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Inventory in the first half of 2022: Those rolled up mechanical keyboards & switches

Time flies, with the advent of 618, half of 2022 has passed, and in the first half of the year, major peripheral manufacturers have put a lot of effort into mechanical keyboards, making the already tight market become Even more "volume". Mass-produced mechanical keyboards are not only excellent in appearance design, but also in arrangement, structure, accessories, and price. They all started rolling up.

The mechanical keyboard in 2011 is mainly based on 60% small configuration, while the mechanical keyboard in 2022 is mainly based on 98 configuration, and also added three-mode wireless connection, Gasket structure, large-capacity lithium battery, Type -C interface, receiver storage compartment, etc., make the keyboard not only practical, but also more comfortable and soft to the touch. Next, let us take a look at how those keyboards are rolled. (Note: The following products are ranked in no particular order, and the current ranking is based on the time of the evaluation articles published by wstx.)

1. MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

In recent years, MSI has paid great attention to the development of game peripherals, especially its GK50Z series gaming mechanical keyboard, which has won the attention and love of many entry-level users. As the opening product of 2022, MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC gaming mechanical keyboard can be said to have worked hard. It not only adopts a brand-new and bold design scheme in appearance design, but also is equipped with a brand-new customized shaft body and double-layer light-transmitting keys. Cap, coupled with the MSI CENTER driver software, can also achieve more key functions and lighting linkage effects, and also brings new gaming keyboard options for MSI fans.

It adopts the design of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy panel with sandblasting process and suspension shaft body, which not only has excellent metal texture performance, but also makes the light divergence effect brighter and softer. In terms of configuration, the common 104-key method is adopted, and an independent multimedia control area is also added, which makes daily use more convenient.

It is equipped with the MSI Sonic red switch jointly developed by MSI and Kaihua, which has a straight up and down linear feel, with a trigger pressure of 35g, a total stroke of 4mm, a trigger stroke of 1.9mm, and a trigger life of 70 million times. The shaft feels light and smooth, bounces back to the hand, touches the bottom firmly, and is very light to tap, which can take into account games and daily use well. It is equipped with a set of OEM-height double-layer light-transmitting keycaps. The top of the keycaps is treated with a coating process, which is delicate and warm to the touch. Create a more dazzling look and feel performance and super high recognition.

2. Darmoshark K7 Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard

Darmoshark K7 Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard is an upgraded version of K7. It not only adds three new colors of Gulf Racing, AJ and Shimmer, but also joins the mainstream three-mode connection scheme, hot-swappable shaft, and KDA ball cap. and other customized elements, and the arrangement part also adopts the current mainstream and practical 98-key layout.

The keyboard is equipped with Jiadalong G pro series switches. The evaluation keyboard is G yellow pro. It adopts a linear feel scheme, with a total stroke of 4mm, a trigger stroke of 2mm, a trigger pressure of 50gf, and a click life of about 60 million times. This shaft body is light and smooth to press, has a solid and stable feel when touching the bottom, and the rebound is relatively easy to follow. It has a good performance in terms of feel and sound. The keyboard is also equipped with a full-key hot-swappable solution, supports common three-legged axes and five-legged axes, and is compatible with most of the axes on the market, making it easy for users to replace the axes according to their personal preferences.

If you want a more cool RGB backlight effect, you can also consider the K7 pro equipped with the starry sky pudding keycap version, which supports about 16.8 million color adjustments, and users can adjust the lighting effect mode through a combination of keys or driver software , brightness, color, and dynamic speed are adjusted, and it still has a good performance in lighting gameplay. There are 14 built-in lighting effect modes in the fuselage. For users who do not have high lighting requirements, they can use the FN+Del combination key to switch and choose. If you want to create more personalized lighting, it is recommended to use the driver software to change the settings. Intuitive and convenient. The brightness of the lights is uniform, the colors are soft, the fonts are very clear, and the dynamic lighting effects are also very smooth and natural. Coupled with the upper body shell made of translucent materials, it can also create a better sense of atmosphere for the desktop, and the visual experience is still very good.

3. SKYLOONG Macaron Theme Mechanical Keyboard

SKYLOONG is a well-known little nerd, and it is currently undergoing a Chinese brand renewal plan. The macaron-themed mechanical keyboard provides a total of 61, 68, 84 and 96 four configuration layouts, and also covers a single-mode wired version and a dual-mode wireless version, and this article shows a single-mode wired version with 84 configurations. The keyboard adopts the macaron-themed color scheme, mainly in warm and bright colors. The colorful collocation of various colors also makes the keycap part present a fresh and sweet "candy color", which is very pleasing to the user's eyes. The addition of small pattern elements also makes this keyboard more "girly" and can better meet the aesthetic preferences of current users.

