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If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools, a shopping guide for double eleven game peripherals

As an amateur Internet cafe e-sports player (formerly), if you want to play stably in the game, or even break through yourself, you have relatively high requirements for game peripherals. It feels like you are driving a GTI to run mountain roads, he can also give you basic fun, and you can also occasionally break through, but once you have driven a GT3, the feeling of being one with the car will never be in this life Forget, and the GTI that once accompanied you through the green years has long been blurred.

Peripherals have wonderful changes for different experiences. There are game peripherals for games, codeword peripherals for codewords, audio and video, and even online classes. Taking advantage of Double Eleven, let’s talk about game peripherals, I hope it can help you too.

Many people say that in the game, the status of the keyboard is a bit awkward, and you can play well with just a keyboard. In fact, it is wrong. As far as the ancient game bands and dance troupes are concerned, conflicts are commonplace, and you have to use a mechanical keyboard. In terms of feel, the difference between a keyboard worth tens of dollars and a keyboard worth hundreds of dollars is vastly different. So the game is very important, and of course the feel of the keyboard is also very important.

Some people like bright colors, some people like dark colors. And I like them all, which is more difficult to deal with, after all, the wallet has been screaming. But Cherry has always been a big presence in the early days. The full-key 109-key layout has complete function keys, which can better cope with various usage scenarios. It is undoubtedly convenient for game lovers. This Cherry MX2.0S from a well-known German designer can be described as classic in terms of lines, materials and overall color matching style.

Cherry MX2.0S adopts the original CHERRY MX switch, which can have additional psychological BUFF bonus in the game. Its interior adopts the design of no steel plate with the switch body directly fixed to the PCB, gold-plated cross contacts, and the large keys are all satellite switches. Immediately brought a great feel. The design without steel plate and the original CHERRY MX shaft make the hand feel more springy and unique.

The same three-mode connection, the delay in 2.4G mode is less than 1ms, so you don’t have to worry about the difference between intentional and wireless in the game. In addition, RGB will not be absent, you can adjust the settings through the CHERRY assistant software, so that you have a unique Cherry MX2.0S.

The appearance of Cherry MX3.0S has always been my favorite "borderless" style, clean and neat. For the keyboard with a frame that can stop the aircraft carrier, Cherry MX3.0S has more application scenarios, such as games and office work. It is worth mentioning that there are no screws on the Cherry MX3.0S keyboard body.

Like Cherry MX2.0S, Cherry MX3.0S is also designed without steel structure, and has the same Q-bomb feel. 16 million color RGB lights will not be absent, and the white keyboard is more attractive. In addition to white, there are also pink, black and many joint models to choose from.

Of course, Cherry MX3.0S is also a three-mode keyboard, which is convenient and quick to switch modes with one key.

At first glance, Goss 98T is still very e-sports, and the black and red color scheme can arouse the enthusiasm for the game. The price of less than 400 yuan is really good value for money. The 98 layout has always been the best layout for playing games in my mind, and the small keyboard is a boon for games that require shortcut keys.

The 98T keyboard supports hot-swappable full-key switches, supports customization and can be replaced with different switches, and is compatible with 5-pin and 3-pin switches. The benefits are obvious, you can change the shaft by yourself, and use different shafts in different areas to achieve your own habits. 2.4G, Bluetooth, wired three-mode For gamers, many people prefer wired, but for non-game time, wireless adds neatness and portability.

I chose the TTC gold powder condenser shaft. The total stroke of 4.0mm reduces the probability of accidental touch. The trigger pressure of 37gf is not as heavy as that of Kuaiyin, and the force is moderate, which is more suitable for girls. It is worth mentioning that the surface texture looks a bit like 3D printing at first glance, which is very recognizable.

The packaging box of Cherry MX8.0 is worth the fare. The CNC anodized all-aluminum body is polished with exquisite craftsmanship, and the details show the quality. From the packaging to the keyboard itself, all of them reveal the word "artwork".

Cherry MX8.0 has an 87-key layout, and the key line is integrated so that it looks like a suspension, but it does not support hot swap, which is a bit regrettable. But the custom-made ABS keycaps, delicate two-color injection molded light-transmitting fully enclosed characters, the lighting effect is beautiful. It's just that the backlight is only white, which is a good choice for those who don't like RGB lighting effects.

The rotating foot support is more creative, and the multi-level angle can be adjusted. It feels really good to match freely. At the same time, the combination of the integrated key and wire and the original CHERRY MX shaft makes the rebound more crisp.

In e-sports, the status of the mouse is high among the Big Three, and it is no longer as simple as ranking first. The quality of the mouse directly affects the performance, unless. . . You can kill the team outside gate B with a handful of little red stars like me.

Razer is the first mouse I changed after retiring from e-sports in Internet cafes. From the era of MX510 to the era of Purgatory Viper, it really has a different feeling. Up to now, wireless input is rampant, and the change of career in the mouse era has inadvertently developed another dimension.

The Viper Ultimate Edition still has the Razer family logo in its shape, and its 74-gram lightweight design allows the control to be as free and unfettered as the wind. The 20KDPI optical sensor FOCUS+ makes your operation more precise, and the mobile synchronization and intelligent tracking will escort you, with a tracking accuracy of 99.6%.

