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Is the mechanical keyboard that Apple computers can also use, Dareu A87Pro easy to use?

As we all know, although Apple products have unique features, the accessories that come with them make me feel a little uncomfortable. Take the iMac as an example. It cost more than 10,000 yuan to deliver a set of keyboard and mouse that is not easy to use, especially the keyboard is not only small but also the design of the keys is very compact. This gives me code words, P Maps, etc. have brought a lot of influence, so I want to replace it more and more. In the early stage, I also searched for a lot of keyboards, but not many of them are fully compatible with the iMac system. Apple is very picky. It is either a Bluetooth pairing problem or a delay in the key signal. Recently, I got my hands on the Dareu A87Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard. Can it be better compatible with Apple computers? Please see my online experience sharing.

It can be known from the outer packaging that this is an 87-key mechanical keyboard. This time I chose the Zijin Switch Pro developed by Dareu. In fact, it also has a Sky Switch V3 version, which is more suitable for girls.

In terms of accessories, in addition to the Dareu A87Pro keyboard, it is also equipped with a data cable, a key puller, and an instruction manual.

I have used mechanical keyboards such as red switches, black switches, and brown switches before, and this is the first time I have used the Zijin Switch Pro. It can be known from the product manual that Zijin Switch Pro uses a brand-new fence-type shaft core structure, and high-density gold-plated springs are also used inside. That's why it's particularly comfortable to operate.

Dareu A87Pro is designed as an 87 keyboard, with a size of 363mm*135mm*37m, a weight of 964g, and a medium-sized key body. Except for the number keypad, other function keys are equipped. In addition, the appearance of this keyboard is very high, the overall color is sky blue, the enter key has a rainbow pattern, and the backspace key is also printed with stars and moons, which seems to have a sense of agility.

Its buttons are designed in a square shape and made of PBT material, which is more comfortable to touch. Its keycap characters are made of two-color injection molding, which is more wear-resistant than ordinary printing, and will not fade over time.

The working indicator light of the keyboard is placed above the cursor keypad, so that it is easier to see at close range.

Users who like to DIY can use the attached key puller to remove the keycap. During operation, both sides need to be fixed at the same time, and it can be removed with a light pull. After the keycap is removed, you can see its purple gold switch Pro switch body. According to official data, the life of this purple gold shaft can reach 80 million times, the operating force is about 60±5gf, and the total key stroke is 3.3±0.3mm.

The mechanical switch body can also be removed with the other end of the key puller. This keyboard supports hot swapping, so its mechanical switch can also be folded and installed under normal working conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the Dareu A87Pro mechanical keyboard supports the coexistence of multiple switches. It can be used with 99% of the mechanical switches on the market, which means that it can integrate brown switches, green switches, red switches, black switches, etc. , Let users enjoy the experience of using different shafts together.

The Dareu A87Pro mechanical keyboard supports three interconnection methods: USB wired, 2.4G wireless and BT Bluetooth. When switching, just click the gear on the left side of the keyboard to achieve it.

If you choose 2.4G wireless connection, you need to plug its USB transceiver into the computer, and then use the wireless mode for docking.

If the wired mode is used, one end of the built-in USB data cable needs to be connected to the computer, and the other end of the typc-C is inserted into the keyboard interface.

I use the Bluetooth mode to link with the iMac, the operation is also very simple, first switch to the BT mode, and then use the FN+Q key combination to start the blue pairing mode, and it will be found on the computer soon.

iMac can quickly find Dareu A87Pro, which is much faster than other Bluetooth devices. Then, click connect to use this keyboard. As a reminder, use the FN+W key combination to switch to the MAC system mode, so that you can use various hotkeys like the original keyboard.

The Dareu A87Pro with a full-key and no-stroke design is especially easy to use under iMac. No matter how many keys are pressed, it can respond to the trigger instantly, which is very helpful for users who like to use combination keys.

After using this keyboard, I feel that my code words are much faster than before, and it is much more convenient to use shortcut keys when processing PS images. I really hope that Dareu can produce a mouse that matches the keyboard, so that the bulky Apple original mouse can be replaced.

In daily use, you can also turn on its RGB backlight effect, use FN+[to switch lighting mode or use FN+] to switch the color of the light effect, but I turned it off to save power.

Finally, let’s talk about its battery life. It has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery. It can be used for up to 45 days without the RGB lighting effect, and it can also be used for a week when the lighting effect mode is turned on. In addition, it is equipped with a smart sleep function by default, even if you forget to turn off the power, it will help you save a lot of power.

Experience summary

As a three-mode mechanical keyboard designed with 87 keys, it not only has a high value but also is very practical, especially with a strong hand feel. Today, it has become my main keyboard, which not only improves my coding speed, but also helps in processing P pictures and PR videos. Finally, let me tell you that this mechanical keyboard is very compatible with the iMac, and the key delay is almost the same as the original keyboard, and the battery life is not bad. I recommend more Apple computer users to choose it.

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