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Is the price of 238 worth buying for the unboxing nerd GK980+ keyboard kit?

The last mechanical keyboard was RK98, and I didn't expect to use it without saying a word. Can't believe it was changed three times. (Fortunately, Dongge has a great after-sales service). The most recent replacement was also a problem of wireless disconnection. I wanted to plug it in and use it. In the end, I applied for after-sales service again, and the yellow croaker was sold out when I got it.

Because of the problem of wireless disconnection, I was deeply impressed. Therefore, the first choice for buying a mechanical keyboard this time is to want a wired one. There is no good choice after choosing and choosing. It was put on hold for a while.

Later, I saw in the evaluation video of a certain big guy on station B that the wireless solution of the GK75 of the little nerd was directly catching up with the first-line manufacturers. All of a sudden aroused interest. Decide on it.

I went to Jingdong's self-operated place to have a look. But the 75 arrangement is very hesitant. I am used to 98 arrays, with number keys, and usually small number keys are also often used. It just so happens that the nerd also has a 98 configuration, and uses the same wireless solution as the 75, but the nerd 98 is self-operated and costs 499. Not to mention the price, I feel that the axis is not well understood and I don’t want to enter. Another Crazy Kit Fest from Straight Nervous. The price of the 98 suite is 238 yuan. So I decided to get a kit. Because Jingdong still has hundreds of Jingdou and so on, I finally chose to start at the Jingdong store, add a rotary button, and start at 246.1 (store member discount).

I chose the white case. After buying it, I found out that there is also an Al Tuo option, and the price is not acceptable to my lj guy.

Let's take a look at the outer packaging first, the white carton. Very minimalistic.

Comes with 6 trial axes.

Open it inside, there are several manuals, typec interface data cable, and an optional rotary button. A signal adapter, and keyboard, protective cover.

The workmanship of the kit is quite good. The gaps are even all around. Not like I used to. The gaps around are not firm. It is also very heavy in the hand.

The keyboard structure is Lite Gasket. Looking closely at the positioning plate, we can see that there is a thick layer of translucent white silicone pad between the positioning plate and the keyboard PCB, and a thin pad of the same material around the axle seat.

keyboard details

space bar close-up

The GK980 kit has 6 different shaft mounts, each with 4 round metal contacts. , can realize the hot-swappable exchange of the shaft body and the knob. Still pretty cool.

The surface is a cover plate that is connected to the surroundings. I don’t know what this is called. The well-made gaps around are also the reason for this structure.

the back of the keyboard.

There is a black logo area in the middle. There are two switch buttons here, the left is to adjust the 2.4G wireless connection, wired connection, and Bluetooth connection, and the right is to select the system.

Two-stage foot support, try it out. The largest piece is tighter.

The workmanship of the non-slip mat is very good.

The data cable has three-wire outlets. Easy cable management.

There is a QR code on the upper right, and the 2.4G receiver is stored here. Take it out on the side. Personally, I don't think this design is very convenient. The advantage is that it is not easy to drop, and the disadvantage is that it is not easy to take out and store. Not as convenient as magnetic suction.

The data cable is a nylon braided wire. Very strong, hard really hard.

The optional spin button is cool and easy to use. Plug in to control the volume. That is, the purchase price is 40 yuan.

The attached adapter can plug 2.4G here, and the other end can be connected to the data cable to extend the signal. The material is very good, and the shell is made of metal.

The GK980 keyboard suite uses the Nordic wireless solution. This chipset has 1ms low-latency frequency-hopping anti-jamming technology, which can provide a stable wireless connection. The battery is 4000mAh. It is said on the Internet that it is a bit broken. However, the shaft and keycaps have not yet arrived, and there is no actual hands-on experience. Overall, this kit alone makes me think it's worth buying. Can be customized according to needs. Basically everything you need is there.

Well, that's all for this article, and I'll share my post-assembly experience next time. Thank you for your patience to watch, and friends who like it give me a thumbs up.

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