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In the scorching summer of Shanghai, this IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine is more suitable for you!

Written in front of the words:

Hello everyone, I am Daddy, we meet again!

The weather in Shanghai in the past two weeks can really be described by a classic line in Meng Hetang's cross talk: It's so hot that it's about to explode! Not only is the sun scorching hot, but there is no thunder or rain, especially this week, when the average temperature is 40°C, and I have no desire to work at all. I just want to lay down, air conditioners, and watermelons every day! Moreover, the hotter the weather, the more irritable the heart is. Only "buy, buy, buy" can calm the fire in my heart. I opened a certain treasure and a certain website to search for my own happiness. When I went to the flagship store of IQUNIX Aluminum Factory, this The IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine instantly caught my eye, and my first reaction was that I wanted to buy it!

Unboxing things:

I have to say that the packaging of the aluminum factory is really the "ceiling" of the keyboards I have used. The hard packaging box is very textured and feels heavy in the hand. The display is also more straightforward, which is pretty good anyway.

I want to say that this color scheme is very summer. It has both the hot feeling of summer and the feeling of watermelon. You can rely on it to cool off the heat (just want to buy it)!

Take a look at the features of this model: 80 layout, three-mode connection, mechanical switch body, MAC adaptation, full-key no punching, hot-swappable switch, which is consistent with the previous "wormhole" model, and can be carried to different office scenarios. Use with different PCs.

Printed on the side are the switch body, backlight type and connection method I chose this time. I used more gold powder switches. TTC gold powder, Cherry green switch, Cherry red switch for you to choose.

By the way, let’s take a look at the difference between TTC Quicksilver and C Silver and the red switch. Basically, it can be seen that the conduction stroke of Quick Silver is shorter than that of C Silver and Red Switch, and the trigger is faster. Compared with traditional mechanical switches, it improves The precision of the elastic force of the shaft body and the initial pressing force are great!

Open the box cover, and you will see the large envelope of OG80, which contains the instruction manual, warranty card, etc.; take out the OG80 happy vending machine, the keyboard with berry red color is very eye-catching, this color is rare in the market, but it is very watermelon The feeling of color looks good!

Taking out all the accessories, the OG80 happy vending machine comes with a number of themed keycaps, as well as MAC supplementary keycaps, manuals, C-port cables, connectors, cleaning brushes, and key pullers, all of which are full of sincerity from the manufacturer.

Like the "wormhole" model, this OG80 happy vending machine is also made of transparent frosted frame material, and the interior gives people a hazy feeling. In terms of color, it feels more summery and brighter than wormhole.

The upper left corner is the storage place for the 2.4G receiver. I personally feel that the magnetic design is more durable than the snap-on type. When not in use, the receiver is stored here, which is also easier to find and prevent the receiver from being lost. Very good design.

In the upper right corner is the silver LOGO sign of IQUNIX. The material is very good and looks very tall.

The OG80 Happy Vending Machine supports 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.1, and wired connection methods. The Type-C interface is on the top left of the keyboard, which can not only be used for daily wired connections, but also be charged at the same time. Of course, a wired connection is more stable and more suitable for gaming.

The bottom is also made of this frosted transparent texture, and you can clearly see the internal circuit board. The button in the middle can be understood by looking at the pattern. It is the switch button for wired and wireless. Bluetooth and 2.4G connections in wireless mode can be connected through Combination keys to achieve, or very convenient.

Take a closer look at the keycap and shaft:

The layout of the IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine is a ladder-shaped structure that gradually rises up. The inclination angle of the F area is relatively large, which is more in line with ergonomic design. After a long time of use, the wrist will not be too tired and the typing efficiency will be improved.

The layout of 83 keys, without the number keypad on the right, personally feels that the overall is more compact, and it does not take up space when placed on the desktop. It is suitable for a small family like me, and does not affect my usual use. After all, the number keys The frequency is not very high.

The main color keycap is white, embellished with red, the keycap is made of PBT, and the surface is also frosted. Compared with the ABS material, the wear resistance and touch are better, and the use time is long, and it will not appear greasy.

The keycaps of the happy theme have different pattern designs. This combination makes my eyes shine. I can DIY and switch styles at any time.

This IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine provides Cherry green switches, red switches, TTC gold powder switches, and fast silver switches to choose from, and there are RBG and matte versions, which can be used with the desktop.

Before, my father used both Cherry red switches and TTC gold powder switches, both of which are light and not noisy. I heard from my friends that the quick silver is also very cool to use, so this time I specially chose the TTC fast silver switch to feel it. The TTC quick silver switch has greatly improved the false touch, the trigger is faster, and the rebound is also quick, which makes my gaming experience more comfortable.

And all the switches support hot-swapping, you can change the switch by DIY, and create your own personalized keyboard according to your preferences, which is also a great thing.

Cool RGB backlight:

The OG80 happy vending machine provides the choice of no backlight and RGB version, the price difference is 100, but thinking about the cool effect, decisively choose the RGB version, the user can switch the backlight through the FN+DEL key.

There is not only one RGB backlight effect! I can use the FN key + PGDN key to switch, of course, there are also HOME, END, up and down keys to switch brightness, speed, etc. Whether it is a single-color backlight, multi-color backlight, or breathing light mode, users can switch with one key , Match as you like, very NICE!

The OG80 Happy Vending Machine also has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity battery. The longest battery life (when the RGB effect is turned off) can reach about 3000 hours. It feels that even if you code for a long time every day, you can charge it once every half a year. A wired connection can also be used directly, not only does not delay the use, but also charges the keyboard.


As a mechanical keyboard with a happy theme, it not only upholds the consistent excellent workmanship, but also the color is very suitable for today’s summer. The layout of 83 keys is more suitable for compact desktops. A lot of experience is added. The hot-swappable design of the shaft body of the full keyboard allows me to create my own personalized keyboard; the three-mode design allows users to use it anytime and anywhere. The 4000mAh large-capacity battery can last without fear of battery life. Time is more enjoyable to use! And the price of less than 1,000 yuan makes it more cost-effective, and it can only be said to be very worthwhile!

If you like it too, hurry up and take it home!

Okay, that's it for this time, see you next time

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