I took a bath for the keyboard and showed off my first mechanical keyboard.

The weather in March is always changing. It's very cold and it's raining. I have to do something when it's raining. It's impossible to beat a child, and the child can't beat it when he's older. Look at this dirty keyboard on the table, then give it a bath. During the winter vacation, when I gave the idle filco bluetooth keypad to my son, he complained about the dirty keyboard. Well, there is something wrong with typing. If you look carefully, the plus and minus signs are wrongly installed. Careful friends should find out.

Let’s place the purchase order of the keyboard first. The actual price of this keyboard is 579. In 2014, the keyboard of any domestic new force is several hundred smaller. I personally feel that this price is more reasonable. The cover was nice when I first bought it, but it gets ugly after a long time of use.

Below is the real body of the dirty keyboard, please. Is it dirty? I don’t remember when I washed it last time. The last time I washed it, I probably poured water on it. I washed it while cleaning the water in the keyboard. . The interface of the keyboard is an interface from ancient times. I don’t even remember what it’s called. Recently, a friend said that the interface of Shit King is microusb. In fact, as long as the product itself is fine, it doesn’t seem to matter what the interface is. My keyboard has been around for 10 years, and I changed the cable halfway. If the quality of the keyboard is not good, you don’t even have a chance to change the cable. There is only one screw on the back cover of the keyboard, unscrew the screw, and pry the top cover off with a knife, and the connecting wires between the keyboard board and the back cover can also be removed, so that all parts can be separated for easy cleaning. by the way. The top cover and back cover of the keyboard are both plastic, and the shaft tray is metal, but I don't know what kind of metal it is.

Soak the keycap in the water first, and continue to remove the rest. The keyboard is disassembled and there are only a few parts. I don’t comment on the workmanship. Anyway, it has been used for almost 10 years, and I haven’t continued to use it.

Now it's time to brush, I brush, I brush, I brush. Ah, if it doesn’t work, spray some alcohol on it and brush again. If it’s damaged, replace it with a new one. I also want to try the keyboard made by the new keyboard force, and I also want the lamp. These days, I am ashamed to call myself a keyboard without lights. After brushing and installing the cover, wait for the keycap. From the picture, the keyboard is still dirty, but it is actually very clean.

The keycap is soaked in a basin, add some detergent, stir it with your hands, and then wipe the stubborn garbage with a rag. It’s raining today, and the temperature is low. I’m afraid it’s too late to wait for the keycaps to dry naturally. At this time, I need to use two tools. The net bag for free-range eggs and the piglet are equipped with a hair dryer. Put the keycaps in your pocket, run the faucet once, and the piggy will be dry after a few blows with the hair dryer.

Finally, why did you post a photo of the keyboard and the bullshit king? Recently, the new power of keyboard and mouse seems to be very arrogant, new products are constantly coming, the parameters are good-looking, and the price is not cheap. Everyone is rushing upwards desperately. To be honest, I have also paid that kind of tax in these years. I used to believe in parameters, thought about asking for lights, and bought products from new forces, but the results were not satisfactory. I am now staying away from new forces and avoiding light pollution. Ah, am I getting old?

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