Inventory of digital peripherals related to cost-effective portable good things, double repair of appearance and performance (share good things about mini digital peripheral accessories)

Since the first keyboard FUN released last year, Greenlink’s keyboard has released a variety of models. Greenlink has always left a deep impression on people with its cost-effective and outstanding appearance. The keyboard has always been inseparable from office and game users. essential digital peripherals.

In my daily life, I use the keyboard quite frequently. I know that a good keyboard can improve work efficiency and affect emotions. The shaft and feel of the keyboard all reveal the excellent workmanship of the keyboard. A new product recently launched by Lvlianjia, Lvlian KU102 keyboard. The biggest feature of this keyboard is its compactness and thinness. For those who travel frequently, it directly solves the pain point of many people's long-term demand for a lightweight keyboard. Of course, this keyboard has changed my perception of Greenlink in the keyboard industry, and its performance in terms of pressure, appearance, and portability is also relatively competitive at the current price.

This keyboard is relatively light and small in size (as can be seen from the comparison chart in the picture), and it is even smaller than the keyboard that comes with the notebook. It is a perfect replacement for the notebook keyboard. The 15-inch notebook keyboard area on the market is smaller. It’s perfect for putting it in a backpack every day. Compared with traditional keyboards, it’s more compact. The overall size of the keyboard is perfect for matching with traditional thin and light notebooks. It has 89 keys, no numeric keypad design, and the bare metal weighs 485g. Say goodbye Get rid of the bulky appearance of traditional mechanical keyboards.

LP thin switch body, brown switch feel, low switch optimized for office and typing, for normal typing, it is about 1W. Under this strength, the overall feel of the mechanical keyboard is much better than that of the membrane keyboard. Although this keyboard The spacing between characters is relatively tight, and it may take some time to get used to it in use. The overall comfort and sense of paragraph of the axis body are still good. It is not tiring after playing for a long time. Of course, this keyboard is a little unfriendly for users with relatively large hands. This keyboard supports Jian'an's lighting effect control. In a dark environment, the backlight can also illuminate the characters. The two-color modeling design is more durable and wear-resistant than silk screen printing. Fewer mechanical keyboards are more intimate.

The crisp sound of the mechanical keyboard itself is not particularly obvious on this one, it is relatively quiet, with a slightly low tea switch feel, and the sound is soft. In the daily typing process, it looks more like a quiet little girl. Because he is relatively quiet, he will not disturb the surrounding people when he is at home or in his daily office. This is also the keyboard I have been looking for. After all, disturbing other people's work sometimes affects the harmony of colleagues.

Although the keyboard is small, for clerical workers, several function keys that are usually used frequently are placed on the right, which simplifies the layout and does not reduce productivity. Of course, it can also be used to add 18 shortcut function keys and exclusive expression keys through the settings: One-click to send the emoticon package that comes with the system, the exclusive boss button, and one-click to switch screens. It is not an encouragement to fishing, but a real efficiency improvement. (You can customize the shortcut function keys in the yellow area of ​​the keyboard)

The key point that also attracts me to the Momis 67W GaN charger is its small size. In fact, I have more than 20 GaN chargers, but among the 67W GaN chargers, such a small one is the only one. I personally have three mobile phones, and the demand for charging is relatively high. Nowadays, the number of electrical equipment is increasing, and charging is an indispensable daily link. Digital products without a charger are nothing. The compact charger has a lot of features:

The traditional 67W GaN cannot be plugged into the wall socket very friendly because it is too big or too heavy. Especially when it is relatively high, it is easy to fall because of the center of gravity. It is not a trivial matter to hit people. I believe this is the case for many people. It is often encountered in daily life. I used to choose a balance between performance and stable plug-in socket, and I always dreamed of making the GaN charger smaller. Momis 67W gallium nitride GaN charger can be regarded as the product that I just need to realize my dream.

The measured weight is 115g, and it still has some weight in the hand. Like most gallium nitride chargers, the weight is still more than 100 grams, and the material has not shrunk.

Many gallium nitride chargers were limited by technical reasons at the time. Sometimes it took up too much area on the socket on the row, and even when using it, it could not be plugged into other charging devices. I believe that such pain points are not my personal problems. Momis 67W GaN is much smaller than traditional chargers in volume. Perhaps it can also be seen from the comparison chart that it is half or more smaller than the projected area at the bottom of the traditional gallium nitride or the original charger, and the volume advantage is clear at a glance.

The 60W fast charge for mobile phones and tablets in the market is still the mainstream. Purely based on actual needs, the Momis 67W GaN charger can already meet the charging needs of multiple devices. The 67W three-port GaN charger has a starting price 148 yuan, some thin and light notebooks can be used at home. Under my work intensity, the 60W reverse power supply can completely ensure that the notebook maintains 100% power, which is an excellent performance of single-port output.

