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If you want to have your own personalized computer desktop, you can enter the Lofree 100 with your eyes closed.

For computer accessories, the keyboard can be said to be a productivity tool. At present, it is very popular to launch various styles of customized mechanical keyboards to attract users' attention. When it comes to customized services, the author thinks that the Lofree brand is quite good. Each product of Luofei itself is very good in appearance, and it also has special features in keyboard DIY. It specially launched the "Luofei Building" applet. Users can freely match through the applet and choose their favorite axis. Body, casing and keycaps, from the earliest introduction of the concept of free matching, the author also has some doubts, whether they are just to attract attention, and will not launch more series of keycaps later, obviously for DIY, they are right Very good, the current keycaps and customized services are really doing very well.

Through the Lofree building applet, users can give full play to their imagination, and according to their own preferences, they can customize and choose their favorite style. The previous one used a 68-key row. After a long wait, I finally waited for the Lofree with small number keys. Luofei Xiaoqiao is 100, and the author is also quite lazy, so I didn’t choose too many combinations. I directly chose some combinations that are well matched inside. I chose the cement gray case, and I chose a relatively cute summer keycap theme. In the Japanese invasion project, the shaft body is also selected to be installed at the factory. If you want to experience the shaft body installation, you can choose the shaft body optional version.

The main body and keycaps of the Lofree Lofree Xiaoqiao 100 keyboard are packaged separately. From the packaging, it is a circle larger than the original 68-key row. After all, the Xiaoqiao 100-key row has 32 more keys than the 68. From this trend Look, if you want to change the keycaps in the future, can the original keycaps also be sold for replacement? Wouldn't it be better if the official also had such a replacement service?

In terms of accessories, it includes a Type-C cable, 3 AAA alkaline batteries, a key puller, an instruction manual and a three-package certificate.

As for the Lofree 100 axis body, this time I chose Jiadalong G yellow axis Pro. The total stroke of the axis body is 4.0±0.4mm, the action stroke is 2.0±0.6mm, and the trigger pressure is 50±15gf. This axis The body adopts a new anti-oxidation gold contact, and the trigger life can reach 80 million times. Compared with other switches, this switch is not only suitable for office work, but also for playing games. Of course, the knocking feeling of this switch is softer , You can choose other shafts if you like crispness.

Compared with the previous key puller, some other new designs have been carried out. Compared with the traditional one, this kind of key puller is still very easy to use and will not damage the keyboard cap. It is also very convenient to replace. can be easily replaced.

When installing the keycaps, you can install them according to the order in which the themed keycaps leave the factory. Be careful when unpacking, otherwise it will be very brain-consuming to install them in a mess.

The choice of Lofree Xiaoqiao 100 is mainly due to its keycap texture. Compared with the conventional surface patterns on the market, the design of Xiaoqiao's keycaps is very three-dimensional, and the overall color matching is very refreshing, and the pattern is also integrated into the keyboard. The required key identification allows users to understand the key layout more intuitively. It should be noted here that there are still some differences between the Luofei keyboard and the traditional layout. It takes a little getting used to.

Then someone will ask, how durable is such a keycap? It is understood that Lofree 100 is currently equipped with PBT keycaps with a content higher than 90%, and has been upgraded to five-sided thermal sublimation technology. Fade feature, so users don't need to worry about the keycaps fading.

The height of the Lofree Xiaoqiao 100 keyboard is about 54mm, and the lowest point is about 33mm. This is also one of the characteristics of the Xiaoqiao series. Compared with traditional keyboards, its keycaps are arranged in steps and have a certain angle. Inclined, which is more ergonomic, and the comfort will be better for users even if they use it for a long time.

In terms of details, the keyboard switch key is designed on the back, and the Type-C interface used for wired connection is also designed on the back position. From the use in recent years, it is generally used in wireless mode under normal circumstances.

In addition to wired connection, Lofree Xiaoqiao 100 also supports two wireless connection methods, Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless 2.4G. Xiaoqiao 100 has done a good job in system compatibility, and the current mainstream systems can be used normally. , which allows this keyboard to be used in any situation. The wireless connection gear is in the same adjustment gear. In Bluetooth mode, three devices can be connected for use, and can be switched by fn + pairing key.

In the power supply scheme, 3 AAA batteries are used for power supply. According to the official battery life introduction, it can last for about 3-4 weeks when the battery is fully charged, but the specific time depends on the actual frequency of use of the user.

From the author's use these days, the overall compatibility is good. Not only can the computer be connected very smoothly, but also mobile phones and tablets can be used. The most important thing is that the user experience of the 100-key column is better, compared with the original 68-key column. The position of the small number pad is added, which is more convenient for foreign trade partners.

In addition to the appearance, Lofree’s keyboards have changed from the earliest dots to the current small warps. From a certain point of view, they have subverted the positioning of traditional keyboards. The launch of Lofree’s DIY keyboards has become more interesting. Some peripheral products have enhanced the fun of the office environment, and through the new key layout, users can experience a better user experience. It is also quite cool that the shaft body, shell, and keycaps can be customized according to their needs. Users can choose according to their own needs.

Well, the experience of Lofree Xiaoqiao 100 is here first. The self-selected theme keycap is in line with the author's expected effect. I will go to Lofree to build a small program to order another better-looking keycap. Three connection methods It meets the needs of different devices. If you want to create your own personalized desktop, this keyboard must not be missed!

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