I bought a second-hand keyboard for 169 yuan for a keyboard with an original price of thousands of yuan, which is worth it!

As we all know, I am a crazy lover of peripherals, especially mechanical keyboards, but driven by poverty, I often have to live on a tight budget and dare not buy new products directly, so the almighty seafood market has become The general direction of the main attack of a garbage guy like me, what kind of foreign garbage, cord-cutting keyboard and mouse, as long as they are eye-catching, all comers are welcome.

Not recently, I have taken a fancy to this super-looking mechanical keyboard—— Logitech G813

In fact, the relationship between me and Logitech is not very ideal, because I have tried Logitech’s three mechanical keyboards G613, G310 and G413 before, and their common feature is that they all use Omron switches. I must say “Omron switches are dead garbage” here. I take responsibility for my words. Because this kind of mechanical switch has poor experience in terms of smoothness and feel, and the most important thing is that it can’t be repaired at all. Once there is a double-click or malfunction on any switch, basically you can say goodbye to this keyboard. .

When I first entered the ranks of cord-cutting garbage guys, I was so hot-headed that I thought I was invincible, but I still overestimated myself. After the adjustment of these three keyboards, I never dared to touch Logitech’s keyboards and gave up directly. .

Maybe you will ask, why did you buy this Logitech G813 this time?

I have to say that Logitech's switch body is indeed poor, but the industrial design is really fragrant!

The appearance and texture of the keyboard are simply irresistible, especially this ultra-thin shape, how to describe it? Just like the Motorola Blade V3 back then, understand? It is the feeling of being invincible and stunning, which cannot be described in words.

If you think about it, you must do it. Of course, it is impossible to buy a new one. After all, the price is thousands of dollars, which I cannot accept. So after a week of tossing around the vines in the seafood market, I finally found a Logitech G813 sold by a seller that matched my eyes. The first is that it is cheap enough, only 169 yuan, the second product is still in good condition, without major scratches and bumps, and the third keyboard is only F2 failure and a lamp bead failure, which is not a problem for me at all.

After a rough meal... I didn't cut a penny!

Hey, forget it, is there still a hundred yuan short? The garbage guy still has this strength, so he directly took pictures and shipped them. So after 3 days of waiting, this "fragrant" Logitech G813 finally arrived.

"When, when, when, when (dàng)", this is the peak of mass production appearance in my heart (although I have said several peaks), but it is really good-looking, good-looking, or TM good-looking (it has been cleaned up at this time Ah, it was kind of dirty when it came).

It's really perfect, except that there is a cable (maybe you will say why not buy G913? Don't ask, it means you are poor).

Um, this row of side buttons is a bit of a hindrance, and I often touch it by mistake (but...for the sake of appearance, bear it!)

Logitech's iconic big G logo can be illuminated with RGB (I don't know if Logitech is the first to make the Logo illuminate, maybe there is Razer, anyway, these lighting factories are all suspect)

This large metal volume adjustment wheel has nothing to say about the texture, just one word - fragrant!

Here comes another feature of this keyboard - thin.

How thin is it? Do you understand the one-yuan coin (put it upright, not lying down) including the keycap, which is probably a little more than half of the coin.

Of course, the tradition of the Logitech keyboard is retained on the side, the side model logo - G813. (If it's any thinner, I probably won't be able to write it down)

In order to improve practicality, there is also a HUB interface at the end of the keyboard, which can connect some devices. (How should I put it, I can’t think of using this interface)

Even the position of the wire needs to be increased, hahaha, in order to be thin and light, I really do everything I can!

The wide two-stage foot support is super strong, and the angle after the support is printed on it, like it! (Some manufacturers that collapse in a flash, learn from it)

The Logitech G813 in my hand uses the Kaihua short white switch, which has a green-like feel (you don’t want to be black in front of your eyes, it can make a green-like feel in such a thin and light structure, this kind of contrast is fresh , exciting, and interesting). Of course, I have to say that the broken shaft rate is also the highest...

Needless to say about the keycaps, non-universal shafts must be non-universal keycaps. Although there are flat replacements in the seafood market, I will use the original ones for the time being. After all, ABS only has a sense of age when it is oiled.

OK, the day mode ends and enters the night mode.

Although the keycap is quite thin, the shading effect is really good, and there is no light leakage from the front.

As for the types of RGB lighting effects, needless to say, all kinds of tricks are almost covered. In short, for me who doesn't play with lights, one "follow the flow" and one constant light are enough.

Due to this kind of suspension design, side light leakage is certain, but fortunately, no one is typing on their stomachs, so this is not a problem.

Okay, the introduction is over. As far as the 169 yuan Logitech G813 is concerned, do you think I overturned the car or missed it?

But having said that, the process of picking up trash, tidying up trash, and playing with trash is the true meaning of a trash guy. This process of turning waste into treasure is quite healing. So welcome all people of insight to join the team of garbage guys, let's have fun.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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