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I'm in! I'm in! CHERRY Cherry MX 8.2 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard + MC 8.1 Gaming Mouse Set

With the development of e-sports games, the equipment of game players is becoming more and more abundant. Motherboards, memory, keyboards, mice, monitors, etc. are all included in the players’ e-sports equipment library. Good equipment can greatly improve our operating experience. and enjoy the gaming experience. Among them, monitors, mice, and keyboards are the equipment we have the most direct contact with, and I am also used to purchasing relatively high-end products.

After I recently upgraded a gaming PC, I saw that CHERRY also had a nice sale on its latest flagship product, the MX 8.2 TKL Tri-Mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and MC 8.1 Wired Mouse Bundle.

As one of the pioneers in the field of mechanical keyboards, CHERRY's switches and keyboards have always played an irreplaceable role in the high-end user group. I have also bought several keyboards with cherry switches before. Since the original kits are so powerful, I quickly took the opportunity to start.

Let’s take a look at the CHERRY MX 8.2 three-mode mechanical keyboard first. CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, as the flagship product of CHERRY, must come with an aluminum "ammunition box", which is full of class. The front of the "arms box" package has a red brand LOGO and a black model logo.

The texture of the aluminum "ammunition box" is so good that I don't even want to open it.

The interior provides a thick sponge package and a sturdy aluminum box to prevent the keyboard from being damaged during transportation. Accessories include Type-C data cable, wireless receiver, and product manual, but there is no key puller that is often equipped with mechanical keyboards.

The CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard adopts an 87-key layout, and the size is about: 350mm×220mm×35mm, which is very compact.

The keyboard is made of aluminum panel and aluminum frame, with a fine frosting process, which has a good texture and sense of class.

The keyboard provides a USB Type-C interface, a power switch, and a three-mode status indicator light, which correspond to three different modes of wired (charging), Bluetooth, and 2.4G. This keyboard also provides an independent power supply switch, which is convenient for users to turn off the keyboard to save power when not in use, and the details are considered very thoughtful.

The three modes can also be switched by Fn + shortcut key.

The red 2.4G receiver can be magnetically attached to the keyboard base. This design caught my eye.

The keycap of CHERRY MX 8.2 adopts ABS two-color injection molding light-transmitting process, and the surface of the keycap has a delicate, comfortable and very smooth skin-like coating, which feels very good.

Although the CHERRY MX 8.2 three-mode mechanical keyboard is an 87-key keyboard, there is nothing missing in the design of key functions. In addition to various multimedia keys, it also has WinLock keys, which can reduce accidental touches during games.

There is an engraved CHERRY (cherry) brand logo above the arrow keys. Although it does not have RGB elements, the bright reflective design allows it to reflect the surrounding ambient light, but it presents a different texture.

There are many options for CHERRY MX 8.2 switches, but all of them are equipped with CHERRY’s own MX RGB switches, as follows.

This time I chose the RGB green switch, because of the rhythm and unique "click" and "click" sound when tapping. And it rebounds quickly, and it is smooth to press, which is very suitable for codewords and games. Gold-plated cross contacts, long service life can also bring users a more reliable and durable feel experience.

Under large keys such as space, two additional satellite axes on the left and right are added to make the rebound more stable when the key is pressed, without shaking, and it is very convenient to disassemble.

The bottom of the keyboard continues the overall simple style design, and the upper and lower gray anti-skid bars prevent the keyboard from sliding easily after it is placed. There is a one-stage heightening frame at the corner of the upper end, which can increase the tilt angle of the keyboard. In order to avoid interference to the wireless signal, the keyboard base is made of plastic, but the overall workmanship and details are still in place.

Then look at the MC 8.1 gaming mouse. Like the keyboard, it also comes with an aluminum "ammunition case".

Open the buckle and lift the box cover to reveal the MC8.1 gaming mouse wrapped in sponge, which is full of style and highlights its high-end product positioning.

In addition to the mouse, there are replacement widened finger rests on both sides in the package, and two "arms box" keys are included.

