% arrangement, that is, the number area and some function areas are cut off, and other keys are retained. Of course, the advantage of this is to reduce the size of the keyboard and the space occupied by the desktop. At the same time, in order to improve the practicality, the direction keys and some commonly used function keys are divided into independent areas to prevent accidental touches.

A 1.14-inch LCD color screen is added to the upper right corner of the keyboard, on which information such as time, mode, and power can be displayed, and GIF animations can even be added through software.

In addition, a large metal ring is added to the side position, and the volume can be adjusted in real time by rotating it. Compared with the popular round knobs, this hidden structure is not only more exquisite, but also conforms to the operation logic of fingers, which is definitely a highlight design.

The light bar is hidden in the middle of the keys.

Various keys are placed on both sides of the keyboard, the right side is the wireless connection switch and the WIN, MAC system switching key, and the left side is the power switch key and the power cord interface.

The top design of this Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard is also surprising. The through-type dark blue nameplate is printed with the brand's English logo and the Chinese character theme of Han Jiangxue. The outer ring of the nameplate is inlaid with shiny chrome-plated decorative strips, and the texture is full at once.

Turn over the bottom is relatively simple, the middle position is the nameplate made of metal, and the cartoon pattern of the tiger and the rabbit on it.

After opening, the following is the storage compartment of the 2.4G receiver.

Although there is no folding foot support, the angle can be adjusted appropriately by selecting magnetic modules of different heights to meet the needs of different players.

In terms of the switch body, this Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard uses TTC’s Neptune switch, which is also good in appearance. The transparent switch core is matched with a blue top cover, which has a visual aesthetic of ice and snow.

Tried it out, the shaft is a linear shaft with a red-like setting, the trigger pressure is 41gf, and the total stroke is 3.8mm. The conduction stroke is 2.0mm, but compared with the ordinary MX axis, a full-length guide rail is added inside, so the hand feels more comfortable and smooth, and the hand will not be tired when coding for a long time, and the bottom is quiet, without noisy irritability.

The position of the large key adopts the traditional steel plate satellite shaft, the dummy shaft is installed firmly, and the interior is filled with grease, which does not shake or flesh, and has no wire sound. In addition, in order to reduce the cavity sound, noise-absorbing cotton is added to the bottom of the large key to improve the sound performance.

Here's an actual percussion sound performance.

Through the video, it can be found that the overall performance of this Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard is quite good, thanks to the internal Gasket structure, plus the soft elastic PC positioning plate, which reduces the impact of pressing Force, and proper elastic deformation also helps to improve the rhythm of the linear axis.

The PCB has a hot-swappable base, and players can replace different shafts according to their own needs, which increases the playability.

In order to achieve the effect of gradient color, the keycap of this keyboard adopts the dye-sublimation process of Fingertip Wenchuang. It can be seen that the details are quite delicate. There is no excessive printing and dyeing on the edges of the characters, and there is no flashing burr at the bottom. The large keys are straight and without deformation.

The keycap is made of PBT material, which is more wear-resistant and durable than ABS. The end surface has a slightly frosted texture, and the feel is smooth and delicate.

The height of the keycap adopts the structure similar to XDA short ball cap, and the end surface area is large, which is convenient for the positioning of fingers. At the same time, the ergonomic arc of R1-R5 also makes the tapping comfortable and easy.

In terms of connection, this Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard has wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G three-mode connections to meet the connection needs in different scenarios. After typing a paragraph of text, the connection is stable and has no delay, which is enough for daily use. In the bluetooth mode, you can switch the connection of three devices through FN+QWE.

After power on, this small LCD display can display relevant values, including date, battery, time, system and connection mode, which are very comprehensive. At the same time, the display on the color screen is clear enough that you can see it when you look up.

For such a cool keyboard, RGB lighting effects are naturally indispensable. There are 18+4 lighting effects such as dynamic breathing, spectral cycle, starry dots, and music rhythm. Unfortunately, because the keycaps are not transparent, it is a The background light is more appropriate.

In terms of battery life, a large 4800mAh battery is added inside, coupled with reasonable sleep settings, so that this keyboard can last for a day without turning on the light, avoiding your battery life anxiety, and playing unlimitedly.

It has to be said that the current mechanical keyboard market has become different from what it used to be, and the rise of domestic brands has also kept this Red Sea in rough water. Faced with such fierce competition, only continuous breakthroughs and innovations can attract more consumers' attention.

The Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard displayed this time is the ultimate product of this era, a real super hexagonal warrior, regardless of appearance, axis, feel, function, and practicality. Board, if you insist, the price may be slightly higher. But after all, it has reached this level, maybe this shortcoming is not its, but yours.

So, if you ask me to recommend a keyboard that can be done in one step, this Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard is definitely a choice not to be missed.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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