This keyboard provides three series of switches: Glacier Switches, Chocolate Switches, and Jiadalong PRO. This keyboard is equipped with Glacier Yellow Switches. It is a linear switch body with a trigger pressure of 38gf and a trigger stroke of 1.2mm. The stroke is 3.8mm, and the interior uses a double-stage gold-plated spring, which feels light and smooth, touches the bottom stably and firmly, and rebounds quickly to follow the hand. At the same time, the keyboard also provides a full-key axis hot-swappable solution, which is compatible with mainstream axes such as tripod axes and five-legged axes, making it easy for users to replace the axis bodies by themselves.

This keyboard is also equipped with its unique Lite Gasket structure, so that the feel can have a soft elastic performance similar to the Gasket structure, and it also adds sound-absorbing cotton to the bottom shell, and also adds an integrated body between the PCB and the positioning board. The formed liquid silicone pad also comes with a 0.2mm under-axis pad structure, which can effectively reduce cavity sound and other noises, making the percussion feel softer and softer.

Whether it is a single-mode wired version or a dual-mode wireless version, they all have a variety of RGB lighting effect modes built in, and users can also easily switch and adjust through the driver or FN+ combination keys, which is very simple and easy to use. The brightness, uniformity and fluency of the dynamic lighting effects are all very good. Although the keycaps cannot transmit light, the white steel plate below can still reflect a soft and gorgeous lighting atmosphere.

4. Mega Lion S.T.R.I.K.E. 6 gaming mechanical keyboard

Mega Lion S.T.R.I.K.E. The 6-game mechanical keyboard not only adopts a compact 60% arrangement layout of 61 keys, but also is equipped with full-key hot-swappable, full-key no punch, detachable Type-C braided cable, RGB backlight, exclusive driver software, macro keys, etc. It can be said that it is a small-sized mechanical keyboard with a fairly complete configuration.

Although it has a compact 61-key layout, the functions of the arrow keys and the function area keys have been retained. It can be used normally through the FN key and the second-layer key logic, which is very friendly for daily use. At the same time, because it supports more combination keys, it also uses white fonts on the keycaps for identification. In the case of free drive, users can also easily use multimedia keys, light adjustment keys, and arrow keys to switch functional areas.

The switch body is equipped with a Mad Catz red switch with a linear feel. The trigger stroke is 2mm, the key stroke is 4mm, the force is 60gf, and the key life is 80 million times. The transparent switch cover can also make it have better light transmission performance. . It feels light and smooth, and the feedback is quick, but you can hear a slight spring sound when some small keys are pressed to the end. The keyboard also adopts a full-key hot-swappable solution, and is also compatible with main shafts such as tripod shafts and pentapod shafts.

The keyboard is equipped with an RGB backlight system, and also has a variety of lighting modes. In addition to adjusting through the driver, the player can also switch the lighting effect through Fn+N, or switch the lighting color through Fn+Shift (right). Quite convenient. The brightness of the backlight of the keyboard is very good, and the dynamic lighting effect is also very natural and smooth, and the overall visual perception is quite good.

5. iQnix F97 series three-mode mechanical keyboard

The iQnix F97 series three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard has 4 color schemes, namely Roaming Guide, Typing Research Institute, Unknown Number, and Skiing. They all adopt a 100-key compact layout with an aluminum alloy bottom shell for a more practical experience and better visual perception and tactile performance. It provides three connection methods: wired, 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth 5.1, compatible with current mainstream platforms such as Windows/MacOS/IOS/Andriod, and provides a 4000mAh lithium battery, with a low-power wireless chip, it can provide The battery life is about 260 days, and the battery life is very good.

The keyboard is equipped with a set of KDA-height PBT ball caps using thermal sublimation technology, and provides a variety of switches such as CHERRY MX switches, TTC gold powder switches, and fast silver switches. Its full-key switch hot-swappable solution It is also compatible with mainstream tripod and pentapod axes, which greatly improves the playability. At the same time, this series of keyboards also adds sandwich sound-absorbing foam and bottom foam, which can suppress the cavity sound and noise during tapping, and cooperate with the all-aluminum bottom shell scheme to make the tapping feel more stable and solid, and the tapping sound is more pleasant.

This series of keyboards provides two versions of matte and RGB backlight. The RGB backlight adopts the lower light position scheme and has about 17 built-in lighting effects modes, which can bring users a colorful backlight performance. The silver metal positioning The board and the shaft body cover with the condenser can also bring better rendering effect to the light, making the light look softer and more natural, and can fully fill all the keycap gaps, bringing a better visual performance.

6. Dareu A84 Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard

Dareu A84 Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard has three colors of white peach powder, black gray powder and flame red. It adopts a narrow frame style and a small size 84-key layout. It is the latest flagship product of Dareu. It adopts an all-aluminum body, Gasket structure, and is equipped with a pickup and light control system and a three-mode connection solution. It is still very exciting in terms of hardware specifications.

It adds a 26cm-long sound-picking atmosphere light bar directly above the F area, which can realize dynamic response according to the sound of the external environment, so that the light and sound can achieve a better interactive effect, and provide better dynamic lighting for the user's desktop Performance. The upper right corner also provides a metal volume wheel, which is convenient for users to quickly adjust the volume and brings better convenience.

