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IQUNIX OG80 Happy Vending Machine Save Unhappy

To be honest, I really didn’t expect that the keyboard I chose to repurchase was actually OG80. When I chose OG80 Wormhole, I was really attracted by its appearance at first sight. After more than half a year of use, I really can't put it down, and I have been thinking about buying one for the office. It just so happens that IQUNIX launched a new color scheme of OG80 - the happy vending machine, so buy one to see how this new version sells happiness.

The packaging is still the usual black carton of IQUNIX, but the middle envelope has changed to red and white, which is also the color of this happy vending machine.

Accessories are still plentiful - dust cover, steel wire key and shaft integrated device, USB Type-C cable, USB Type-C interface converter, retractable cleaning brush, replaceable keycaps customized for MAC users ( Use the FN key + TAB key to switch the corresponding keys of the MAC layout) and personalized keycaps, IQUNIX stickers, and warranty cards

It is worth mentioning that the dust cover of the OG80 also has an opening for the data cable, which is convenient for charging.

The happy vending machine still retains the OG80 series matte translucent transparent material, and the color matching is very unrestrained with bright red and pure white keycaps. This kind of color matching is really rare on the keyboard. Isn’t this color scheme the color scheme of Fat Boy’s Fast Water, so when you think about it, you will be happy. In terms of appearance, the OG80 adopts the shape of a retro typewriter, showing a stepped structure, which is very ergonomically designed and ensures that the hand can always be at a comfortable angle when using it, which is largely due to the distribution of key positions and keys. Inclined angle design. In addition, the buttons in the F area are tilted at a larger angle, making it easier for users to use multimedia function buttons in their daily lives.

On the forehead of the keyboard is still the magnetic 2.4G receiver storage compartment and the nameplate of IQUNIX OG80. I think IQUNIX can consider a storage compartment cover of different colors, so that everyone can match different styles of keycaps.

There is only a wired and wireless mode switch at the bottom of the keyboard, and the PCB board of the keyboard can be seen through the translucent plastic shell. Now that the GASKET structure is popular, I have the urge to disassemble it and fill the bottom of the PCB board with the sound-absorbing cotton surface.

In terms of key arrangement, it is naturally 83-key layout, canceling the number area on the far right makes the layout of the keyboard more compact. For users who spend most of their time working on text, omitting the number area will not affect Normal work can also save more desk space.

In terms of keycap design, the letter keys of this keyboard use relatively round and lovely fonts, and a certain personalized design is made on the function keys, which are also cute and funny in style, especially the keys on the SHIFT and Enter keys. Thumbs up pattern, seeing this scene of cheering myself up after working for hours, the fatigue at work is greatly relieved. The Happiness Vending Machine - aptly named, it does save unhappiness. The additional happy theme keycaps in the accessories can also be matched to create a more personal style happy keyboard

The Happy vending machine currently provides Cherry green switches, red switches, TTC gold powder, and quick silver switches, and there are matte and RGB versions for us to choose from. This time I bought the OG80 happy vending machine and chose the TTC fast silver shaft;

People in Jianghu often say: The only thing in martial arts in the world is speed. The TTC fast silver axis with faster trigger and faster rebound is undoubtedly a sharp weapon for us "Internet addicts". The TTC quick silver switch has the same total stroke as the silver switch of 3.4mm, but the trigger stroke is shorter, only 1.08mm, which makes the TTC quick silver switch have a faster trigger response. Faster triggers also have certain problems, that is, false triggers. In order to solve such problems as false touches, TTC quick silver switches have increased the initial pressure grams to 39GF compared with silver switches, while the trigger pressure is 45GF and the bottoming pressure is 58GF, which greatly reduces the occurrence of false touches. In actual use, the TTC quick silver switch is a very comfortable switch. Its linear structure design brings a stronger and more powerful feel. It goes up and down very smoothly. The trigger is sensitive but not easy to touch by mistake. The structure of the double-segment spring makes it quickly rebound and follow the hand after touching the bottom, especially suitable for players who like linear axes.

In the design of large keys, the aluminum factory has always used the balance bar structure, which has the advantages of strong mechanical sense, fast rebound, and crisp feel, which can maintain the consistency of the entire keyboard. The disadvantage is that it will be more troublesome when disassembling the keycap.

Aluminum factory keyboards always support hot-swappable PCB design, and are compatible with three-legged switches and five-legged switches. mechanical keyboard.

The keycaps are OEM height, and the surface has been frosted, and the characters are printed by dye-sublimation process, and the characters are clear. The advantage of PBT material is that it has high wear resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

The IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine still has a matte version and an RGB version. The price difference between the two is only about 100 yuan, so it is natural to choose the RGB version. The RGB brightness of the OG80 is still good, even if you turn on the screen hanging lamp or desk lamp, you can clearly see the RGB lighting effect, and the 4000ma battery of the keyboard also guarantees enough battery life.

Of course, we can also replace it with other light-transmitting keycaps to make the RGB more fierce. It's a pity that the OG80 driver has been difficult to produce, so now it is not possible to customize and edit RGB lighting effects. Aluminum factory, you have to work hard!

Generally speaking, the IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine is a keyboard with a super high value. The retro-style typewriter shape and the lively and cheerful design in color matching are very pleasing. In addition to the appearance value that makes people prone to impulsive consumption, the keyboard is not inferior in terms of feel, battery life, and RGB effects. If you are also a peripheral enthusiast or love customized keyboards, you can also choose the most suitable customized switch body according to your personal usage habits. The design of hot-swappable switches greatly increases the playability of this keyboard, and you can also do it yourself. Add noise-absorbing cotton at the bottom to get a better button sound effect.

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