iRocks K74M hot-swappable mechanical keyboard improves efficiency

In fact, the original reason for buying the K74M was that I wanted a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard to improve work efficiency.

The desktop looks like this now

I have dual screens on my desk

It really doesn't make sense to continue to use the keyboard of the laptop

In addition, the company’s table is almost full of voices and other mechanical keyboard sounds, so of course we have to keep up. When we saw that the price of K74M on Taobao was less than 700, we decisively placed an order.

I originally thought that the mechanical keyboard should have a lot of weight, but it is not, and compared with other colorful neon gaming keyboards

I personally like this restrained appearance

When the keyboard is disassembled, in addition to the keyboard itself, there are four switches, a USB-C cable, and a switch puller. Although the coffee sound is a must-have sound effect for a mechanical keyboard, I don’t know if it’s because of the addition of the red switch. There is sound-absorbing cotton stuffed inside. Compared with my friend’s mechanical keyboard, the sound is really much quieter. The blank key and Enter key are also good. There is no sensual or wire feeling. It takes tens of thousands of typing every day to make presentations and write reports. I don't think it's a word of Kaka, it's really easy to use, but... It really feels like killing a chicken with a sledgehammer on my desk

So in the end take K74M home and go to a place that suits him better

(This picture looks much more comfortable xd It feels like one piece, which unexpectedly matches my G603

Basically, in the original setting, the white light under the keyboard is always on, and the brightness is full, but you can set it according to your personal preference, whether it is brightness or other special effects, after clicking the button, the lights will turn on sequentially or automatically surround lights up... Waiting for five effects

Then there are the three buttons and the scroll wheel in the upper right corner, which is also one of the reasons that attracted me to buy this keyboard

Because of this function, I no longer need to press Fn + F10 to adjust the volume, just press the volume button to adjust the volume with the scroll wheel

And the accuracy is also more efficient than pressing slowly before. If you have other needs, you can also enter the background setting

To adjust the tools you need, you can add or subtract

It just seems like there are only 6 fields to use

Two-stage height adjustment

Next is the use of the key puller

Because it was the first time I used it, I didn't know how to apply the force at first, or I couldn't pull it out, or it would fly as soon as I pulled it out. I didn't know until later... I was too careful, as long as it is pressed tightly and then it can be pulled out with a little force, it is the same whether it is a key or a shaft

It makes me feel good to pack this keyboard for a lazy person and the points to pay attention to

1. Affordable price and easy access

2. Backlight brightness is just right for an office

3. The scroll wheel in the upper right corner is very convenient to customize

4. Feel good, built-in sound-absorbing cotton without too much noise

5. Separation of keys and wires + floating keyboard + hot-swappable switch

6. There is keyboard software available on the official website, intuitive + better than nothing...

7. Changing the keycaps should be a general specification. I plan to change a few sets to play around with, and then report back to everyone.

8. The shaft can be hot-swapped, but with a little force

Perfect for home or office

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