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I finally bought a mechanical keyboard with strength and good looks, Heijue AK816 mechanical keyboard

Due to the epidemic, more and more people work from home. How to combine life and work is a big topic. Recently, I bought a Heijue AK816 mechanical keyboard. It is very good to use. It has three links with one key. It truly combines work, online classes, and life, and it looks very cool. Now share the experience with everyone

There is nothing to say about the current product packaging, it is quite satisfactory, what you see is what you get. However, the words "League of Legends Youth Training Base Partner" in the upper left corner are very eye-catching, highlighting the good performance of this keyboard, because things that are too scumbag are impossible to be selected.

It is a compact mechanical keyboard with a 75% layout, with a slender and small body, and the back is quite satisfactory, but the two-stage foot support behind the plain back is still low-key and practical. The two switches are designed on the left side, which conforms to the habits of the public and is very convenient.

The quality of the accessories is very high, and the wires are very thick. Looking at my previous keyboard wiring, and then looking at Heijue's, it makes people feel very at ease. Since it is a mechanical keyboard, the key puller is of course indispensable, because the AK816 is a hot-swappable keyboard, so the key puller delivered this time is a 2-in-1 design, with a removable keycap and a removable shaft body. Everything is practical Mainly.

The connection socket is the now popular Type C interface, which is very versatile and can be blindly plugged in both front and back sides. Charging and wired transmission are 2 in 1.

Heijue's keyboard is very careful about the quality. It uses Kaihua axle base and supports hot swapping. It is compatible with three-legged and five-legged axles. It is also very convenient if you want to change other axles to experience later. The switch body of this keyboard is Jiadalong G yellow Pro switch. Those who have used mechanical keyboards should know that the quality of the above two supporting brands is also excellent.

The foot support of this keyboard is ergonomically designed and has two levels of adjustment, which is suitable for use in different postures and reduces possible fatigue during use. The mode switching switch is designed under the foot support in the upper left corner. You don’t need to look at it when using it. You can know the position by touching it with your hand. It can be operated blindly.

I chose this keyboard mainly because of its "one-key three-link". One keyboard has three connection methods, supporting Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G and wired connection respectively.

I use a wired connection to the computer, which is not difficult to understand, the normal opening method of the keyboard; wireless 2.4G connection to the desktop or notebook is fine, if the notebook usually needs to input a lot of text for work or study, it is still not good to use the notebook keyboard that comes with it , It can be said that it is a bit painful. After connecting the keyboard, it feels much easier; and the Bluetooth connection is more diverse, mobile phones, tablets, and computers with Bluetooth are also available. Children usually need to type online classes, but tablet typing is very uncomfortable. It's convenient. Since the keyboard is connected, the children are one step ahead in rushing to answer. In Bluetooth mode, you can also connect three devices at the same time to switch between them. It supports Android, Apple, and Windows. No matter what device you have, compatibility is not a problem.

The knobs of the keyboard are made of metal anode technology and painted in red. It feels like the keyboard has a sporty atmosphere. Every time it is rotated, it feels that the damping is just right and not loose. And the texture brought by metal is unmatched by other materials.

This keyboard has a built-in 3000mA large battery, which can last for 200 days on a full charge. It can be used anywhere when connected to a mobile phone and a tablet. It is a real mobile office.

Life needs to be colorful. This keyboard of Heijue has a beautiful RGB lighting color scheme and many lighting modes. Colorful marquees are definitely indispensable, which can meet the lighting effect needs of most people. Coupled with the colored lights of the light box, When you are in it, you feel that your workbench is like turning into a DJ console, and the work is full of passion. Many of my friends have seen my outfit and said it is very beautiful.

The keycaps are made of dye-sublimation technology, which is very textured and durable. It is very convenient to disassemble and install with a key puller. If you have other brands of keycaps, you can also replace them. But as far as I am concerned, I think This set is very good, the feel and texture are very satisfactory, and it is a three-piece keycap with MDA height, which has personality and is versatile.

The picture of the keyboard is also very interesting. The arrow keys are replaced with gesture keys. Every time I see it, I want to laugh. I am a computer student. I have practiced typing before. At the fastest time, I typed more than 200 words in one minute. Using this keyboard, the sound of keystrokes sounds very crisp, and the feel is well damped. It may be because of this keyboard. Let’s use the gasket structure, this structure is to set the poron sliver on the upper and lower covers to support the positioning plate to reduce the probability and sound of hitting the shell when knocking.

After the overall experience, I feel that the vibration is very small when typing. I have worked continuously for two hours, and my hands do not feel sore or tired. It is as comfortable and flexible as a car equipped with a good shock absorber.

If you need to access multiple devices and have certain requirements for typing quality, the keyboard Heijue AK816 is definitely worth the money and exceeds your expectations.

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