The keyboard is equipped with Dareu's customized sky axis V3, linear feel scheme, 40gf trigger pressure, 2mm trigger stroke and 4mm total key travel, the pressing feel is light and linear, the wall-type cross axis has strong stability, and the feel is consistent. The rebound follows the hand, and the overall feel performance is still very good. The shaft body is also lubricated when it leaves the factory, which further reduces the sound of springs and rustling. The life of 80 million clicks is also very reliable in terms of durability. The hot-swappable solution of the full-key shaft is also compatible with the current mainstream tripod shaft and pentagon shaft, allowing users to easily replace their favorite shafts.

The keyboard provides RGB backlight solution, built-in 7 different lighting modes, the user can switch the lighting effect by FN+“[”, and switch the lighting color by FN+“]”. At the same time, it provides 5 levels of brightness adjustment function. Adjustment. The pickup ambient light on the top will realize dynamic fluctuations according to the external volume, and the dynamic mode and light color can be adjusted through the top button, which also has a high playability performance.

7. NZXT Function Series Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Well-known PC game hardware manufacturer NZXT (Enjie) also officially entered the peripheral industry this year, and released its first Function series game mechanical keyboard: FUNCTION, FUNCTION TENKEYLESS and FUNCTION MINITKL, corresponding to 104 keys, 87 keys, 88 keys respectively Bit arrangement. This series of keyboards provides two color schemes, black and white, and three different configurations, and supports configurations such as key line separation, RGB backlight, and hot-swappable shafts. In addition, the 104-key and 87-key keyboards also provide corresponding The long and short magnetic keyboard rests are very practical.

The keyboard also provides a volume adjustment wheel and three shortcut keys on the left side of the fuselage. The three keys are arranged vertically, providing quick mute, lock WIN key and light adjustment functions, allowing users to perform function control more conveniently and quickly , even in the state of blind operation, it is also very convenient, and the status indicator light is also more convenient for users to identify.

This series of gaming mechanical keyboards currently only provides Jiadalong red switches, which adopt a linear feel scheme, 45gf trigger pressure and 2mm trigger stroke, which can also bring a lighter and smoother percussion feel, and the bottoming and rebound feel are also relatively good. Just follow the hand, the performance of pressing the hand is relatively good. At the same time, this shaft has a lifespan of 80 million clicks, which is very reliable in terms of durability. At the same time, it is also equipped with a switch hot-swappable solution, which is compatible with the current mainstream three-legged and five-legged switches, making it more convenient for users to replace their favorite switch types, and further improving the overall playability of the keyboard. This keyboard also adds a cross-shaped reinforced support structure at the center of the shaft seat. With the sandwich cotton structure, it can bring a more stable and solid bottoming feel, and bring users a better tapping experience.

These three keyboards all support full-key RGB backlighting, which can bring better lighting atmosphere and visual performance to the user's desktop. Users can set the lighting mode through NZXT CAM driver software, and the color adjustment of about 16.8 million colors also makes the lighting performance more colorful. The white aluminum panel and the suspension shaft scheme can also bring better diverging and refracting effects to the light. The light brightness is moderate, soft and even without glare, and the dynamic light effect is smooth and natural, with an excellent visual performance. Users can also adjust the color and dynamic speed, which further enriches the lighting gameplay and the expressiveness of the lighting atmosphere.

8. CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard

While CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard continues the classic design of the MX series, it is also equipped with the mainstream three-mode wireless connection solution, and it also continues the packaging method of the gun box. The keyboard is available in two colors, black and white, and adopts the metal appearance scheme of the MX series. The panel and surrounding frame of the keyboard are made of CNC machined aluminum, and the bottom shell is made of plastic to avoid interference to wireless signals.

The top frame of the fuselage provides a USB Type-C interface, a power switch, and a three-mode status indicator light, corresponding to three different modes of wired (charging), Bluetooth, and 2.4G. The switch part is equipped with our own CHERRY MX RGB switch, with a service life of about 100 million times, and there are five options: black switch, green switch, red switch, brown switch, and mute red switch. In addition, this keyboard has a silicone sandwich and a foam pad inside, which can filter out the noise during tapping, improve the pressing feel, and improve the user experience to a certain extent.

The keyboard supports about 16 million RGB backlight, with various lighting effect modes preset on the keyboard, as well as brightness and dynamic speed adjustable functions, it also has a good performance in lighting playability. With the blessing of the silver-white aluminum panel, the light looks soft and natural, with gorgeous colors, and the dynamic lighting effect is also smooth and natural. Has a good performance.

9. Ai Stone AL87 Mechanical Keyboard

Ai Shitou AL87 mechanical keyboard is the first product of the new AL series launched by Ai Shitou. It adopts a narrow frame design with 87 keys and a row layout, and has two colors of black and white. At the same time, it also uses the new CNC aluminum The shell is made of aluminum alloy, which not only makes it look better overall, but also makes it more advanced with its delicate and smooth touch.

