IKBC W210 Change Ash Wood V3 Shaft & Feel

This IKBC W210 was bought two years ago. At that time, it was considered that there was a wireless keyboard available in the company, and the desk was less wired and looked clean. I bought a 2.4g single mode, mainly because I was afraid that the Bluetooth of the low-end keyboard would be delayed.

The W210 is really good in actual use. First of all, the power consumption is relatively low. The power supply of two dry batteries can last for more than half a year or more than a year. The indicator light and the scroll lock light also cannot stay on. Secondly, the buttons feel very good. I bought the version with cherry red switches. Its main purpose is a service life. There are no noises such as screen printing when using large keys in daily use. Then the shape is more suitable for office use, the shape of the black male model is not exaggerated.

前一段时间整了个剪线的罗技G900改了无线充电,放在公司使用,可以看我历史文章一次失败的捡垃圾,罗技G900修理&改无线充电_鼠标_什么值得买 (smzdm.com)。然后就想着把键盘也整一下,拆下来润个轴,垫点棉,可能声音和手感不会有太大改善,但主打一个折腾。

But in the process of dismantling the shaft, I gradually lost patience and lost my mind when I thought about moisturizing more than 100 shafts, so I directly placed an order for Ashwood V3. The purchase channel is Douyin. 8 to 10 yuan coupons, and finally got 120 coupons, an average of 5 cents more than one.

Then it is to change the key, change the satellite shaft, pad poron sandwich cotton and bottom cotton.

Uncommonly used shafts are replaced with moistened cherry red

Some keys that are not commonly used are replaced with moistened cherry red, and the large keys are also made of cherry red. In order to prevent accidental touches, the trigger key travel of Ashwood V3 is really too short.

Using poron's sandwich cotton and bottom cotton

Ashwood V3 comes with a factory moisturizer. It is recommended to wear a disposable glove when changing the shaft, otherwise the fingers will be sticky and uncomfortable after inserting all the keys.

After changing it, I have used it for more than a week. After actual experience, Ashwood V3 has advantages and some dissatisfaction.

First of all, the Ashwood V3 is indeed cheap, with an average price of 5 or 6 cents, and the price of half a hundred can give you a brand-new feel experience on the keyboard, which is still relatively worthwhile; and then the trigger key travel is short, and the typing process is smoother. ;The sound is relatively crisp, which may be due to the difference in materials. The sound of the keyboard hitting the bottom is quite different from that of cherry red. In popular words, it is similar to the sound of mahjong collision.

But the disadvantages are also obvious. First, the triggering force is very light. At the beginning, put your finger on the W and A keys that you are used to, and then watch the input method keep popping up. In addition, the bottoming pressure is relatively high, and the bottom of the shaft should be relatively hard. When it is actually used, there will be a feeling of shock and pain in the fingers.

So if you have a hot-swappable keyboard, you can buy dozens of Ashwood V3s to experience the novelty, but if you use it for a long time, I personally don’t recommend it very much.

Finally, the typing audio and video are attached.

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