In the early 200s, the cheap and easy-to-use 75 keyboard - Lei Kaze KW75S

With the trend of customization, mechanical keyboards are blooming everywhere. Domestic manufacturers have various volumes, and those foreign big names have been almost forgotten. A variety of keyboard styles emerge in endlessly. Today, we will unpack a cheap and practical mechanical keyboard-Lei Kaze KW75S. It can be seen from the name that it belongs to the 75-arrangement product. This arrangement is also a product that has been rolled up in mass-produced keyboards earlier, but most of the 75-arrangement keyboards cost more than 400 yuan for a set of finished products. But Lei Kaze hit the price in the early 200s, let's see if this keyboard can become a price butcher.

The packaging is packed in a single-layer carton. The internal accessories include a plastic dust cover, keyboard, manual, 2-in-1 key puller and a set of data cables. There is no supplementary keycap for replacement.

Leikaze KW75S has four color schemes. The one in my hand is Xinghe, which is sold in white. The shell is white, and the keycaps are also mainly white. With low saturation blue, it is simple and clean.

The key arrangement of the keyboard is a quite satisfactory 75 arrangement, 81 keys and a function knob. This design with knobs is also the most commonly used mechanical keyboard.

The top of the keyboard is the button mode switching switch and the connection mode switching switch, and the right side is the 2.4G receiver. Although the receiver is put in and you can see the large gap next to it, the card is still very tight, and it will not work if you tap it hard. dropped.

At the bottom of the keyboard, you can see the three-way wire slot designed for wiring. For friends who are accustomed to using wired connections, the three-way wire slot is very useful. There is also a two-stage foot support at the bottom and 5 non-slip foot pads.

Its usb interface is in the middle, because of the design of the three-way cable slot, so if you use a thicker connector, the aviation plug-in cable may be lifted, like a normal connector, there will be no such problem.

The design of Lei Kaze KW75S is quite satisfactory. I personally don’t think the concave design on the side is very good-looking. In fact, it is more attractive to make the ordinary upper and lower covers aligned. In addition, the plastic shell of the keyboard is a bit thin, and the overall accuracy is also slightly poor. Where the upper and lower covers are combined, there are obvious gaps in some places, and the workmanship needs to be improved.

After talking about the shape, let's take a look at the specific parameters of this keyboard. The KW75S keyboard adopts the Gasket structure and is filled with sound-absorbing cotton inside. There are multiple colors and switches to choose from. The default basic switch is Constant’s yellow switch. Others include Constant’s wine red switch, KU prison switches are optional, and the cheapest one is the yellow switch.

This axis is a very common linear axis, with a trigger pressure of 50g and a bottoming pressure of 63g. The ordinary red axis is between 35-45g, which is slightly heavier than the red axis. There are not many comments on this yellow axis, but it is quite satisfactory. Performance. The keycaps are ABS light-transmitting keycaps, which are also the most common ones. If you want a better feel, you can change the keycaps you like by yourself.

The large key uses its own fine-tuned satellite axis, the overall quality is still good, and you can see the sound-absorbing cotton added in the gaps of the spaces. The positioning plate that supports the pentapod shaft body and the PC positioning plate can provide a certain soft elastic feel, but it is not very obvious.

The next step is to disassemble the inside, and the disassembly is quite simple, first pull out the knob, and then pry off the upper cover, without pulling out the shaft.

The silicone pad used on the PCB is not the way to clamp the PCB with the upper and lower gaskets. Now many keyboards with gasket structure use the silicone pad, which not only makes the installation easier, but also more stable and not easy to misplace.

PCB and positioning can directly see that there is a layer of sandwich cotton in the middle, but the inner filling is not made of Poron material, but ordinary EVA material. This is also to reduce costs. If you want better noise reduction effect, you can do it yourself. For replacement, Leikaze also sells matching sound-absorbing cotton made of Poron material.

There is also a layer of sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom, which is also made of EVA. The battery is on the right side with a capacity of 2000 mAh. There is also a space on the left side of the battery where a 2000 mAh battery can also be placed. There is an interface for adding batteries, which can be upgraded by yourself, which is good.

After reinstalling, I replaced a set of keycaps. Does it look much better? This is the so-called man depends on the clothes and the horse depends on the saddle.

Finally, let’s talk about the user experience. This three-mode mechanical keyboard in the early 200s also has an RGB backlight. The knob has two functions. One is to adjust the volume. If you press the knob, it will not mute, but switch channels. Light brightness adjustment. It is very convenient for friends who are accustomed to using lights.

The typing feel is just average, and the typing sound is also average. After all, you can’t expect a high performance from an ordinary Constant yellow switch, but its satellite switch is very good, the big keys are very stable, and the space The consistency of the sound is very good, which is really surprising for a keyboard that costs less than 300 yuan. After all, the large keys of many keyboards that cost hundreds of yuan are often scattered.

As the most commonly used office equipment in daily life, the keyboard is easy to use and easy to use. Many people value it. Leikaze KW75s is a product with complete functions and a low price. It is very suitable for friends who are looking for cost-effective. better experience.

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