I can’t even imagine that there is such a special case in the keyboard industry. About 500 yuan must be sold by Amway models. Kezhi K75 is absolutely beautiful and feels overwhelming.

Kezhi K75 was launched last year, and many keyboard enthusiasts have actually paid attention to it. Until now, the price is still very firm. It can even be said that during the launch period last year, it was even necessary to squat to grab it. After half a year, I have already started it. After all, it Is there any magic mentioned in the word of mouth, then I will share it with you from multiple angles.

Many people say Kezhi K75 three-mode mechanical keyboard is a stacking type keyboard. Under the prospect of no key breakthrough in the current technology, stacking is also a kind of sincerity. As a keyboard manufacturer, Kezhi K75 is a kind of keyboard manufacturer. In-depth research, it can be said that it has displayed all the functions of the perfect keyboard that users want, 75% layout, GASKET structure, HUB function, bright LCD display, hot-swappable keycaps, RGB lighting effects, and even what you think The replaceable metal positioning plate of the keyboard (this is mainly for the TOP structure positioning plate provided by the first 10,000 purchasers) can be played on this keyboard. It can be said that a keyboard allows you to experience all the unique skills of the entire keyboard industry.

Kezhi K75 is a series, which has a variety of colors. According to the needs of the theme and IP, it has also derived multiple versions. From the difference in shaft body and color, we cannot say that Kezhi K75 refers to only one. But it is undeniable that the appearance of the upper shell is fixed, so that we can still distinguish it very well, it is Kezhi K75.

Kezhi K75 has left a very good impression from its first appearance, so just skip the less important unpacking link:

This one comes from Kezhi K75 Knight Gray Edition. The Knight Gray is relatively low-key in terms of appearance and color matching. The gray color is more attractive. Although it is not as strong in color contrast as the other versions, this color matching It is still very prudent to tell us that gray is still the best choice for all-match.

Many elements of this keyboard can be seen. It adopts a retro punk style. The appearance of the keyboard itself gives people the first intuition, and the matching of details and elements is also very coordinated.

It can also be seen from the configuration of the data cable that the manufacturer has adopted a data cable with an aluminum alloy interface for the sake of integrity, which is bold and shaped. It works perfectly with the HUB interface on the keyboard.

The IP of the knight gray version is the Dakar Rally. The elements on the big key include the flag of the racing commander and the logo of the Dakar Rally. The ESC key and the DEL key are also used for racing elements, and the printing details of the elements are relatively clear. The printing of characters adopted.

The entire keyboard does not adopt the traditional square and square design. In order to break the consistent style of the traditional keyboard, the keyboard has made some micro-innovations in the shape, and the elements and shapes have been differentiated, which is different from other keyboards at the same price. difference. The arrangement of 75% is also the main focus of many keyboard manufacturers recently. There are no number keys, and more commonly used characters are allocated reasonably, which is more efficient than 87 match. The three-stage power-on and mode switching keys of the pull-out lever are also full of the feeling of a mechanical keyboard. The design of the lever also makes the whole boot look unique and distinctive.

The jelly ball cap made of PBT adopts the two-color injection molding process. The characteristic of the ball cap is actually more obvious that it can fit the finger contact feeling better. On the whole, in order to meet the user experience and improve the recognizability of characters, the key The caps are not completely transparent, and the RGB lighting is combined with the existing half-set keycap solution. No matter the difficulty of the process is more difficult than the full projection, the effect is also better than the full-transparent keycap.

The Gasket structure scheme currently adopted by the keyboard, in order to reduce the overall vibration of the keyboard during fast input and affect the hand feel, the Gasket structure is also the main scheme promoted by major manufacturers at present. Of course, in order to meet the needs of some DIY players for different positioning boards, the first 10,000 users who place an order will also receive a random TOP structure metal positioning board. Of course, there is no difference in the hand feeling between the two positioning boards, only the installation method is slightly different. Of course, the positioning board that comes with it is actually very important, so that Kezhi K75 does not belong to a It is not an ultra-portable keyboard, but a real desktop keyboard.

There are actually many types of switches for Kezhi K75. The switches produced by TTC (Zhengdian Technology) are basically one of the main switch suppliers for mechanical keyboards. There are actually many switch manufacturers. We are more familiar with Cherry, Zhengdian, Goto and Huannuo are both switch manufacturers. The switch has always represented the key to the feel of the mechanical keyboard, and is also the key to the life of the keyboard. KZZI (KZZI) K75 purple switch version is a customized switch. body, so that Kezhi’s exclusive LOGO can be seen on the shaft body. The customized shaft makes it different from the public. According to the paper parameters of the Ziding shaft manufacturer, it is a linear short-stroke shaft with a trigger pressure of about 43gf. The percussion feels soft and the response is quick. Due to the long axis, you can clearly feel the crisp sound of the mechanical keyboard during fast code text and games. It is not considered silent, but it is not too noisy.

The shafts on the keyboard can be completely disassembled, the full-key hot-swappable shaft seats support tripod shafts and five-legged shafts, and those with their own shafts can also be replaced according to their own needs.

The test of the keyboard is actually the skill of the big keys. The big keys are designed with a balance shaft, and you can get a good consistent feel no matter when you press them in any direction.

With its own high-definition OLED display screen, in order to meet the needs of low power consumption, the manufacturer chooses the dot matrix type for accuracy, which not only meets the reading requirements for key information, but also meets the balance of power consumption. The large battery with a capacity of about 3750mAh can be used for about 5-6 days with the RGB lighting effect on daily basis, and it can be used for about 45 days when the lights are turned off.

Of course, in order to make the customization more thorough, you can also obtain the download driver from the official website, upgrade and customize the K75, not only the customization of lighting and lighting effects, but also the customization of shortcut keys for function keys and characters. Customized configuration schemes can be saved, and different configuration files can be freely switched for different games. One keyboard can be played in multiple ways, and the cost performance is instantly reflected. Compared with many keyboards, custom functions can also be performed under 2.4G This is much more convenient than the customization of some brands of keyboards that must be done in wired mode.

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