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Impeccable, can't put it down, experience Luofei 1% transparent mechanical keyboard vitality orange

As the saying goes: Good-looking appearances are the same, but interesting souls are one in a million. But here at Luofei, it becomes a good-looking appearance and an interesting soul. You can question the appearance of any mechanical keyboard, but you will never deny the appearance of the Luofei mechanical keyboard. Luofei's 1% transparent keyboard has been highly sought after since its release. After being out of stock for a long time, I finally grabbed this dual-mode mechanical keyboard with peak value. It is very happy to be able to buy something I like. of.


The sides of the silver box are orange, and there are some Luofei design elements on the front, with orange fixing straps. This orange and silver color contrast design is quite pleasing.

Opening the box, there are three parallel sentences about vitality inside the lid, which are well written. On the top of the keyboard is a translucent protective film cover with high hardness, which can protect the keyboard very well.

In the box, besides the keyboard, there is also an instruction manual, a certificate of conformity, a warranty card and an A to C data cable.

The next step is the highlight. The overall design of Luofei 1% Vitality Orange is very avant-garde and quite eye-catching. The main keyboard area is designed in orange, giving people a feeling of vitality; other areas are designed in light blue, like A summer sea breeze blows towards the face, and there is an indescribable coolness.

Luofei 1% Mechanical Keyboard Vitality Orange is not only cool to look at, the transparent keycaps are made of German imported materials with more stable performance and more transparent texture. Through the keycap, you can directly see the shaft body below.

There are lively themed characters on the upper part of the keycap. The Summer Boom character on the space bar, the little sun on the Enter key, the watermelon on the Esc key, and ice cream, lemon and other elements show the summer atmosphere, and it feels slippery. There is also a hint of coolness, the feeling is like, as soon as the hands touch the keyboard, the whole person is pulled to the beach in summer, feeling the mild sunshine and cool sea breeze, which is very pleasant.

There are three indicators on the upper right of the front, which are the battery indicator, the caps lock indicator and the Bluetooth pairing indicator.

The bottom case of Luofei 1% Mechanical Keyboard Vitality Orange did not give up the design concept of transparency. The high-gloss plating bottom case is pure and translucent, and you can even use it to look in the mirror. The disadvantage is that it is easier to get fingerprints.

There are also many 1% logos on the bottom case to show the identity.

The English words "TRANSPARENT ALL THE WALL" are printed under the space bar. Does this also mean that the current 1% transparent keyboard is just a stepping stone, and there may be more and better-looking transparent keyboards in the future.

The Type-C socket is located at the rear of the right side of the keyboard, and the data cable is still in the "L" shape, which can save more space.

The on/off key and the Win/Mac switching key are located at the bottom of the keyboard, which may not be friendly to friends who often switch on and off or switch between Win/Mac frequently, but if these two keys are placed on the side or behind, it will break the illusion The overall beauty of the keyboard bottom case, for the sake of appearance, I can bear this.

There is a one-piece foot support at the bottom of the keyboard, which can be adjusted in height according to your own needs.


Luofei 1% mechanical keyboard Vitality Orange supports Bluetooth connection and wired connection. Push the bottom switch to ON, connect the keyboard to the computer with the attached data cable, and then use the keyboard through a wired connection.

Push the switch to BT, long press the Fn key + Q/W/E in the upper right corner, at this time the indicator light flashes slowly, search for the keyboard in the Bluetooth list of the device and connect it, when the Bluetooth indicator light is always on, it means that the Bluetooth mode is connected success.


The axis body of Luofei 1% mechanical keyboard Vitality Orange is also very individual. It adopts the jellyfish Y axis with Kaihua MX structure. It is quite fresh to contact the jellyfish axis for the first time. The main keyboard area uses an orange shaft body, with orange keycaps, the visual effect is very good. The functional area is a fully transparent shaft body, with a blue keycap, bringing a touch of coolness to the hot summer.

Kaihua's jellyfish Y-axis is a linear axis body. The transparent nylon material is very attractive. The official data is that the trigger pressure is 45gf, the rebound force is 15gf, the trigger key stroke is 1.8mm±0.3mm, the total stroke is 3.6mm±0.3mm, and the lifespan Reached 100 million times, this axis has a taste of immortality. The use experience of the switch body is similar to that of the Jiadalong yellow switch, and the sound is relatively low. It is more suitable for office and code writing, and it will not disturb others in a quiet place.

There is no absence of full-key no punch, and it is still very practical in some games.


I don’t know if you have ever had such a feeling. When you are coding during the day, you hardly look at the keyboard. When you turn off the lights and code at night, you will always press the wrong key and need to look at the keyboard occasionally. So I still care more about whether the keyboard is backlit or not. Luofei 1% Mechanical Keyboard Vitality Orange provides 7 lighting effect modes and 4 lighting effect brightness, press the Fn key + Backspace key in the upper right corner to switch the lighting effect mode, press the Fn key and ↑/↓ key in the upper right corner to adjust Lighting brightness.

The more common full brightness, breathing display, and wave display are the most basic. In addition, there are several different lighting effects and brightness, which are full of personality.

The keyboard comes with a 2000mAh battery, which can be used for about 100 hours without turning on the backlight, and can be used for about 10 hours when the full-bright backlight is turned on.


A good keyboard needs to conquer the hearts of consumers in many ways. Luofei 1% mechanical keyboard Vitality Orange has captured a lot of people with its super high appearance, transparent shaft body, pure keycap and various lighting effects. The hearts of little brothers and sisters, this is probably the feeling of being impeccable and unable to put it down. After that, I am looking forward to Luofei's new keyboard.

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