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Ipad Pro 2021 and Magic Keyboard experience

Since my Ipad mini 6 felt that the screen was too small for reading at home, I wanted to try a larger Ipad, so I simply bought an Ipad pro 2021 256G;

That’s right, you’re not mistaken, this TMD is to create your own needs; later on, Magic Keyboard is also, I think it should be easy to use, suitable for Ipad typing (in fact, I can’t type much), so I bought it and tried it;

In order to get the goods as soon as possible, I found a store on JD.com that can ship to Shanghai;

I bought the Magic Keyboard from JD.com but didn’t ship it. Later, I found a store in Taobao in Shanghai and sent it in a flash, and it arrived within 2 hours;

When I got it in my hand, one corner of the box was bent, and I was a little nervous.

But after opening, everything is normal, okay:

The inside is still as simple as ever

Unboxing of Magic Keyboard:

Although the price is really expensive, but the texture is really good

Advantages (Shuangsanlian)

big screen, cool

High refresh rate, cool

Split screen operation, cool

This is the feel, cool and cool! (From Da Zhangwei: Beer Shuang)


It’s too heavy when combined with Magic Keyboard, it’s almost catching up with my Thinkpad X1, and it’s only 25g lighter; the next generation of keyboards will have to make a fuss about the weight;

The Ipad battery drained too quickly. At first I thought there was something wrong with my machine, but after checking online, many users were like this;

Advantages: good texture, comfortable typing, excellent touchpad, consistent operating habits with MAC;

Disadvantages: I don’t know if it’s my personal problem. I always make mistakes when typing. When I want to type QAZ, I always hit WSX; it may be because the keyboard is too small; like the picture below, two hands are basically covered the keyboard

Personally, I feel that the M1 Ipad Pro is still worth buying. Of course, the price I bought is definitely not cost-effective. Now the price of 618 is hundreds of dollars cheaper than mine. Because of the discount, basically Shanghai does not ship it. I can only envy and hate;

As for the keyboard, the official Magic Control is too expensive, and I have never used the flat replacement keyboard, but I have read many reviews that the flat replacement is very good; if the budget is sufficient, I recommend the official one, after all, the touchpad is really cool;

PS: It will be even more NB if the pen supports writing on the touchpad;

In order to realize the value of the purchased Ipad and keyboard, this article is written on the Ipad; it may be due to the lack of proficiency in using it, and the experience is still worse than that of a PC;

In addition, if I want to use Ipad as productivity, it is definitely not advisable for me. Many office documents, emails, VPNs and professional software in the company still do not support Ipad very well at present;

PS: I think the IPAD APP optimization is not very good for what is worth buying at present. I wrote this article with the built-in browser of the Ipad. It is recommended to consider the user experience of the Ipad end users and find a product manager to design it.

Note: I am too greedy to take pictures, so some of the pictures in the article are quoted from the Internet. If you have any questions, please contact to delete.

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