In terms of the shaft body, it has three choices of red shaft, brown shaft and green shaft, and it is still the customized shaft body of Ai Shishi, but compared with the first generation shaft body equipped in the FE series, this Ai Shishi It can be said that the performance of the stone V2 axis has been significantly improved. It not only optimizes the feel and improves the durability, but also reduces the knocking noise and shaking, and with the built-in three-stage sound-absorbing cotton, it makes a qualitative leap in its overall performance.

10. HyperX Alloy Origins 65 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The HyperX Alloy Origins 65 gaming mechanical keyboard continues the design style of the Origins series. It adopts a dark aviation aluminum alloy shell with a suspension shaft solution, which still has a high degree of recognition in terms of product appearance. The key layout adopts a 65% layout and a 67-key scheme. While providing a conventional input area, it also provides direction keys, delete keys, Home keys, and page up and down keys, ensuring the functionality and practicability of the keyboard. The red replacement keycap also brings it a more recognizable look and feel.

It is equipped with the HyperX main axis body, and provides two different versions of "water axis" and "fire axis" for users to choose. The axis in this article is a "fire axis" with a linear feel, which is more suitable for e-sports games and daily use. The total key travel of this shaft is 3.8mm, the trigger key travel is 1.8mm, and the trigger force is 45g. The optimization of the key stroke also makes this switch body have a more sensitive and quick trigger response performance. The pressing feel is light and smooth, the bottoming is stable, and the rebound is strong. The feel performance is still very good. The lifespan of 80 million clicks also has high durability, so players can use it with confidence.

The keyboard provides a full-key RGB lighting solution, built-in a variety of global lighting effects, and supports triggering lighting effects. It also supports players to customize and adjust the lighting effects, brightness, and flow speed of dynamic lighting effects. The lighting gameplay is still Very good, with the driver software can also be more intuitive and convenient to adjust the lighting effect. The light is soft and divergent, and the dynamic effect is smooth and natural, which can bring a good visual experience. The keycaps with good light transmission also further enhance the overall lighting rendering atmosphere. Without driver software, it is also very convenient to adjust by combining keys.

11. NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard

NuPhy Air75 three-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard is a product that provides a three-mode connection solution and MAC system key adaptation. It adopts 75% arrangement and 84 key layout. The overall size is small and thin, and the weight control is also relatively appropriate. It is more convenient to carry while reducing the space occupied by the fuselage. At the same time, the gray and white keycaps are paired with three colored keycaps, which also brings a more eye-catching look and feel. With the simple style keyboard design concept, it is more pleasing to the aesthetic preferences of current users.

It provides three connection schemes: wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0. In Bluetooth 5.0 mode, three sets of device pairing information can be stored, and it has good compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS and other platform devices, which is convenient for multiple platforms. , Multi-device users to use. At the same time, it also adapts the key positions of Mac OS, so that users can realize functions such as screen brightness and multimedia control quickly and conveniently, with higher convenience performance.

The keyboard provides three optional switch bodies: Jiadalong short red switch, short blue switch and short brown switch. This article shows that the keyboard is a short red switch with a linear feel. The total key travel is 2.5mm, the trigger key travel is 1.5mm, and the trigger pressure is 45 gram, about 50 million click lifespan, the feel is light and tight, the pressing response is fast, the bottoming is stable and the rebound is quick, and the hand feeling performance is relatively good. Although it is also equipped with a shaft hot-swappable solution, it is currently only compatible with Jiadalong short shafts, and its performance in replaceability is a little bit worse. However, users can still easily experience the knocking feel brought by three different shafts on a keyboard, and the playability is still good.

The keyboard provides a global RGB backlight function, supports more than ten lighting modes, brightness, and color switching, and can also adjust the dynamic speed through the driver. The lighting playability is relatively good. However, the one-piece aluminum alloy top cover and opaque keycaps also reduce the brightness of the light. Under normal lighting brightness, the maximum brightness of the keyboard light is still a bit weak, and the performance in the dark environment is still relatively good. The dynamic performance of the light It is smooth and natural, and the RGB light strips on both sides also bring a better look and feel.



In terms of switch configuration, these two keyboards are equipped with customized crystal switch switches launched in cooperation with Jiadalong. There are four switches for users to choose from: brown switches, silver switches, red switches, and mute red switches. The two keyboards are equipped with mute red switches and brown switches respectively. This series of shafts belongs to the Jiadalong CAP shaft. On this basis, it has also been lubricated to make the pressing performance smoother and smoother, and has a lifespan of up to 80 million clicks. The silent red switch adopts a linear feel scheme, with a total stroke of 4mm, a trigger stroke of 2m, and a trigger force of 45gf. The feel is light and linear, smooth and smooth, and the noise control is also very good. The tea switch adopts the step-by-step feel scheme, the step-by-step feeling is very light, the trigger force of 55gf is relatively moderate, the trigger stroke of 2mm and the total stroke of 4mm also make the pressing feel comfortable and natural.