The Viper Ultimate Edition is equipped with 8 programmable high-speed response buttons, which can be configured through Thundercloud 3 to respond faster in the game. The battery life of 70 hours can be regarded as a rechargeable gaming mouse. The lowest price of 399 has also become the reason why he is recommended, what kind of bicycle is more cost-effective.

Logitech, who has been in love with Razer for many years, has to play. Why did you choose Goupaowang? It was still in my MX510 era. My teammates bought a Microsoft IO1.1 that looked ordinary but actually had an excellent feel. , I didn’t expect that after many years, it will be a bit like this Logitech Dog Breaker Generation.

The blessing of a new generation of HERO sensor allows it to have pixel-accurate tracking performance, with a maximum speed of over 400IPS, a maximum DPI of 25600, and power consumption 10 times lower than the previous generation. However, in terms of battery life, it is slightly inferior to the Ultimate Edition of Viper, which is only 60 hours. However, in terms of performance, it can beat the Viper Ultimate Edition a little bit, and it also has the lowest price of 399, and the two products are both cost-effective products.

At first glance, it looks the same as the ultimate version of the Viper, after all, it belongs to the Viper family. But first of all, in terms of weight, the Viper V2Pro has been upgraded to 59 grams (58 grams in black), which is 15 grams lighter than the ultimate version of the Viper, and there is an obvious difference in handling.

Secondly, the maximum speed is 750IPS, and the 30KDIP is the best among others. The addition of the third-generation optical micro-movement further reduces the rebound delay, and the trigger speed reaches the level of 0.2 milliseconds. Let other gaming mice have unmatched reliability and speed.

Because the new optical engine of FOCUS Pro is more energy-efficient, the efficiency of wireless power supply is further optimized, and its battery life has been upgraded to 80 hours. The ultimate lightweight, high-performance gaming mouse that lives up to its name. However, there are two fewer programmable keys.

In my opinion, the status of the headset is comparable to that of the mouse. The mouse is used for precise control, and the headset is used to hear the sound to identify the position. Both are indispensable. Of course, the keyboard is equally important. Otherwise, how can it be called the Three Musketeers?

HyperX Hurricane II uses a durable aluminum alloy frame. The beam of the earphone is made of sponge. The wide whole piece of sponge and the PU earmuffs make it feel comfortable to use. Equipped with a detachable noise-canceling microphone to keep calls clear and effectively reduce ambient noise.

With the addition of USB sound card wire control, you can enjoy HIFI sound quality when not playing games, so as to achieve both game and entertainment. I still get used to removing the subwoofer when playing games, maybe this is a habit I have since Plantronics A90.

Putting him first is because the price of more than 300 has a high cost performance, and at the same time it does not reduce the gaming experience.

Razer's game peripherals are really addictive, and there is an urge to want everything after seeing it. This North Sea Kraken V3 super-sensing version gave me the feeling that it is not just simply hearing the sound to identify the position, but a sense of reality in the scene.

The Razer HyperSense super-sensing technology adopted by the Kraken V3 super-sensing version can convert sound signals into vibrations in real time, and generate different texture feedbacks in the earmuffs, giving me a sense of immersion. This is thanks to Razer HyperSense technology that captures the waveform and frequency of game audio and converts them into rich and realistic haptic effects.

With Thundercloud 3, you can play THX SPATIAL AUDIO spatial sound effect. The default method is enough. Of course, if you have more requirements for sound effect, there are many options that can be adjusted, such as enhancing the bass and clarity separately. The 50mm titanium dynamic drive unit itself is equipped with independent professional tuning for the high, medium and low tri-frequency, so there is no doubt about the sound quality.

If the shape of the above two pairs of headphones is at least a pair of game headphones, then the shape of this player may make people feel that they are shooting "The Wandering Earth", but the obvious Logo sold out immediately over him.

The Corsair HS80 is known as a game headset with advanced surround sound effects. It is simply full of style. The Dolby Atmos sound effect can bring surround-type accurate three-dimensional sound effects. In human terms, it can make your reaction in the game more accurate, which is very important for FPS. It's a real artifact for gaming.

The most important point is that it is a wireless headset. Corsair HS80 is equipped with ultra-fast SLIPSTREAM wireless connection technology, which has ultra-low latency, ultra-long distance (18 meters ultra-long-distance transmission), and ultra-long battery life (20 hours). .

In terms of workmanship, there is no need to worry about the workmanship of the earphones at this price. The main body of the earmuffs and headband is made of aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. The earmuffs use high-grade memory foam and the low-tension headband, all of which say that he has a comfortable fit. And he actually played with the lights, which can be customized with dynamic RGB lights, which can be much more impressive than the monochrome of the Kraken.

Taking advantage of the upcoming Double Eleven, you can upgrade your game equipment as soon as possible. I will wait for you to play Lianliankan together in Autism City.

Finally, friends who like it ask for a wave of three links and attention. I welcome cordial and friendly conversations, accept appreciation, and show respect for your opinions. If we have opinions, we can have a frank conversation and fully exchange opinions, which is conducive to enhancing the friendship between valued friends. For brainless trolls, this is something I absolutely cannot tolerate. I hope that the keyboard warriors will have a rat tail juice and talk about martial arts.

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