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Installation Part 29: New ways to play with the keyboard: Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 keys to enjoy DIY fun? I personally experienced

As a gamer, it is very necessary to have a mechanical keyboard that you like very much in terms of appearance and style. After all, you will see it every day when you play games. Whenever you touch your favorite keyboard, it feels like a kind of soul communication.

Especially for many players, if they like a certain type of mechanical keyboard, they will feel very uncomfortable when using other keyboards. After getting used to the performance of a keyboard, there is another problem that bothers us, and that is the appearance.

Although the keyboard is indeed used, the idea of ​​yearning for beauty is eternal and true, but most of the mechanical keyboards are changed in several colors, and the scalability in terms of appearance is actually not strong. Like me, when I see a keyboard I like, I can't help but buy it. After I buy it, I basically use it a few times, and then I eat it.

In fact, there are many services for keyboard DIY, but the price is still a bit expensive, and most of them are for changing keycaps. For gamers, some friends like to use their favorite switches. Here I want to talk about them. , not all computer game players will choose black switches without thinking.

So is there a good keyboard, a colleague who can DIY replace the keycaps and switches by himself, and has given a variety of beautiful DIY solutions? Some time ago, I really found a product that not only has good performance, but also looks good. It is Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard. Now most of the keyboards still adopt the wired design scheme, followed by the Bluetooth connection. The TOUCH Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts the wireless connection method of the 2.4G receiver. The desktop becomes cleaner.

These three connection modes can be switched automatically on Luofei TOUCH Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard, that is to say, in addition to ordinary desktop computers, any notebook, Apple Android mobile phone and ipad and other devices can be connected. connected. Then let’s talk about the appearance of a keyboard that everyone is more concerned about.

The characteristic of Luofei's product, and the biggest promotional selling point, is that it has a wide range of keycap group solutions for users, and each graphic is very beautiful and unique. Not to mention that I personally have a lot of cats at home, and I feel very healed when I see cats, so when I bought this keyboard, the pattern I used was "cute cats". As long as you log in to the Lofree Mini Program, there are various design plans in it. You may not have any plans, but you may have too many plans. As a consumer, you don’t know how to choose.

Many girls may have an idea at this time, that is, what should I do if I don't know how to pretend? I personally think that the operation process of this assembly can be understood as a fool's operation, which is very simple. After choosing the keycaps and shafts, open the package, you will find that the number of shafts is 71, and the extra 3 shafts are for consumers, in case they are accidentally lost, or damaged during the express delivery process. What should I do if I drop one or two.

After that, what we can see is the bottom plate theme of the keyboard, and then the 70 switches just now, and the keycaps with the patterns you choose yourself. What we have to do is to put the bottom plate on the table, and then insert the shafts one by one. Through the attached keyboard picture, or the picture we found on the applet, let these keycaps complete the matching work. The switch I personally choose is the G Yellow Pro switch. After all, it is used at work, and there are other colleagues around me. The sound of the paragraph switch will definitely affect other people's work.

The G-yellow Pro axis moves straight up and down. When typing while working, it feels silky smooth. The layout of 68 keys is definitely different from that of 100 and 104. It is difficult to show the expandability of key functions, but the basic needs of work or games can still be met. And compactness also has the advantages of compactness, especially for girls, who doesn't want to have a cute keyboard with a high value and a small size?

The TOUCH Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard is made of PBT material, and the surface will feel frosted. Even if it is tapped for a long time, there will be no oil on it. Luo Fei itself is a very focused on workmanship. A manufacturer, when I use their keycaps, there has never been a case of fading. The eternal appearance is the most beautiful, isn't it? Secondly, why does the TOUCH Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard have a warped word? In fact, you can also see from the side of the keyboard that it is indeed warped enough.

The 9° tilt design actually made me not very satisfied at the beginning, because I felt that I was not very used to typing, but after using it for a day, you will find that typing is indeed a little easier than usual, although other mechanical keyboards also have tilt. Design, but the tilt angle of this model will give you a feeling that you want to press the keycap when you are typing, and the keycap will wait for you below. This is the wonder of ergonomics. .

As I said before, the TOUCH Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard supports wired, Bluetooth 5.0, and wireless 2.4G operations. For this reason, it also provides corresponding accessories, a data cable with a USB Type-C interface, and three AA batteries. And a key puller. As for the 2.4G receiver, it is together with the battery compartment on the back of the keyboard. After use, it can be placed directly next to the battery compartment.

The advantage of a wired connection is that you don’t have to worry about battery life, but I personally think that the cleanliness of the desktop is the most important thing. If you use batteries, the life cycle of 3 batteries is about 3-4 weeks. Of course, this is also under high-intensity work. The battery life effect, basically prepare more batteries at home, it can be used for a long, long time.

Its button functions are not very expandable, but you can use the Fn button to match other cases to complete different case functions. Typically, Fn+1 is the F1 button, which can be used through the manual. The most reassuring thing for me is that the pattern of its keycaps is always updated, whether it is a man or a woman, you can find your favorite keycap style inside.

These keycaps are made with great care, not only the pattern has been changed, but also the style of the font has also been changed, the Roman pattern of the Pharaoh version, and the unique setting of the Enter key font. The only regret is that it does not support the backlight. In my opinion, it is not a pity. After all, they are all keyboard players. Who doesn’t have an ambient light? The most important thing is to experience the joy of DIY keyboard, isn't it?

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