The keyboard also supports the current mainstream switch hot-swapping solution, and is compatible with tripod and pentapod switches. It has good compatibility with most of the switches on the market, and it is convenient for users to replace the switches according to their personal preferences later. , has high playability and practicality. The bottom sound-absorbing cotton and sandwich silicone pad are also added inside the keyboard, which can reduce the cavity sound and noise generated during tapping, and make the tapping feel more stable and solid, further improving the user experience.

13. Upstart GM780/GM980 three-mode mechanical keyboard

The upstart GM780/ GM980 three-mode mechanical keyboard provides three color schemes: scorching sun, starry sky and foggy mountain, and adopts the popular Gasket structure and transparent shell scheme. The three different theme colors also correspond to different colors of transparent shells. The top decorative strip and the keycap are matched in color, which has an excellent visual impression. GM780 adopts 75% arrangement and 78-key layout scheme, while GM980 adopts 98% arrangement and 100-key layout scheme, which can bring users compact and practical functional performance.

The top position on the right side of the keyboard provides a USB Type-C interface, power switch, wired and wireless mode switching switch, and the orange button is the switching button for Win and MacOS operating systems. The layout of the top switch is reasonable, and the current status can be easily identified through the left and right colors of the switch, which is very convenient. Under the magnetic metal nameplate of the bottom case, there is also a storage compartment for the wireless adapter, so that users can store it easily and avoid losing it.

These two keyboards both provide four kinds of switches, namely the starry sky switch and Dailuo switch jointly branded with Kaihua, Kaihua BOX white switch and Jiadalong G Silver Pro. It also supports the hot-swappable switch solution, and the holes also support tripod and pentapod switches. It is almost compatible with the current mainstream MX structure switches. Users can easily replace their favorite switches to improve the playability of the keyboard. Performance. The interior of the keyboard adopts a Gasket structure scheme, equipped with a metal positioning plate, and the PCB inner tank is softly supported by a silicone clip, which makes the percussion feel softer and more comfortable, and at the same time has a better performance in noise suppression, and it also has a linear shaft. Better user experience, very suitable for daily use of text input users.

The keyboard provides an RGB backlight with about 16.8 million colors. By combining keys, you can not only switch the lighting effect, but also adjust the lighting brightness and dynamic speed. The gameplay can still meet the needs of most users. The overall brightness of the light is not very high, and the opaque keycaps also limit the lighting performance to a certain extent, but it can still provide good lighting performance in dark environments, with a very soft visual perception.

14. Bloody Ghost T98 Optical Axis Mechanical Keyboard

The bloody ghost T98 optical axis mechanical keyboard adopts the very popular compact 98 arrangement scheme, and the military green color matching with the camouflage keycap that comes with it also makes it more recognizable, and the overall look and feel will not look too dull . At the same time, it is also equipped with a USB Type-C interface scheme with a key-line separation design, which has a higher cable compatibility performance, allowing users to easily find compatible cables for connection.

The biggest feature of this keyboard is the red LT key. It is a switch button for 3 players and 3 speeds. It can be switched among 3 types of key strokes and strengths according to the needs of players to cope with different game scenarios. And each of its strokes also corresponds to different colors, among which the blue light state is a standard 2mm stroke, the yellow light is a 1.5mm stroke, and the red light is a 1mm stroke, which is convenient for players to identify the current state of the keyboard, and the switching of different light colors can also bring players Come to a better sense of immersion, gradually enter the full blood state of the game, and release the feeling of keyboard seal.

The keyboard is equipped with the latest LT optical axis developed by the ghost of the bloody hand. The axis body is a linear feel scheme. It provides 3 levels of adjustable stroke and 3 levels of adjustable trigger pressure. It is also the core function of this keyboard with 3 players and 3 speeds. The total stroke of the shaft is 3.8mm, the initial trigger pressure is 45gf, the trigger pressure will be slightly reduced with the change of the trigger stroke, the trigger stroke of player 1 is 2mm, the trigger stroke of player 2 is 1.5mm, and the trigger stroke of player 3 is 1mm, which can better adapt to different players. Different games require the use of the keyboard. The linear feel of the red-like axis is light and smooth, the bottom is stable and solid, and the rebound is quick to follow the hand. The overall performance in terms of feel is still very good. Thanks to the characteristics of the optical axis, this switch body has a good quiet performance, and the service life is as high as 100 million times. At the same time, it has a good dustproof and waterproof effect, making the keyboard more durable.

15. Black Canyon Y series three-mode hot-swappable keyboard

The Black Canyon Y series three-mode hot-swappable keyboard includes three products, namely Y2 82-key arrangement, Y3 87-key arrangement, and Y5 108-key arrangement, which can meet the needs and preferences of different users for arrangement and size. The three keyboards are all in pure white color, officially named Luobai. The white and round body shape and the blue characters on the keycaps look fresh and elegant, simple and refreshing, and can leave a good first impression for users. The accessories are also equipped with a large magnetic hand rest with the same design style.

