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[Interesting public test] youthful color to play e-sports, Heijue AK992 bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard

It took me a while to understand the wired mechanical keyboard. Now as long as it is not scrapped by the master control, I dare say it can be repaired. It is not a big problem if you have a little hands-on ability, understand the wiring logic, and have a clear maintenance idea. I fiddled with three or five of them back and forth, used one for myself, and sold the rest to friends at a low price. Recently encountered the limitations of wired keyboards, so I simply bought this Black Jue AK992 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard that is less than 200 meters away. It has good looks and can be DIYed. It should be able to meet my needs in the short term.

In terms of packaging, I won’t go into too much detail. The content that should be displayed in a regular manner is reflected, which is pretty good. Heijue AK992 is also a good choice for getting started with e-sports. Heijue AK515 mechanical keyboard recommended to friends has a good reputation.

The following are the basic parameters of the Heijue AK992. There are three versions of the AK992. The first one is the matte version with low configuration. There are also single light and RGB versions to choose from. Three-mode hot-swappable, gasket structure, and PBT keycaps are less than 200 meters, which is really rare.

The package contains, Heijue AK992 keyboard body, Type-C interface keyboard cable, which takes into account charging and wired use, 8 supplementary color keycaps, 4 Heijue self-developed red switches, key puller, and shaft puller.

On the left side of the keyboard is a toggle switch, push up to switch to 2.4G wireless connection mode, mid-range wired mode, and down to switch to Bluetooth mode. In the actual use process, it is very user-friendly. When multiple devices are controlled on the desktop, you can adjust the controlled devices as you like.

The lower right corner of the keyboard is the LOGO of Heijue, which is very recognizable. The upper cover is made of ABS material, the workmanship is very good, and the overall effect of the keyboard is very good.

Added a multi-function knob, the matte version can control the volume control of the PC computer, press down the knob to control the volume mute. There is also a hidden 2.4G wireless receiver on the right side.

4 white LED keyboard status indicators, numeric keypad, wired mode, 2.4G mode, Bluetooth mode, switch between different modes corresponding to the status of the indicator light, you can easily check the status of the keyboard.

The space is removed, and the balance scheme of the large keys of the keyboard is supported by satellite shafts. The positioning board made of white matte PC material is exposed, and the EVA sound-absorbing cotton is lined underneath. This time, there is no in-depth disassembly of Heijue AK992, and the internal mystery is quite rich. This involves the gasket structure adopted by Heijue. If you want to know more about it, it is recommended to refer to the official announcement. During the tapping process, the hand feeling feedback is good, and the sound is purely without any noise.

The keycaps are made of PBT material, and the OEM height is very comfortable for the public. There are no obvious burrs in the few keycaps that have been removed, and the craftsmanship of the old manufacturer is very mature. The red axis body I chose is old and has passed the age of "popping" with the green axis. The specific shaft parameters were not found, but the feedback from use is still very good.

The matte version of Heijue AK992 supports hot-swappable full keys, but it does not support the five-legged shaft body. The stability of the tripod shaft body is still very good.

A close-up of the Heijue red switch, the crystal clear look is good, and the experience is also very good.

Not long after entering the pit keyboard, there are not many types of switches in hand. I believe that friends who like cherry red switches, Heijue red switches will not let you down.

There are three-way distribution slots reserved for the wired connection on the back of the keyboard, and each design point is well thought out.

Three-stage keyboard support, you can adjust the most suitable height for you at will.

An easy-to-use keyboard, coupled with a kit, the cost-effectiveness alone is impressive.

Custom settings for mapping keys, custom macro keys, media keys, and function keys make Heijue AK992 more suitable for e-sports attributes, allowing you to create the best God's Hand mode.

The choice of Heijue AK992, which can be connected wirelessly and three-mode, is due to the appearance and feel, and it is more convenient for your daily use and operation environment. Whether it is game codewords or chatting and office work, it is a very valuable mechanical keyboard.

Carrying Heijue AK992 can be seamlessly connected no matter where it is. The price is less than 200 meters, and the price/performance ratio is really worth mentioning. Thinking about the few keyboards I used before, there seems to be no advantage except for the cherry switch body, but after I used the Heijue red switch, I instantly felt that the domestic products are really getting better and better. Are you still looking for a mechanical keyboard? May wish to try this Heijue AK992 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard.

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