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iPad Almighty Assistant - Rapoo XK300 Bluetooth Keyboard

For a long time in the past, there has been a saying in the tablet computer industry: "There are two kinds of tablets: iPad and others". iPad has almost become synonymous with tablet computers with its excellent product strength and powerful software ecosystem. Even though major domestic manufacturers have poured into the tablet market in the past two years and launched many excellent tablet products, it is still difficult to shake the dominance of the iPad in the tablet field.

There are also a lot of third-party products on the market that are compatible with the iPad. For the needs of learning and light office work, Rapoo has launched the XK300 Bluetooth keyboard, which can be adapted to the iPad tablet with a 10.2/10.5-inch screen on the market. iPad productivity has been greatly improved.

not just a keyboard

The outer packaging of the Rapoo XK300 keyboard is still in the classic blue packaging of Rapoo. The box includes the XK300 keyboard, a Type-C charger and a product manual.

The XK300 keyboard has a tough business style, the surface is made of TPU leather fabric, the anti-slip and scratch-resistant effect is very good, and it is also very convenient to clean up. You don’t have to worry about other objects scratching and leaving scratches when you put it in the backpack, so that the iPad will always be kept as new. .

The keyboard adopts a double-sided folding design, which is fixed by the magnetic suction structure. The magnetic suction is moderately tight, and the buckle will not be loosened by daily shaking. The "rapoo" logo of the leather fabric can be used as the hinge of the ipad protective cover, or Support connection for ipad keyboard stand.

The inner layer of the protective shell has a uniform honeycomb texture, which can provide better heat dissipation for the ipad. Precisely positioned speakers, microphone openings, and charging ports are reserved in the corners and surroundings, so daily video playback and charging will not be affected.

For Apple Pencil users, the keyboard is also intimately equipped with a built-in Pencil Holder storage position, which is convenient to carry around and prevents the stylus from being lost or dropped.

For the keyboard part, due to the limitation of the area, the distribution of the keys is relatively compact, but the reasonable layout makes the actual use very smooth, and it is not easy to misuse.

The large-area multi-touch touchpad equipped with the keyboard supports up to 16 shortcut functions.

The smooth surface also makes it very easy to use, greatly improving work efficiency.

The right side of the touchpad is the switch/reset button and the status indicator light. The indicator light can visually see the status of the remaining power, Bluetooth connection, and keyboard capitalization.

Rapoo XK300 not only serves as an extended keyboard for the iPad, but also serves as a protective case and stand for the iPad. The overall material and workmanship are very careful.


The Rapoo XK300 has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which can maintain a stable connection after simple settings on the iPad. Typing and gesture operations are very smooth, and the keyboard supports automatic sleep. When you need to use it again, you only need to tap to wake it up, and the reconnection speed is also very fast. quick.

The keyboard with scissor foot structure has a short key travel and quick rebound, plus the matte texture keycap, the touch is delicate, and the typing comfort is very good.

Compared with typing directly on the touch screen, the texture has been improved several levels, and the button feedback is obvious, which greatly reduces the false touch rate.

In addition to the conventional 64 buttons, the Rapoo XK300 also has 16 multimedia buttons. By pressing the function keys in the first row, functions such as screen lock, screenshot, and search can be easily realized.

The silky touchpad supports 4-finger operations, through gesture operations, functions such as cursor sliding, application switching, screen capture, and zooming can be realized with a light swipe of the fingertips.

The keyboard has a cover-closing sleep/flip wake-up function, and the daily experience is also very smooth.

In addition to such a wealth of functions, the battery life of the Rapoo XK300 is also very powerful. The keyboard has a built-in 250mAh lithium battery, which can provide about 25 hours of battery life, and the standby time has reached 100 days.

Even if you forget to charge, the keyboard can be used while charging. The universal Type-C interface allows users to charge through a computer, charger or mobile power supply.


Nowadays, the performance of tablets is getting stronger and stronger, and light office work is no longer a problem, and it can even meet most of our moderate office needs. The XK300 launched by Rapoo has further amplified the productivity of the ipad. With the development of technology and the improvement of craftsmanship, "why should your next computer be a computer", the advertising slogan that once seemed far away is now being implemented step by step. accomplish.

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