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Invincible online experience - Razer Pro Type Ultra


Razer Pro type ultra is a computer peripheral with many programmable functions. If you are not a professional gamer, it may take a little time to get used to it. However, as a keyboard with many useful functions, Razer pro type ultra will It is a very good keyboard, let's take a look now.

First of all, this keyboard is not well compatible with Apple platforms and cannot be connected via Bluetooth, but it can be connected to Apple computers wirelessly and wired.

The keyboard is well constructed, the yellow mechanical switches are very quiet, the keycaps have 3.5mm of travel, and the actuation point is at 1.2mm, making it a good product for those who need to type for a long time.

Razer's software can be downloaded from the official website, users can create configuration files and upload them to the cloud, share keyboards with other users, and simultaneously Synapse software makes it easy to create and bind macros, pair Razer devices to work together, and even use Synapse The Hypershift feature allows temporarily using a secondary command set on top of the standard key assignments.


The keys on this keyboard feature Razer's proprietary yellow mechanical switches under each key, rated for up to 80 million clicks, and each key has sound-deadening foam to make typing as quiet as possible. The keycaps themselves have a soft-touch coating that enhances the typing experience.

There is a kickstand on the bottom left and right of the keyboard, which can adjust the keyboard angle by 6° to 9°, and the padded leatherette wrist rest is very good.

The shell of the keyboard is mainly made of plastic material, and the surface of the keyboard under the keys is made of metal, which makes an outstanding contribution to the weight of this keyboard of 1038g. Backlit LEDs help with typing in low-light environments, and there's plenty of space on the keyboard frame and bottom of the keys for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Due to the increased height of the keys after integrating the yellow mechanical switches, the wrist needs to be bent upwards to type effectively when typing, although the wrist pad provides some relief.

The 2.4ghz wireless function is good, and it can pair the keyboard with a mouse compatible with Razer. However, Bluetooth is always difficult to find on the computer. The wired connection uses a USB-C to USB-A cable, which can not only connect but also give the keyboard Charge.

This keyboard lasted 214 hours with a bluetooth connection, and 207 at 2.4ghz (without the backlight). With the backlight on, the wireless connection only provides 13 hours of battery life.

It's a great keyboard if you use macros and programmable keys, want great wireless capabilities, and have a decent experience.

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