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Improve productivity with a keyboard that workers love

I have been working at home for a long time, and the boring text work is exhausting. Fortunately, there are various powerful peripherals at home, which make typing an experience and a kind of enjoyment, and also relieve anxiety.

The mechanical keyboard has been used for a long time, and I want to experience all kinds of switches. The latest keyboard I bought is the F97 Roaming Guide keyboard from IQUNIX, and the switches I chose are gold powder switches.

IQUNIX is called "aluminum factory" by the majority of players. It is famous for its desktop products made of various aluminum alloy materials. I like the mechanical keyboard of the aluminum factory after using it once. The face value is online.

I won’t introduce much about the unpacking of the keyboard. In short, it meets everything that a keyboard with a price of 1,000 yuan should have. Connector, C-port data cable with shielding ring.

The texture and weight of the keyboard body is full. It is very heavy in hand. Very delicate to the touch.

The F97 keyboard is an upgraded version of the F96 keyboard before the aluminum factory. It has 100 keys and adopts a 96% compact layout, which is 30% smaller than the full-size keyboard.

Simplifying complexity also requires a certain learning cost. When I first started using it, I was a little unaccustomed to the compact button layout at the bottom right. After using it for a period of time, the efficiency has greatly improved. After all, the numeric keypad is too important for some data processing applications.

The keyboard color of F97 Roaming Guide is mainly white, gray and black, and the design is a bit retro and cartoony. With the theme of space, the keyboard itself is very interesting.

The keycaps are made of pbt material, which will not be oiled and worn after a long time. The shape of the keycaps is a spherical keycap, and it is of KDA height. The extremely delicate matte touch is very special.

The F97 uses the signature aluminum alloy shell of the aluminum factory, and the four sides are spliced ​​by fine aluminum plates. The screws secure the 2 boards at an angle. The four corners are smooth and delicate, and fit perfectly.

The metal shell is coated with a very textured white ceramic spray paint surface, which gives the metal a delicate touch.

The theme of this keyboard is my favorite space theme, with a variety of space elements. All kinds of function buttons are replaced by small cartoon icons: PRT, DEL, HOME, END, PGUP, PGDN are all designed with some small orange contrasting colors, which is very special.

The inclination angle of the keyboard is well designed, forming a 6° angle with the desktop, matching the KDA height design of the keycaps, and matching the shape of the hand just right. It is very comfortable to type without fatigue.

The support feet at the bottom of the keyboard are made of cylindrical protrusions. Although they are not adjustable, they are already at the best angle for daily use, and they are very stable on the desktop.

There's a tiny switch on the back of the keyboard that allows the keyboard to switch between wired and wireless modes. The wireless mode supports Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4GHz connections. Through the Bluetooth mode, you can also switch between multiple devices. The built-in large-capacity battery has reached 4000 mAh, which greatly improves the battery life. There is no pressure to turn on all the RGB lighting effects anytime, anywhere. .

Let’s talk about the shaft body again. TTC’s gold powder shaft is the smoothest shaft body at present, with a linear feel, straight up and down, very smooth. The typing process is an enjoyable process, and the sound is very light.

For large keys, IQUNIX is designed with a balance bar, especially the balance bar of the space bar is very well done, and there is no loose phenomenon.

All the shafts support hot swapping, which provides a great space for the later modification of the keyboard.

From the moment the RGB lighting effect is turned on, the atmosphere of the keyboard is full, and the backlight of the opaque keyboard flows out from the gap of the keyboard. It is this kind of atmosphere, which may be more flavorful than the transparent keycap. Various built-in lighting effects can also meet the needs of different users.

After using the IQNUIX F97 roaming guide for a period of time, I found that it is indeed produced by an aluminum factory, and must be a high-quality product. Every detail has been done in place, and a high degree of uniformity in appearance and feel has been achieved.

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