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Inventory of cost-effective peripherals that are worth starting with - 2022 Double Eleven keyboard and mouse peripheral planting recommendation (Dachang articles)

Double Eleven is another year. As the most important carnival promotion in the second half of the year, it has always been the best time to buy electronic products. As a peripheral enthusiast, based on the product iteration and related information of the peripheral market, I will share the peripheral products of high cost-effective manufacturers in the second half of 2022, and provide some personal pre-purchase references for everyone’s shopping trip.

在良莠不齐的Gasket结构冲击市场的当下,MX3.0& MX2.0所坚持的无钢结构相对来说有着稳定的手感保证。无钢板设计配合五脚轴带来了较为Q弹的敲击感受,有点世纪初老原厂轴的味道。低延迟的三模无线连接配合原厂五脚轴通吃游戏和办公,是一把宜办公、宜游戏的机械键盘。对于预算紧张的用户,仅舍去铝合金框架,其他配置保持不变的MX2.0S会更合适一点。


Friends who don’t like the company’s arrangement of silly, big, black and thick wired office keyboards and mice can take a look at the DW2300 wireless office suit of Cherry’s office product line. The wireless office keyboard and mouse suit can be purchased for less than 100 yuan. There is also a two-year after-sales warranty support, cost-effective not bad.

The Hunting Light Spider series can be said to be the most suitable for playing games in the Razer gaming keyboard product line. The Hunting Light Spider v2 competitive version is equipped with a fast-responding Razer optical axis, and the polling rate of 8KHz is further reduced. Keyboard input lag. In addition, the keyboard is also equipped with two-color injection-molded PBT keycaps to increase durability, laying noise-absorbing cotton to absorb keyboard knocking noise, and a memory foam wrist rest to enhance the user experience. This is a mechanical keyboard worthy of the gamer's choice.

As a wireless mouse that is very suitable for small-handed users and female players, Yamata Orochi V2 has a petite and well-proportioned shape and a light weight that does not weigh on the hand. The crisp second-generation Razer mechanical micro-movement, the battery compartment that supports mixed batteries, the precise positioning sensor, and the dual-mode configuration of 2.4G wireless + Bluetooth allow the mouse to be easily used in games and offices. It can be said that this is the most comprehensive strength at present. Lightweight wireless dual-mode mouse for small and medium hands.

Although the professional version of the Viper V2 PRO has been upgraded and iterated this year, the price of the final version of the Viper is less than 400 yuan during the promotion period, which is still very cost-effective. After all, the performance of the PAW3399 is still one of the best today. It exists, and the Viper Ultimate Edition has lights, bases, and right side buttons that the Viper V2 PRO Professional Edition does not have. It is very suitable for users who need a powerful mouse and have a tight budget.

By using a wireless receiver with a USB-C interface, the Barracuda x is no longer only available on PCs and host platforms like ordinary wireless headsets, but can also be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and Switches. The fabric earmuffs combined with the light weight make it comfortable to wear, and the THX SPATIAL AUDIO spatial sound effects and 40-hour battery life are enough for serious gamers. Players who need multi-platform games can pay attention to the Barracuda x wireless headset.

I have been recommending Logitech’s K835 mechanical keyboard before. This year’s updated K855 can be regarded as the wireless version of K835, with standard American TKL arrangement, TTC shaft support, Bluetooth + 2.4G wireless dual-mode wireless connection, and supports seamless switching between 3 devices. Powered by wireless dry batteries, this may be the ideal Logitech wireless mechanical keyboard for many players!

After Logitech China stopped the brainless leek, the price of G PRO X SUPERLIGHT has dropped to more than 500 yuan in the last few promotions, and finally has a good price/performance ratio. The weight has been optimized to less than 63g, and the design of foot stickers with bad reviews has been replaced. In addition, the white version has a good appearance. In subsequent promotional activities, you can consider purchasing G PRO X SUPERLIGHT regardless of G PRO Wireless.

