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Into the soul at a glance, fall in love with a test - IQUNIX F97 Tuya Diary wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard

Starting from win95, win97, XP, Vista to win11, from Pentium to Core, I have been using computers almost every day; from learning DOS operations to editing text, and then writing program codes, I have been coding almost every day. In the past thirty years, I can't remember how many computers have been replaced, let alone how many keyboards I have used. Those keyboards I have used are like passers-by in my life. The passers-by are only men and women, and the keyboards are nothing but black and white. All the keyboards have left no special memory or feeling for me.

Today, a keyboard sent by a friend——IQUNIX F97 Tuya Diary wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard, completely overturned my stereotype of the keyboard.

At a glance:

The packaging box of this keyboard is black, and the silver LOGO and model are shining brightly. The colored paper tape printed with the keyboard image is wrapped around it, which is lively and jumping against the black background. With some likes and expectations.

The packaging box of this keyboard is black, and the silver LOGO and model are shining brightly. The colored paper tape printed with the keyboard image is wrapped around it, which is lively and jumping against the black background. With some likes and expectations.

Some highlights of this keyboard are listed on the paper tape: all-aluminum body, mechanical switch body, Type-C interface, PBT keycap, key line separation, and full key without punching. The first thing I felt when I got this keyboard was that it was heavy. It turned out to be due to the all-aluminum body. Out of curiosity, I checked the weight and it was as high as 1.2 kg. The smallest dumbbell is 1 kg. This keyboard is heavier than a dumbbell, and it can be used as fitness equipment for girls.

There are backlight and switch mode on the side of the box. Of course, I chose the dazzling and cool RGB mode, and the switch is the first time to try the ACE switch to see how it feels.

The keyboard in the box is also protected by a plastic bag and a transparent hard shell. Such care will undoubtedly increase the user's confidence in the quality of the product.

The instruction manual, USB receiver, cleaning brush, supplementary key, 2-in-1 key puller, and U-C port data cable are neatly arranged at the bottom of the packaging box, protected by a thick soft material package. The materials and workmanship of all accessories can be seen from the manufacturer's intentions.

The font of the keycap is very Q, the color matching is very jumpy, the shell is quite thick, and it has a wood-like feel, which is completely different from the plastic texture of ordinary keyboards.

Take off the double protection, the keyboard reveals a clear and complete picture, brilliant and colorful colors, cool and creative patterns, with great sensory impact, it can be said that men and women can take it all, suitable for all ages.

The whole keyboard adopts a matte design. The main body of the keycap is matched with red, white and black. Some keys, especially the commonly used function keys, are painted in an abstract and interesting way, which vividly embodies the essence of street graffiti. The overall feeling is just like the text on the enter key, cool, so cool!

Under the eye-catching cool appearance, the material of this keyboard is also really solid. The thick frame and chassis are actually made of aluminum alloy.

The "F97" pattern on the back also incorporates the graffiti style, full of details, and a whole piece of aluminum alloy is heavy, highlighting the texture.

The legs of the keyboard are thick and the pads are quite textured. The connection mode switch button is a little surprising, such a small lever, and its meticulousness seems to be inconsistent with this free and unruly graffiti style.

The wired connection port is on the upper left of the keyboard, which can be used to connect to the computer or charge the keyboard. This F97 graffiti-style keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium-ion battery. Combined with a low-power chip, the official said it can achieve a long battery life of about 260 days. In addition, the USB Type-C interface can be used while charging, so that the F97 does not have any battery life. anxiety.

The writing desk at home is not big, so I chose the 96% layout and brought a small keyboard. Forget it, I not only considered the needs of the keys, but also took into account the desktop space. The size of the keyboard itself has been reduced to 372*123.5mm, which is a very good design.

In the graffiti, I accidentally found the logo of "iqunix" on the space bar. All kinds of patterns are like children who just know how to draw, freely swaying their creativity on the keyboard.

The grotesque abstract patterns full of details are spliced ​​into trendy illustrations. The uninhibited colors promote my attitude towards life. Each keycap seems to be an art painting. In the words of a friend: This keyboard is too individual!

Give it a try:

This Tuya still supports three connection methods: wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth. I used 2.4G mode first. Plug the connector into the computer, switch the keyboard connection mode to wireless mode, activate the shortcut key, and the keyboard will be connected immediately, and there will be an indicator light on the keyboard whether it is successful or not.

The F97 Tuya is matched with opaque PBT material keycaps, and the border colors are black, red, and white. Although the design is a Windows keycap, it is still a very considerate gift of a MAC supplementary key. Users can directly replace.

Recently, the switch body of the keyboard is TTC quick silver or gold powder. It is still very comfortable to use and feels very good. This time I saw the ACE axis that I hadn’t tried before, so I still want to try it.

When the wireless mode is turned on, the keyboard also gives a surprise, cool backlight. This graffiti keyboard has a variety of backlight colors and modes, with adjustable brightness and switch functions. All backlight-related functions are controlled by combination keys. It is very convenient to use and belongs to change at will.

The graffiti design, coupled with this radiant and changeable backlight, and the cool appearance make me, a seriously outdated young man, very happy.

With a thick body, thick feet, and rubber pads with excellent damping, the first feeling of using the keyboard is stability, which forms a strong contrast with the free-jumping graffiti appearance.

There are other key combinations on the keyboard, which are used to check the power, restore factory settings, and switch the key layout of MAC and Windows systems. Except for the system switching function, I tried everything else, and it is really convenient.

The surface of the button has a slightly matte texture, and the pressing damping is just right. In terms of feel, ACE is very similar to Kuaiyin. According to the data, ACE is heavier, but I can't feel it. It has a "heavy gold powder" feel. The bottoming is very crisp, the rebound is more powerful, and there is no muddy feeling when typing at high speed, which has an auxiliary effect on improving the typing speed. It turns out that the keyboard is not only black and white, but also has a huge difference in texture.

Cool RGB special effects must be arranged. In the dead of night, when typing on the F97 graffiti, the cool color lights will appear on the keyboard, which makes me cheer up when I am extremely sleepy, and my fingers can be tapped more diligently.


IQUNIX F97 Tuya Diary wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard has a cool appearance, exquisite materials, and a comfortable hand feel. Whether you look at it or use it, you will fall in love at first sight. Judging from the graffiti-style exterior design, the main consumers of this keyboard should be energetic and creative young people. From the perspective of texture, it is worth having for everyone who has been typing on the keyboard all year round.

To appreciate youth and enjoy comfort, you might as well try this colorful, fascinating IQUNIX F97 Tuya Diary wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard.

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