In the beginning of the school season, Lulian launched a mechanical keyboard with a short tea switch, which is an excellent choice for learning and office work

Unexpectedly, many schools ushered in the school season, and many students bought a lot of products. Of course, wireless keyboards should not be missed. After all, most students buy notebooks. Short, typing and playing games is not convenient enough.

In recent years, major peripheral brands have begun to launch their own mechanical keyboards, all with different colors of switches and different handles, to meet the needs of users from games to text workers. Greenlink also recently launched KU102, which is a light office wireless Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. The keyboard adopts the high-quality LP thin shaft body, 3.5mm short key stroke, the key rebound is strong but not stiff, the operation feels comfortable, and the response is quick and sensitive; the short tea shaft is designed with light sound, bid farewell to the rattling mechanical sound, and enjoy an immersive office experience .


The packaging of Lulian Yuexiang mechanical keyboard is simple and elegant. The appearance of the keyboard is printed on the front of the white box, and the shape of the keyboard can be seen intuitively. .

The characteristics of the mechanical keyboard are printed on the bottom of the packaging box: 4 devices can be connected, full key without punching, 15 kinds of lighting effects, intelligent sleep, compact layout and multi-system compatibility. The following is the basic parameter information and plane line diagram of the mechanical keyboard.

The clamshell opening method is quite ceremonial. In addition to opening the outer box, the keyboard itself also provides:

1. USB Type-C keyboard cable

2. Key puller


4. Product manual

5. Warranty card

The appearance of the Lulian Yuexiang mechanical keyboard is low-key and elegant. When viewed from the side, it can be found that the Lulian Yuexiang mechanical keyboard is a slightly inclined design. With a 6° ergonomic tilt angle, you won’t get tired after typing for a long time, and the hand feels lighter, making it easier to type on the keyboard.

The compact layout of 89 keys, the shortened key distance, and the frameless design make the overall size smaller, so the keyboard is only 478g, which is convenient to carry when going out. But while reducing the size, it also retains the direction keys and multiple function keys, such as turning on/off lighting effects, locking the computer, hibernating, opening search, screenshots, emoticon keys, reducing/increasing screen brightness, app switching, song switching and mute And so on, and the icon and text of each function are also engraved on the keycap. Unless the work of accounting or auditing requires frequent use of the numeric keypad, this design, which can effectively save desktop space while ensuring practicality, will be more comfortable than a full-size keyboard.

The switch key of Lulian Yuexiang mechanical keyboard is located on the top of the fuselage, which can be switched between Windows and Mac systems, and it is more convenient for daily operation. The top left side of the Greenlink wireless mechanical keyboard also provides a USB Type-C interface to charge the keyboard or use it as a wired keyboard. At the same time, in the actual measurement, in addition to the data cable attached to the keyboard itself, spring cables or aviation plug-in cables can also be used, which is very good.

When the keyboard leaves the factory, it is equipped with keys under the Windows system by default, but there are 6 keycaps for the Mac system included in the package. The keycaps are made of PC material and feel more delicate.

experience feelings

The Lulian Yuexiang mechanical keyboard is equipped with the high-tech LP thin tea switch, 3.5mm short key stroke, shorter trigger time, a slight sense of paragraph when typing, and the overall feel is delicate and soft. The sound of the keys is also much lower than that of ordinary mechanical keyboards, which is also very suitable for office use, and the life of the keys exceeds 50 million times, which is durable. The keycap of Lulian Yuexiang mechanical keyboard is made of ABS material, and adopts a concave design to increase the contact area of ​​the finger pulp, and the touch and anti-slip properties are good.

Lulian Yuexiang mechanical keyboard supports both wired and Bluetooth connection methods. In addition to wired connection, it also supports one-key switching of three Bluetooth devices. First of all, in terms of wireless, through the Bluetooth function of the keyboard, it can be compatible with most PCs, Macs, Huawei and other devices. It is also quite convenient to use with laptops or tablets when going out. Because this keyboard supports Bluetooth, it also integrates a 1800mAh lithium polymer battery inside, which can theoretically achieve 150 hours of battery life (when the light effect is turned off). Of course, according to the different usage conditions of each person, the power consumption is also different.

Lulian Yuexiang mechanical keyboard also supports backlight, 4 levels of brightness + 15 kinds of lighting effects. Through the function of the FN combination key, players can also easily adjust the lighting effect mode, brightness, etc., and it still has a good performance in lighting playability. Due to the wider contact area and light-shielding performance of the low-axis keycaps than the conventional original keycaps, the lighting effect of this keyboard looks very delicate, and there is no exaggerated overflow on the side, but concentrated on the keycap characters and the edge of the keycap , There is a sense of high class. My favorite lighting effect is the one that turns on a button when you press a button, it's very interesting.

Greenlink wireless mechanical keyboard supports full key without punching, we can output multiple keys at the same time, and there will be no problem of key conflict. From the perspective of practicality, the author thinks that this wireless mechanical keyboard of Lulian is very suitable for office use. The multiple practical function keys will also become more convenient in daily office work.

Greenlink wireless mechanical keyboard is also very suitable for use with Mac. What is more impressive is the Control, Option, ⌘ at the bottom of the keyboard, as well as Mac screenshots, light buttons, etc. These are common shortcut keys on Mac.


This keyboard has made a lot of experience optimizations for office scenes, including a thin and portable body, a large number of shortcut function keys, extensive system compatibility, lower knocking noise, and supports dual-mode backlit keyboards. If so, then Greenlink's wireless mechanical keyboard will be a good choice for you!

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