Its compactness is due to the adoption of the fifth-generation GaN technology, and its performance, speed, and temperature control have been fully upgraded. Faster response, high energy conversion, lower heat generation, and you won't feel overheated when you touch the charger.

On the front are 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port, arranged vertically, supported output power modes:

C1/C2/: 4.5V⎓5A, 5V⎓4.5A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 20V⎓3A, 67W Max

It is compatible with a wide voltage range of 110V~240V and can be paired freely. You don’t have to worry about power consumption when traveling internationally. It is compatible with multiple protocols. Basically, it can carry portable devices. It supports PD3.0/PPS/PD2.0/QC3. 0/SCP/AFC/FCP/APPLE2.4A and other protocols, of course, the disadvantage is that it still cannot perfectly drive high-power gaming notebooks. Of course, under such a volume, the performance is already very good.

Users who are familiar with Satechi know that Satechi is an official cooperative brand of Apple, and it follows the simple but not simple route designed by Apple in terms of style and appearance. Many users in China are actually quite familiar with it. The biggest feature of this brand is that although the products are a little expensive, they are all refined productivity tools with very good quality. The recent Satechi expansion dock is one of the typical representatives.

The expansion dock has become a standard accessory for many office professionals in recent years. After all, portable office and mobile office have become the mainstream now. As long as you use a notebook, you must use the expansion dock. When choosing an expansion dock, I always pay more attention to quality and volume. The Satechi expansion dock has been available for a long time. The main feature is that it has a good balance between texture and volume, and it has a compact design and arrangement of just-needed ports.

I have used many kinds of expansion docks, although each one has its own characteristics, the Satechi expansion dock is mainly portable, but also has a high value, the appearance of aluminum alloy, the main body of the expansion dock is made of black aluminum alloy, which is helpful For heat dissipation, the frosted feel also helps to prevent slipping. It is integrally formed, weighs 63 grams, and is 13.1 cm long and 6.3 cm wide. It is already very small in the current docking station with so many ports.

The handling of details is also very authentic. In order to better avoid damage to the corners of the expansion dock, the entire expansion dock adopts a rounded corner design as much as possible, which is also different from simple rounded corners. In order to ensure the overall shape of the expansion dock, It also ensures safe use. All the small rounded corners are controlled on the edge as much as possible, so that the hands will not be cut or hurt. This design is not only humanized, but also very humanitarian.

The TYPE-C interface cable is not long, but it just meets the needs. The Satechi expansion dock has HDMI, two USB3.0, TYPE-C, TF card and SD card interfaces, and wired network ports on the side. These ports are used for daily use. Ports that are used very frequently. The daily connection between mobile phone and notebook is very convenient. The USB interface can support 5Gbps data transmission. TYPE-C can support fast charging and high-speed transmission. It is also very practical for users who need video output to participate in meetings. Foldable network port design, open the cover, you can connect the network cable, for the environment without wireless network, it is the bridge between you and the Internet. The whole design is also very user-friendly.

The Satechi expansion dock is currently compatible with all devices with a TYPE-C interface. Compatible with Mac OS and windows system, Apple, Android and other systems.

This cable is also my Amway cable for many times, and many people around me have planted grass because of it. At present, the HDMI2.0 cable with the smallest diameter and the metal aluminum alloy shell are also better in texture and feel. Of course, the key point is it. It can also be perfectly integrated with a notebook.

18Gbps theoretical transmission bandwidth, 32-channel audio transmission, supports high-quality output of large screens. 34AWG tinned copper wire core aluminum foil + braiding + ground wire triple shielding signal transmission is strong, even if it is placed on the table, there is no need to worry about the interference of many wires mixed together.

There is not much problem or impact for daily use to connect notebooks, desktops, PS5, or projectors.

Special reminder that when choosing an HDMI cable above 5M, you must buy a cable with a built-in amplifying signal chip, so as to ensure the stability of the image quality: the port of the cable with a built-in amplifying chip will be longer and the direction will be marked separately.

I recently received a new product, which will be launched on April 6. Compared with the performance of the Red Magic Magnetic Radiator 4, its biggest feature is its stronger heat dissipation and cooling capacity, and it is also smaller in appearance.

Because of its small size, it has been used for several days recently, and the overall feeling is still very good. Customized 40*40mm TEC semiconductor cooling cooling, which is much more efficient than traditional passive cooling, RGB cool lighting effect, aluminum alloy turbo radiator, suspended air duct for efficient air supply, export efficiency increased by 33%, the highest can be reduced by 34°C, the lowest It can condense the air into ice at -9°C. Strong magnetic suction, super small and easy to carry.

The 7-blade high-speed fan is powerful for cooling, and the air volume is abundant while being quiet. Redmagic AI temperature control is automatically adjusted according to the live situation of the mobile phone. Reject the overheating and coldness of mobile phone batteries, safe and efficient.

It is up to him that old mobile phones can play large-scale games smoothly, even if the old mobile phones of three or four years can be replaced with new ones.

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