Once upon a time, the entry-level gaming mouse market at the level of 100 yuan was very hot. Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries and other manufacturers fought back and forth, but under the tinkering of Logitech G304, this market lost its vitality. The G304 wireless mouse hovered around 150 yuan in the last few promotional activities, making it a very suitable mouse to buy whether it is for games or office work.

The Master and Anywhere series can be regarded as the twin stars of the Logitech office family - the FLOW function can seamlessly transfer files on 3 devices, which is very friendly to multi-screen or cross-platform users; good adaptability, suitable for almost any surface Tracking works even on glass; the endless scroll wheel helps you relax and de-stress at work. The Master series has a solid feel and is suitable for users with medium to large hands. The Anywhere series is small and portable, suitable for small hands, female users and business trips.

At present, it is the wireless hole mouse with the most comfortable feel and the best workmanship. The bite of the mold is very tight, and there will be no shaking of the button cover or deformation of the body when pressed. The moderate measurements are very suitable for users with medium and large hands. use. The equipped PAW3335 sensor brings a balanced energy consumption ratio, and the battery life of up to 100 hours is enough for half a month. It also comes with anti-slip stickers to enhance the feel. Players who are interested in cave mice can pay attention to a wave.

The Stinger 2 gaming headset is a new choice for entry-level gaming headsets, and it is very suitable for novice players to buy and use. Stinger 2 has upgraded the appearance design on the basis of Stinger, and its appearance is more than one level higher than that of the previous one. The optimized earphone structure also makes it easier and more comfortable to wear. This time, DTS:X spatial surround sound effect is also introduced, whether it is listening to music, watching movies or gaming entertainment, you can feel the three-dimensional and real surround effect.

Wireless gaming with 300 hours of battery life is currently the only one in the gaming headset market. Retaining Alpha's unique dual-sound cavity structure, coupled with DTS:X spatial surround sound effects, the sound quality of the headphones is beyond doubt. At present, the price is slightly higher, and players with sufficient budget and strict requirements on battery life can consider it.

K70 RGB TKL is CORSAIR’s professional gaming keyboard for high-performance games. AXON’s high-speed processing technology makes the polling rate as high as 8000Hz. The OPX optical axis with fast trigger and fast response makes the keyboard faster and stronger! The keyboard is a standard 87-key layout with key-line separation. Compared with the huge body of the K70 and K95 series, it is more friendly to gamers with small desktops.

SABER RGB PRO WIRELESS is CORSAIR's new lightweight wireless mouse, the wireless version of the right-handed ergonomic mouse SABER RGB PRO. SLIPSTREAM wireless technology and 2000Hz polling rate blessing, improve the response speed and stability performance, more suitable for right-handed ergonomic mouse lovers to buy.

Ice Leopard is well versed in ergonomic design, and KONE PRO AIR follows the consistent ergonomic design. It is a right-handed ergonomic mouse that is good for users with medium and large hands. ANTI-WEAR second-generation coating, full grip and a very comfortable hand feel with a weight of 75g, the white KONE PRO AIR with three-mode wireless and USB-C interface is still very worthwhile for the event price of more than 500 yuan.

In addition to the common two front and rear side buttons, SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wireless is also designed with a button that can be swiped up and down and a silver independent sniper button, which makes up for the gap in the multi-side button wireless lightweight mouse. The integration of multiple side buttons + light weight + wireless selling points provides a good solution for FPS, MMO and MOBA game players who have certain needs for side buttons.

In the past few years, the update and iteration speed of the peripheral market has been "flying fast", and both major international peripheral manufacturers and domestic manufacturers are "involving" crazily - domestic manufacturers are more flexible in terms of price and innovation, and seize market segments; Major international manufacturers are making steady progress, taking advantage of technological advantages to lead product upgrades, and our consumers have more choices. This issue is updated with Dachang articles, and there will be domestic articles in the follow-up. Let’s talk about the domestically produced keyboards and mice that are worth buying.

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