[Interesting public test] Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard: soft and elastic, cool and sweet crowned

As a gamer, I've been looking for a mechanical keyboard that really works for me. In the process of my search, I found Heijue AK992, a wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard with high cost performance, cool and sweet appearance, so I decided to try this product; after using this mechanical keyboard, I am very satisfied with it. I am very satisfied with the performance of this product. Today I will introduce you to its appearance design, user experience, performance and other aspects.

The packaging of the Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard uses "simplification" as the design language. The front of the package is the brand logo, product name, and product renderings. After getting it, it turns out that Heijue is a partner of the League of Legends professional youth training base. It seems I chose it right; the other key information about the product is on the back.

Open the package, in addition to the Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard, it is also equipped with a Type-C cable, 8 pink keycaps, 4 switches, and an instruction manual.

In terms of appearance design, Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard is available in four colors: Ode to Spring, Green Field, Lanqin, and Brown Sugar. I chose the Brown Sugar color (matte version). The appearance design is very simple, the lines are smooth, and the perfect integration Among all kinds of decoration styles, it is simple, capable, and fashionable; although the shell is made of plastic material, the overall texture is still very good.

In the design of keyboard keycaps, Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard uses PBT two-color injection keycaps. This keycap is not only durable, but also rich in color and beautiful. The font of the keycap is also designed in traditional Chinese characters, which makes the keys more clear. In terms of structure, this keyboard adopts the screwless Gasket structure, which is particularly popular in recent years, and the double-layer sound-absorbing cotton support, which effectively reduces the key noise. Touch experience.

Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard has green switches, red switches, and brown switches to choose from. I chose the red switch, which feels smooth and powerful, and has a fast response speed. It is suitable for long-term operation and feels very comfortable when typing or gaming. . The full key also supports hot plugging, which makes the keyboard more compatible and compatible with any tripod shaft on the market. Users can plug and replace the shaft according to their own needs.

Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard has three-mode connection function. Users can connect via Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless or wired USB, and the switch on the left can be switched directly. If you need to use the laptop when you are out, then the Bluetooth connection function is very practical; if you need to use it at home, the 2.4G wireless connection function can meet your needs; and if you want to play games or other high-performance operations, the wired USB connection function can obtain faster and more stable data transmission.

Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard also has a three-way outlet function. Users can adjust the position of the data cable according to their own usage habits, so as to avoid the messy cables on the computer desktop from affecting work efficiency. In addition, the keyboard also adopts a double-stage tripod design, with a total of three heights, which can provide the best keyboard angle in different scenarios, so that users can use the keyboard more comfortably; there is a 2.4G receiver on the right side of the keyboard The storage compartment is convenient for users to carry it with them, and it is easy to take and do not have to worry about losing it.

Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard matte version is equipped with a 1200mAh battery, while the glossy version is a 4000mAh battery, which can meet the needs of long-term use. In addition, there is a volume knob on the upper right of the keyboard, which can adjust the volume of the computer at any time. Press it to switch to mute or play, and the operation is simple.

In general, the Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard is a very good product, whether it is in appearance design, key feel, response speed or typing sound processing, it performs very well. For gamers, this is a very cost-effective choice, and you can get it for 199 yuan. If you are looking for a gaming mechanical keyboard, then I strongly recommend the Black Jue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard, this keyboard will make your gaming experience even better.

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