This series of keyboards provides three connection modes: wired, wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth. The top of the fuselage provides a 2.4G and Bluetooth mode switching switch, and the side provides a power switch. The independent switch scheme and mode switching are easier and clearer, eliminating the need to memorize additional key combination switching and pairing key operations, further improving the user experience, and it is also very friendly to users who often need to switch between different connected devices.

The Black Canyon Y series three-mode hot-swappable keyboard is equipped with a landscape switch jointly customized with Kaihua. It is based on the BOX V2 switch and is named Danxia switch, Cangling switch, and Yanmo switch respectively. Deep sea switches will also be provided in the future. In versions such as silent V2 axis and Yelan axis, the choice of axis body is still very rich. The Danxia switch, Cangling switch, and Yanmo switch respectively adopt the linear feel, the sound-intensive segment feel, and the advanced segment feel, which fit the current user preferences very well. At the same time, this series of keyboards also adopts Black Canyon’s customized Gasket structure, high-gloss and transparent PC positioning board, one-piece silicone pad and silicone sandwich, and the structural components are tightly connected, which further improves the firmness of the hand feeling. It is not loose, although the overall structure tends to be a little harder Gasket, but the feel is still very good. The double-layer silicone sound-absorbing structure can also filter out the noise and cavity sound during knocking, which greatly improves the knocking experience.

This series of keyboards has full-range RGB backlight and built-in multiple lighting effect modes, and supports adjustment of brightness, dynamic speed, color, direction, breathing, etc., and is very complete in terms of lighting gameplay. The overall lighting brightness is processed softly and evenly. The transparent PC positioning board also brings better performance of light transmission and uniform light. The gap between the keycaps is also completely filled with light. The desktop lighting atmosphere, or to meet the recognition of night use is very good. Next to the arrow keys of the Y3 and Y5 keyboards, there is a small digital display screen showing the power, which also makes it more practical.

1. TTC tiger shaft

At the beginning of 2022, TTC’s official brand released the first zodiac Lego-style mechanical switch body——TTC Tiger Switch, and the “Treasure Box” dedicated to Tiger Switch. At the same time, it also has three different suits, namely: Blessing Set, Prestige Set and Tiger Axis Exclusive Edition.

The TTC Year of the Tiger Blessing Set of Tiger Switches includes a wealth of products: 10 OG version tiger switches, 1 luminous switch tester, 1 transparent keycap, and 1 treasure box for the Year of the Tiger. And every axis and every small part of it is also protected by a transparent blister box, so there is no need to worry about dust ingress, damage and other issues.

The TTC tiger axis is a linear axis with a total stroke of 3.7mm, a trigger stroke of 1.08mm, a trigger pressure of 45gf, and a bottoming pressure of 55gf. Good protection against initial false touches. And from the parameters of the switch, it can also be seen that the gap between it and the Kuaiyin switch and the flame red switch is not very big, so the feel is very close to these two switches, just like a combination. In terms of sound, the sound of its shaft body is also very smooth, there is no unnecessary rustling sound, and the performance is quite good. At the same time, the conductive metal terminals in the shaft body adopt advanced anti-corrosion coating electroplating process, and a layer of 99.99% metal silver is plated on the surface, and the conductive contact double contacts are also plated with gold, which can ensure the reliability and stability of the shaft body. provides effective protection.

2. TTC gold powder shaft v2

TTC gold powder shaft v2 continues the previous color scheme. It uses a pink shaft with a golden shaft seat and a clear and transparent shaft cover. It looks somewhat similar to the strawberry mousse cake, sweet and lovely, and looks good. It is still very brilliant, and it is well-deservedly called the "net celebrity axis body" by users. Although there is no major change in the color scheme, the color treatment of the shaft center and shaft seat is lighter than that of the first generation shaft body. The color matching is more natural and comfortable, and it is more suitable to match the light-colored shell and positioning plate. The shaft seat adopts the tripod shaft scheme, which is compatible with the mainstream hot-swappable shaft layout, and the compatibility is still good, but for users without steel, it is still necessary to patiently debug to avoid crooked shafts.

Its shaft cover and shaft seat are fixed firmly and tightly, which can also effectively prevent the intrusion of foreign objects, and the shaft center also adopts the patented TTC double-sided wall dust-proof structure, which can bring better dust-proof effect and avoid dust and debris Falling into the gap, causing the shaft body to jam and fail. The contact part between the shaft center and the shaft seat has also been lubricated, so that the pressing feel can be smoother and unimpeded. Its long spring is gold-plated, with a length of 22mm and a trigger pressure of 37g. The elastic force is stable and consistent, which can bring a softer and linear pressing feel, and also has high stability and durability.

The shaft cover is injection-molded with transparent crystal plastic, which is crystal clear as a whole, and can effectively improve the transmission effect. With the edge and corner scheme, it can also better refract light and achieve better diffuse reflection effect. The light part adopts a lens solution, which can better scatter the light and make the light color more dazzling.

