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If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. The Pennefather V700-8A multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard review is elegant and not cumbersome

As a text worker, the most important eating guy is the keyboard. Although I use a notebook computer, I still can't adapt to the soft feeling when typing on the notebook's built-in keyboard. In order to improve work efficiency, an excellent wireless mechanical keyboard is indispensable. Recently, I just got started with a Rapoo mechanical keyboard. As a major peripheral manufacturer, his products have been well received by users. This time I bought the Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode backlit mechanical keyboard, which uses a 75% arrangement, 84-key compact key layout, which reduces the space occupied by the desktop, and also reduces the stroke of the fingers for input, which is more efficient . How about the real performance? Continue below.

I prefer simple desktop configurations, and I don’t want to make too many decorations, so the desktop devices will be carefully selected, and the keyboard is a device that is used very frequently, so I can’t be sloppy in the selection. In recent years, I have always liked Rapoo’s products, and it just happened that when I was choosing a table, I fell in love with the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard. It has a simple and compact design, and it is full of texture. What boy would not like it? , of course including my old boy.

This mechanical keyboard offers three colors: No Man’s Land, Lonely Brave and Mech Purple. I chose Lonely Brave, as you can see from the picture of the packaging box. The entire keyboard is mainly in brown-gray dark colors. , ESC key is eye-catching orange. There are not too many fancy designs, and this ESC key is like a lone brave man, moving forward in the dark.

Open the package, inside is a mechanical keyboard, key puller, a 2.4G wireless receiver, and a Type-C charging cable.

The size of the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard is 310*120*35.5mm, and it adopts a compact 84-key layout design. Compared with the traditional 87-key keyboard, the 84-key Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard cancels the top " The distance between the F1~F12" keys and the main keyboard area makes it appear more compact and reduces space occupation.

The Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard uses a floating keycap, which not only looks better, but also makes it easier to clean the keyboard after use. The keycap material adopts two-color injection molding process, which has uniform light transmission, anti-fading and wear resistance, and greatly improves the life of the keycap.

When I got the keyboard for the first time, I felt full of weight. The weight of the whole keyboard is 787g. The most important reason is that the keyboard shell is made of aluminum alloy, the surface is frosted and oxidized, and the surrounding corners are treated with high-precision CNC technology. It is not only full of metal texture visually, but also quite delicate to the touch.

In terms of the shaft body, Rapoo provides four different options of green, black, red, and tea. According to official information, Rapoo’s mechanical shaft has a service life of 60 million times, so whether it is work input or game experience, There is no need to worry about the life of the shaft at all, just play with it open.

What I got is the green switch, the key stroke is slightly longer, the tapping sound is crisp, and the typing is particularly rhythmic. Personally, I prefer this kind of retro feeling, and it can also make me more involved in immersive work input, especially recommended for text input.

An adjustable angle bracket is provided on the left and right above the bottom of the keyboard, and the four corners are designed with non-slip feet to ensure that the keyboard will not move easily during use, and the angle of the keyboard can also be adjusted according to your own habits.

On the back of the keyboard is a Type-C charging port.

The keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery. When charging, the logo indicator light on the lower left of the keyboard will turn red, and if it is fully charged, it will turn white, which allows users to see it at a glance. Rapoo adopts low-power wireless technology, in wireless mode, it can last for 25-225 hours, and the standby time can reach one week to two months. At present, because it takes about a week to get it, I type for about 4-5 hours a day, so I may have to wait until it is exhausted.

Personally, I prefer the keyboard backlight. The Rapoo V700-8A provides 7 groups of backlights and 4 levels of backlight brightness. To switch the backlight, you can quickly adjust it by pressing Fn+right Ctrl key.

Let’s take a look at the three backlight effects, which are very cool. Whether you are working or a game player, you will like this backlight design very much. So which backlight mode do you want? Of course, if battery life is considered, the backlight can also be turned off.

It is worth mentioning that in the wired mode, the Pennefather V700-8A mechanical keyboard can also use the official driver to perform more favorite settings. You can choose configuration settings, key settings, lighting settings, macro editing, and more.

The convenience of this keyboard is that it supports custom macro keys to achieve one-key continuous operation, which is very important for gamers. And you don’t have to worry about resetting every time you change the keyboard. Log in to the Rapoo account, and you can save the configuration information to the cloud. When you use other Rapoo keyboards next time, you don’t need to troublesome configuration.

This Pennefather V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard has a variety of connection methods. You can choose wired connection or wireless connection. You can choose 2.4GHz connection or Bluetooth for wireless connection. Bluetooth can be divided into Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 3.0. Therefore, the degree of adaptation is quite high, and it can be connected and paired with five devices at the same time. It is very convenient to switch and use through the five shortcut keys of Fn + "1, 2, 3, 4, 5".

The biggest feeling for the Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is that it is a device with both appearance and performance, and it can perform well no matter it is used in office or in games. If you are using it at home, you are afraid that the knocking sound of the green shaft will affect your family, and there are other shafts to choose from. In fact, for this mechanical keyboard, I really found any shortcomings. After all, the price is less than 300 yuan, and it can have such an excellent performance. It can be said that the price/performance ratio is overwhelming. If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Let's do it!

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