In terms of practicality, it is still 108 keys! 500 yuan Keychron K10 Pro, I think it is worth it

I moved a while ago, and the Bumblebee keyboard, which was originally tested by the public, fell. As a result, some buttons are not very sensitive, and the few supporting feet are replaced by a piece of foam, which is always a bit uncomfortable.

A friend recommended Keychron K10 Pro to me, which is especially suitable for office work and codewriting; I chose the tea shaft, and after actually getting it, I am very satisfied with the appearance design, texture, and use feel. The arrangement of 108 keys also maintains the daily input habits, which makes typing more convenient and office efficiency higher.

At a price of 500 yuan, you can have OSA PBT keycaps, support VIA/QMK key change, dual-mode wired/blue, hot-swappable, free assembly and customization, and RGB lighting effects, which is very worthwhile. The important thing is that the feel of the keycap and the shaft body are very suitable for office coding, the sound is not loud, with a slight sense of paragraph, which won my heart.

Keychron K10 Pro is available in black and white. I prefer the simplicity and restraint of black. The ESC and ENTER keys are designed in red, so that the entire keyboard is not dull.

The double-stage tripod brings three different use angles between 6-9°. With the hand rest customized by my policemn, it is very comfortable to write.

There is not too much design on the back, and the smooth wiring saves costs and brings more space, so the battery capacity reaches 4000mAh, and it can be used continuously for 80 hours in a wireless state. The use intensity is not high, and it is enough for a month.

The charging interface is designed on the left side, and a button is specially designed for Mac/Win switching; the leftmost sliding key is used to switch and switch between wired and Bluetooth modes.

Keychron K10 Pro adopts PBT material two-color injection molding high-end technology keycap with OSA height self-contained fingertip mechanical design.

After removing a few keycaps, no problems such as burrs were found. The workmanship and feel of the keycaps are online.

It supports hot-swapping of the shaft body. This K Pro brown shaft independently developed by Keychron has been lubricated before leaving the factory, which can enhance stability and reduce swing. It belongs to the micro-step shaft, the operating force: 50±10gf, the total stroke: 4.0±0.4mm, the conduction stroke: 2.0±0.4mm.

The RBG version has RGB and has 22 kinds of colored lighting effects. I have tried all kinds of lighting effects, and they are all low-key and restrained, not so dazzling and exaggerated.

It is suitable for MAC or win dual systems, so 4 replacement keycaps are included. The data cable is made of braided material. In addition to the key puller and shaft puller, a screwdriver and hexagonal wrench are also included for disassembly and customization.

Because K10Pro is a mechanical keyboard that can be easily assembled and customized with every part, as you like.

Supports wired mode, supports direct VIA/QMK key change on the webpage, open via official website caniusevia.com/, click start, authorize the device, and then you can change the key, no need to import .JSON files, Xiaobai can easily get started.

In addition to setting and changing basic buttons, you can also set lighting, multimedia buttons, etc.

Keychron K10 Pro has a wired and wireless dual-mode design, supports 5.1 Bluetooth connection protocol, and can store three different types of devices at the same time, including mobile phones, macs, and pcs.

The tea shaft is matched with a comfortable keycap, and the sound is not loud when tapped, and there is a faint sense of paragraph. It is very suitable for coding and typing manuscripts, and it will not affect others when used in the office.

In terms of battery life, because of the large 4000mAh battery, the battery life has reached 80 hours without frequent charging. The Bluetooth connection is more anti-interference than 2.4G. My office computer does not have a Bluetooth module, so I bought a Bluetooth receiver worth more than ten yuan, which is quite stable to use.

As a mechanical keyboard of about 500 yuan, Keychron K10 Pro shows a powerful customized design while retaining a good feel and experience. It has OSA PBT keycaps, supports VIA/QMK key change, dual-mode wired/blue, hot-swappable, RGB lighting effect, very worthwhile, and won my heart. Students who want to upgrade their keyboards may wish to pay attention.

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