3. Jiadalong G Pro 2.0 Brown Switch

Jiadalong G Pro 2.0 brown switch is one of the G series switches released by Jiadalong at the new product launch conference this spring. Since the G Pro series switches have always had a good reputation among users, this The shaft body is also known as the "king of tea shafts" of the new generation.

The Jiadalong G Pro 2.0 brown switch continues the MX structure scheme, and the bottom is fixed with three legs, which can be compatible with most of the current mechanical keyboard PCB boards. The cross-axis design can basically be easily adapted to the current commercial keycaps. Good performance in terms of appearance. It adopts a micro-step feel design, a trigger pressure of 55gf, a total stroke of 4mm and a trigger stroke of 2mm. With factory lubrication, it can also bring a smoother and more delicate feel performance. The service life of the shaft can reach 80 million times, and it is more reliable and durable.

The Jiadalong G Pro 2.0 series has upgraded the transparent shaft cover, and the light hole on the top cover has added a protruding light-concentrating and light-guiding structure, and the material treatment is also more transparent and clear, which looks crystal clear and has better visual coordination. . At the same time, it also has a lamp position design with a light-concentrating and light-guiding structure, which is compatible with the current mainstream SMD lamp bead solutions, and has a good performance in improving light refraction and divergence. Bring better lighting rendering effect.

4. Kaihua Yelan Axis Pro

The Kaihua Yelan Switch Pro mechanical switch body is an upgraded version of the Yelan Switch, and it still provides two versions of linear feel and segmental feel. The gray is the linear scheme, and the yellow is the segmental scheme. The appearance is clearly distinguished and easy to identify. The brand-new Yelan Switch Pro optimizes the shaft seat and shaft cover, adopts a new transparent shaft cover and the shaft seat with the same color as the shaft center, and has better visual consistency. In addition, the shaft seat part has also been changed from the original three-legged scheme to the five-legged scheme, which has better stability and is more friendly to users who like steelless keyboards.

In terms of the silent structure, these two shafts still add sound-absorbing parts to the side wall of the shaft seat, which can provide better sound-absorbing and noise-reducing effects. The key travel and force of the shaft have also been fine-tuned, and there is also a slight improvement in the feel. promote. The total stroke of the two shafts is 3.7mm; the trigger stroke is 1.9mm for the linear scheme, and 2.0mm for the paragraph scheme; the trigger force is 40gf, and has a click life of about 70 million times. The data performance is still relatively good. . Although the length of the spring has not changed, its wire diameter is thinner than before, and there are no traces of lubrication.

The Kaihua Yelan Switch Pro has been replaced with a fully transparent cover, and the light position part still continues the flat light guide structure, which is very friendly to the current mainstream SMD RGB lamp beads. The fully transparent solution also has higher light transmission performance, and has a certain additive effect on light divergence and refraction. Let the keyboard lighting look soft and comfortable, and can further improve the lighting effect of the keyboard and create a better lighting atmosphere.


The Xingkong switch and the Dailuo switch are brand-new switches jointly customized by Xingui and Kaihua. They cannot be purchased separately for the time being, and they are only released on Xingui's latest GM780 and GM980 keyboards. The star axis adopts a color scheme of transparent axis cover with dark blue axis seat and light blue axis, which has a fresh and natural look and a good appearance. The transparent shaft cover is decorated with rich green sequins, which makes the upper cover look more layered, and can also bring better visual performance under the light.

The overall design of the black screw shaft adopts the scheme design of a transparent shaft cover and a dark green shaft seat. The shaft center is light pink, and the overall color matching is relatively coordinated. The mutual matching of the two colors also presents a more natural and coordinated visual perception, which makes the shaft body perform well in terms of appearance and recognition.

The star axis adopts a light trigger pressure scheme of 40g, the total stroke is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.9mm, and it has a service life of about 50 million times. It also adopts the current mainstream MX structure design, the four-legged shaft cover scheme, the overall combination of the shaft body is tight and firm, and the shaft center of the dust-proof wall scheme can reduce the intrusion of dust and impurities into the shaft body, providing a longer service life and Long-term smooth feel. The side wall of the shaft center and the inside of the shaft seat are lubricated, and with the guide rail structure, it can provide a smoother and more stable pressing feel. This shaft uses a single-section long spring, which has uniform force and a stable and linear feel. The trigger metal sheet contacts inside the shaft are also gold-plated, which can provide a longer service life for the shaft.

The Dailuo shaft adopts the advanced stage feel scheme, with a trigger pressure of 50g, a total stroke of 3.7mm, a trigger stroke of 2mm, and a trigger life of about 70 million times. Its shaft cover adopts a large buckle scheme, which is closely connected with the shaft seat and fixed firmly. With the shaft center designed with dust-proof wall, it can reduce the intrusion of dust and impurities into the shaft body, which will affect the handle or life of the shaft body, and effectively improve the shaft body. Body feel durability and durability. The axis solution with dust-proof walls and guide rails also makes the pressing feel more stable, and reducing the shaking of the axis has greatly improved the user experience. At the same time, it has also been improved on the guide rail structure and the small feet of the axis. Thin, can improve the smoothness of pressing, reduce the noise of the shaft and internal noise. It uses a common single-section long spring inside, with a length of about 21mm, which makes the pressure more uniform and stable. The internal trigger metal sheet contacts are also gold-plated, which is more durable and brings more than 70 million to the shaft. click lifetime.

