​In the early 200s, the 68 series three-mode small steel gun was completed——CK 181Pro

Long time no see, I'm Yui Yuzai Hirasawa Yui.

Today, I will show you a 68 keyboard from CK: CK181 Pro.

The product isn't new, but it's not old either. Friends who often pay attention to customized keyboards should have heard of this keyboard. As early as a year ago, CK launched the CK181Pro in the form of a kit, but it was a pure kit at that time, without the shaft and keycap. When you buy it, you have to assemble it yourself.

The CK 181Pro I saw today is not a kit, but a finished keyboard.

Kits, shafts, and keycaps are all ready for you at one time, and you can use them immediately, without requiring you to adjust and assemble them.

I have two colors of 181Pro in my hand, black gold and white jade. In fact, there are two colors of blue hundred and black orange. I don’t know which one you like.

Personally, I prefer the combination of light colors like white jade, which looks cleaner visually.

The second reason is that I almost always have light-colored keycaps in my hands. A light-colored shell like white jade will match better when changing keycaps.

The texture of the black gold color on the keyboard shell is better than that of white jade. There is a layer of pearlescent pigment on the shell of CK181Pro. When the light shines on it, it will have a texture similar to metal frosting. With the metal decorative strip on the side, although the entire keyboard is made of plastic, it looks like an aluminum lump.

The design of the foot support is very interesting, it is attracted by magnets.

With the magnetic suction tutorial that can superimpose heights, the keyboard has a total of 4 input heights, but if the two feet are stacked and used together, the outermost semicircular foot will fall off with a slight push.

This time, the 181Pro comes with a switch body and keycaps, which can be used out of the box at home, and you don’t need to assemble and adjust it.

The two colors in my hand are the same CK custom-made trident shaft. The translucent shell and the orange shaft look quite beautiful. From the appearance, I guess it is the high-tech solution commonly used by CK.

The feel is quite satisfactory, with good smoothness and rebound, which is the relatively light linear axis feel.

However, the quality of the switch body is relatively average. Everyone knows the switch body that is equipped with a keyboard of more than 200 yuan.

The biggest problem with this switch is that the axis is not stable, especially on large keys like caps or right shift and tab without a satellite switch. When you press it, you will feel that the keycap is shaking, and other small keys are tapping. There is also a different shake when bottoming out.

In short, if you are particularly concerned about this aspect, then you have to pay for a good switch, more than 200 keyboards come standard with the switch, and you need a bicycle.

The standard configuration is a set of PBT two-color injection molded keycaps. The CSA height, workmanship and details are very good, and some keycaps have a little burr on the bottom.

In addition to the 68 keys that come with the keyboard, you will also be given additional full-keyboard supplementary keycaps for you to switch to other keyboards.

Finally, let’s take a look at the disassembly, the entire keyboard has 8 layers

➢ Cover

➢ PBT keycap

➢ 轴体

➢ Metal positioning plate

➢ EVA shaft under pad


➢ EVA bottom cotton

➢ Bottom cover

The battery is only 1800Mah, and the battery life is poor. If you have the ability, you can change the big battery yourself.

The thickness of the bottom cotton and the sandwich pad is good, and the material is hard EVA. The feel and sound performance of the entire keyboard are not as smooth as mahjong sounds, but rather crisp.

The sound performance of the entire keyboard can be used immediately without any adjustments. The blank space will have a little hollow sound. If you care, you can fill it in yourself.

There are three visible ICs on the motherboard, namely:

Nanlin ASC4056 power management chip.


Yizhaowei YC3121-L Bluetooth 5.0 MCU.

There is a whole row of RGB lamp beads under the PCB, and the lighting effect and frame rate are good. However, the built-in light guide strip will greatly reduce the brightness of the lamp beads, which is far inferior to the effect after removal.

You can buy such a three-mode RGB keyboard with online sound and feel for more than 200 yuan, which is really very cost-effective. If you group yourself up with the same quality as it, it may cost more than 300.

The only downside is the switch used for this keyboard. Although it does not affect the feel, the quality is indeed not very good. If conditions permit, it is better to change to a slightly better shaft. Anyway, the 68 arrangement will not cost much.

I'm Yui Yuzai Yui Hirasawa, see you in the next article.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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