If you want to look good, you need strength and strength, the best partner for notebooks: Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard really fragrant evaluation

Hello, everyone, I am Crazy Silver Bear...

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, people love it to death, and there are many people who don’t like it. They like it because of factors such as personality, customization, and high-quality feel. selling price.

Today, Brother Xiong will share with you a wireless mechanical keyboard that is ultra-thin, portable, comfortable to the touch, and low-noise. Its price is only 200+, which can meet the needs of all kinds of picky people. .

Don't rush to deny it, after reading this unboxing report, I believe you will fall in love with it just like me.

Regardless of any product, the attitude and level of the manufacturer can be seen from the quality of workmanship, so let's start with the appearance.

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging, which belongs to the fashionable and simple type, with a clear theme, the box is small but the shock absorption effect is good, and it protects the safety of the keyboard in all directions.

The box is designed with care and adopts a gift box-style opening and closing. After opening, the 8 words "light, flexible, and unlimited enjoyment" come into view, representing the overall characteristics of this keyboard.

The whole keyboard adopts frameless design, the size is only 323*116*29.5mm, the design is very small and exquisite. The overall color of the keyboard is deep sea blue, with a little bit of bright yellow and gray dotted on it. The overall style is calm and calm, but it also reveals a little agility, which is a kind of low-key luxury man.

In addition to the keyboard, the package also comes with 6 MAC system replacement keycaps, an A-C data cable with good quality and length, a key puller, a manual and a certificate of compliance.

As an ultra-thin mechanical keyboard, the keycap of the Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard is really thin, and the orange is the standard keyboard keycap, which is more than twice as high as the keycap of Lulian.

The data cable is very careful and comes with a strap. This keyboard supports Bluetooth wireless connection and wired connection. Of course, it is also a charging cable for charging the mechanical keyboard.

There are four rubber shock-absorbing pads at the four corners of the bottom of the keyboard, but unfortunately there are no height-adjusting legs. Personal feeling will affect the choice of some users.

The keycap is made of two-color injection molded PBT material, without burrs, and the overall touch is delicate and feels great. The PBT material has high hardness, high density, strong wear resistance, and good oil resistance. The font is transparent and hollowed out, and the effect is very good after the light is turned on.

For writers who pay more attention to mobile office, no matter how good the keyboard feel of the notebook is, it is also very different from the mechanical keyboard. The 89-key mechanical keyboard of Lulian adopts a low-axis design, which is not only thin, but also light in weight. A bottle of 500ml mineral water weighs. The length of 323mm not only effectively saves the desktop space, leaving more room for the mouse to move, but also can be easily put into a notebook bag, which is perfect for mobile office with notebooks.

The picture above is the membrane keyboard that I used to carry when I went out. The size and thickness of the two together are basically the same. It is really good to be able to control the mechanical keyboard to this size and thickness.

The lowest measured value of the author’s decibel meter is 30 decibels. In actual use, the knocking noise of this mechanical keyboard of Lulian is basically maintained at about 35 decibels. Even if you knock hard, the decibels do not exceed 40 decibels, and the daily typing is basically controlled at 35 decibels. within.

Such excellent noise control should be due to the design of the micro-step tea shaft of Lulian. The knocking sound of this shaft is soft. The typing speed of the author is very fast. As a boy, the typing strength is still strong. In actual use, The quiet performance of this mechanical keyboard makes me terribly satisfied. Even if I work overtime late at night, I don’t have to worry about affecting my family.

As an office clerk, there are tens of thousands of codewords every week, which requires a keyboard with excellent feel as a support, otherwise the fingers will be sore.

This mechanical keyboard of Lulian adopts LP thin switch body, which feels very similar to the tea switch, and it is particularly comfortable to type on. In addition to the addition of special shafts, the keycaps have also been carefully tuned, not only the touch is delicate and soft, but also the concave design is adopted, which greatly increases the contact area between the finger pulp and the keycap, making the percussion more stable.

Limited by the structure, many mechanical keyboards are very thick, so many people will buy keyboard trays to better place the palms. This low-axis mechanical keyboard of Lulian has no such worries. Its lowest thickness is only 23mm, and the palm The arc of the finger and finger just perfectly covers this height, and the keyboard is specially designed with a 6-degree inclination angle for ergonomics. At this angle, the fingers will not feel tired when they shuttle up and down the codeword.

As a wireless keyboard, battery life is very important, and no one wants the keyboard to run out of power at a critical moment.

This mechanical keyboard of Lulian has a built-in 1800mAh lithium battery and an intelligent sleep system. In actual use, it can last for more than 10 hours with the brightest light effect turned on. If the light effect is turned off, the battery life can be increased by more than ten times. The official claim is over 180 hours.

Greenlink’s intelligent sleep system must be praised. It is different from others. Generally, after a keyboard sleeps, you need to press a button to wake it up, but Greenlink’s does not need to be woken up, and it can be used immediately. However, there is a small flaw, that is, no indicator light is designed.

Rich and interesting personalized shortcut keys

There are several shortcut key systems with rich personality in the upper right corner of this keyboard, which makes people fondle admiringly. Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard comes with 18 shortcut function keys, which can easily realize various advanced functions. Of course, the most special thing is its unique and exclusive emoticon key. One key can send the emoticon package that comes with the system, allowing chatting It has also become more fun and fun, and the super useful screenshot button is very good.

High compatibility and good interconnection

It supports multiple systems such as win/Mac/Android/iPad/linux/Hongmeng, and a replacement keycap for the MAC system is also presented at random. It supports two connection modes: wired and Bluetooth, and can connect up to 1+3 devices.

The light pollution atmosphere is low-key but not monotonous

In terms of the backlight effect, the Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard is not an RGB lighting effect, but a simple white light. Because of the transparent design of the font, the effect of the keyboard lighting is quite good.

In order to enrich the gameplay of lighting effects, it still supports 4 levels of brightness adjustment and the replacement of 15 backlight effects, which is good for those who have a certain need for atmosphere.

Greenlink KU102 is a 200-priced low-axis thin and light wireless mechanical keyboard. Its excellent silent control, compact body design and good battery life are a good choice for mobile office users. At present, the author has been using it for a while. Since using it, the keyboard that comes with the notebook is basically useless. It is really comfortable and enjoyable to use it to code.

Attached official flagship store link:

Interested friends can follow up, the price of 200+ is not a loss!

I am Crazy Silver Bear, an uncle who loves to unbox all kinds of good things. After reading it, remember to like it, bookmark and follow it, thank you!

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