These two shafts have a good appearance after being matched with the white positioning plate. The crystal clear transparent shaft cover and the internal sequins of the starry sky shaft also make the shaft look deeper and richer. The overall look and feel of the Dailuo shaft is also quite three-dimensional and full. The dark green bottom shell is looming through the crystal clear shaft cover, which also brings a rich sense of hierarchy to the overall look and feel. They all adopt the structural scheme of bridging the upper cover, which can make the shaft body easily compatible with most current lamp bead types, provide better light transmission and uniform light performance, and are also very friendly to keyboard users who like lighting effects.

6. HUANO Earth Axis, Green Axis

HUANO has recently launched two brand new linear axes, named Earth axis and Green axis respectively. As the name suggests, the earth axis adopts a dark yellow color scheme for the shaft body. The three major parts of the shaft seat, shaft center and shaft cover all adopt the same color scheme. light performance. The turquoise shaft uses a white shaft with an emerald green shaft cover and shaft seat. The color matching is still very fresh and natural, and it also has a good visual impression.

HUANO earth axis adopts a straight up and down linear feel scheme, trigger pressure: 53±6gf, bottoming pressure: 73±6gf; trigger stroke: 2.0±0.4mm, total stroke: 3.85±0.15mm, about 50 million times The click life is a shaft with a moderate trigger pressure and a strong bottoming feel design. HUANO green axis is also a linear feel scheme, trigger pressure: 31±6gf, bottoming pressure: 40±6gf; trigger stroke: 2.0±0.4mm, total stroke: 3.85±0.15m, also has about 50 million times Click Lifetime.

Both shafts have a dust-proof wall in the center of the shaft, which can prevent dust and impurities from invading the interior of the shaft, and at the same time increase stability, reduce shaking when pressing, and improve hand feeling performance. Lubrication treatment is also carried out on the shaft center and the shaft seat guide rail, which can improve the smoothness of pressing and make the percussion feel smoother and more comfortable. The internal trigger metal sheet is also treated with a gold-plated process, which can improve the oxidation resistance and durability of the contacts and increase the service life.

The lighting effects of the two shafts are very good. The exposed part of the geodetic shaft has the same color, full three-dimensional, and the overall visual effect and consistency are very good. The emerald green shaft body and white shaft of the turquoise shaft also have a richer look and feel. At first glance, it looks like being in the lush grass, with crystal clear morning dew on the tip of the grass. The top covers of these two shaft bodies are still bridge-building schemes, which have good light transmission performance and compatibility for all kinds of lamp beads, and the shaft covers made of semi-transparent materials can further improve the light transmission effect and bring better lights. effective performance.

7. Jiadalong North Pole Yellow Axis

Jiadalong North Pole (North Pole) series of shafts is a new product released by Jiadalong at the new product launch conference this spring. The series includes five shafts, namely: North Pole Yellow Switch, North Pole Red Switch and Arctic Wall Brown Switch , the red axis of the arctic wall, the silver axis of the arctic wall, and only one arctic yellow axis is displayed here. The shaft cover, shaft center and shaft seat of the arctic yellow shaft are all transparent, just like the ice, snow and icebergs in the arctic, pure and crystal clear.

The shaft cover and shaft seat of the shaft body are made of durable PC material with high transparency, high strength and high elasticity. smooth. It adopts 50g trigger pressure and 67g bottoming pressure scheme, the total stroke is 4mm, the action stroke is 2mm, and it has a service life of about 80 million times. As a linear shaft, it has a smooth and moderate pressing feel, stable bottoming, and very good rebound. Under continuous tapping, it feels comfortable and dry, with no sticky feeling at all, and the overall tapping noise of the shaft It is also well controlled, there are no obvious problems such as spring sound or noise, and the overall performance is quite good.

Due to the fully transparent design of the shaft body, its lighting performance is exceptionally good, coupled with its newly upgraded condenser lens, it can make the entire shaft body reveal fairly uniform, soft and bright lights, and this design can also Easily compatible with most current lamp bead types, providing better light transmission and uniform light performance, and is also very friendly to users who like lighting effect keyboards.


The above are the 15 types of mechanical keyboards and 9 types of switches that have been more distinctive and more introverted in the past six months. I wonder which one do you prefer? On the whole, multi-mode wireless connection, compact small size or 98 arrangement, and Gasket structure are all the focus in the first half of this year; and the shaft body has made great efforts in materials, factory run and color matching, which also makes The threshold for customization is getting lower and lower, and there are more and more types to choose from. It seems that this era of blooming flowers has come, but I don’t know what will be the next hot spot to be rolled up?

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