The shape design of CHERRY MC8.1 is the biggest feature of this mouse. It adopts a left-right symmetrical structure design, which can be easily controlled by left-handed players.

What is different from other mice is its split structure. The upper and lower parts of the mouse are completely separated, and the middle is completely hollowed out, which can elegantly reveal the large-area RGB lighting effect inside, which is full of technology.

The function buttons of the mouse are placed on the upper layer and on both sides. The middle button roller is different from our common round rollers. It adopts a "track-type" roller design. The entire roller is flat like the track of a tank, and there are two driving wheels underneath. Such a flat crawler design allows players to use the scroll wheel without lifting their fingers. While reducing the moving distance, it also reduces the wear on the finger joints and brings more ergonomic design care.

The "cherry" button behind the scroll wheel will open the CHERRY keyboard and mouse supporting app by default, and other functions can also be customized.

After the magnetic logo nameplate is opened, the inclination angle of the mouse can be adjusted to fit any hand shape.

The CHERRY MC 8.1 mouse also has a replaceable widened finger rest, which can be used quickly whether it is gripped or lying down, to meet the usage habits and needs of different users. The finger rest is also magnetically designed for easy replacement.

The DPI adjustment button of the mouse is placed at the bottom of the mouse, and the DPI setting range from the lowest 50 to the highest 16000 can meet various needs of use.

There is a CHERRY LOGO on the USB interface of the mouse, and the red light will turn on after it is connected. This design is so cool.

CHERRY has matching software for the keyboard and mouse, which can adjust the buttons and lighting effects. Just press and hold the cherry button of the mouse, and the meeting will open automatically. If it is not installed, it will automatically enter the installation interface.

In terms of lighting effects, it supports ripple, spectrum, constant light, breathing, etc.

As well as key modification, macro definition and USB report rate adjustment, it supports four adjustable refresh rates of 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

The mouse DPI can be set to 6 gears, the lowest being 50 and the highest being 16000.

The light transmission of the two-color injection-molded light-transmitting keycap is very good, and the effect is good.

When Caps Lock is turned on, it will be marked with different colors, and the small details are good.

Although the surface of the MC 8.1 gaming mouse cannot see light and shadow, the side-transmitting RGB makes the lighting effect more special.

The grip of the CHERRY MC 8.1 mouse is very good, especially with the extended finger rest. The tilt angle can be adjusted to suit various hand shapes.

The hardware parameters of the MC 8.1 gaming mouse are very strong, with a maximum DPI of 16,000, a moving speed of 400 inches per second and an acceleration of 50g, basically exceeding the performance required by humans. A few tests were done using mouse test. In the track mode, you can see whether the mouse has dropped frames, uneven smoothing, etc., and the points are also very dense. It seems that the mouse has a good return rate.

In non-track mode, the lines are smooth without any "jaggies", which reflects that the performance of the mouse engine is also very strong.

After testing several games, the palm can make precise strikes in the game with almost no need to move. Because it is too sensitive, I was even a little unaccustomed to using 16000DPI at first. In addition, the 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth performance of the keyboard is also very stable. Even in the game, the wireless mode is used throughout the game, and there is no delay. It is a keyboard that can be completely wirelessly adapted to all scenarios.

When fast coding, the original CHERRY green shaft is easier to tap because of the relatively low initial pressure. The paragraph feeling brought by the green axis when pressed is somewhat similar to pressing a ballpoint pen. Although the sound is relatively loud, it is especially decompressive.

This CHERRY MX 8.2 three-mode mechanical keyboard and MC 8.1 gaming mouse set is still very valuable for high-end users who pursue the original factory. As the originator of the mechanical keyboard, the MX 8.2 three-mode mechanical keyboard and the MC 8.1 e-sports mouse both use complex mechanical structures and adjustment capabilities to bring a more comfortable feel experience, plus the aluminum "arms case" packaging, whether it is for personal use Whether it is a desktop or a gift, it is particularly high-end and sincere.

Coupled with the recent promotions, it is still worth starting. Finally, thank you for your appreciation, and see you next time.

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