It has the taste you want--CIY CAKE 21 digital keypad to get started

With the rise of customized keyboards in the past two years, the small-arrangement keyboards are constantly changing, but for small-arrangement players, basically their own keyboards do not have a small keyboard number area at least, and even 40%/60% of the players There may not even be arrow keys. For the occasional multi-digit input, it will be somewhat inconvenient. Choosing a numeric pad keypad is basically another choice for everyone. Recently, the price butcher finally launched a 21-key dual-mode keypad after a year of dove. It supports rgb lighting, etc. The configuration is not bad.

The packaging style has changed from the usual plain kraft paper style, and this time the outer packaging is also a little expensive. In order to enrich the playability, the accessories are not only the basic dual-purpose key puller, the spiral type-c data cable (I don’t understand why there is no The shell is the same color), a 2.4G receiver, a BL-5C battery full of childhood memories, and a box of replacement accessories.

I chose the black version to match my GAS67 keyboard. I hope that the purple version will be released later to be more coordinated. CAKE21 supports wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth connections. Design, supports five-legged and three-legged shafts, and the compatibility of the shaft body is not bad. At the same time, the led patch lamp supports 16 million color light adjustments.

CAKE21 is a ready-to-use kit. You don’t need to install it yourself. The satellite shaft has been pre-installed and lubricated at the factory. At the same time, it is equipped with silicone sandwich pads. The configuration is very similar to the GAS67 you bought before.

The most special thing should be the dual power supply design. Whether you are a rechargeable player or a dry battery replacement player, there is always one that suits you, and no matter what the situation, there will be no power shortage.

In terms of the shaft body, many friends in CIY TES68 joked that it was a shaft tester before, but I think that is still too big. The size of this CAKE21 is more suitable for a shaft tester to decompress. Just install a small number of novel switches, the hot-swappable feature really brings unlimited playability to the keyboard, and makes the trial feature a lot easier at once, whether it is a single axis or a large key position.

The level of the large key position is still consistent with other CIY products, which is less than 100 points, but not less than 70 points.

The RGB lighting effect of CAKE21 is playable, not only supports music rhythm, but also supports keyboard shortcuts to directly switch lighting effects and so on. However, the battery life has not been tested, and it is not clear how long it can last with the lights on.

The layout of CAKE21 is to add 4 function keys on the basis of the traditional digital area. I prefer the semi-transparent style. The half-covered hazy effect of the pipa can give people a feeling of infinite reverie. The CAKE21 kit is still very compatible with various keycaps, except that it is not so transparent with my GAS67 purple. outside of coordination.

CAKE21 officially also provides Windows drivers, which can directly customize lighting effects, button macros and other functions. At the same time, after setting, it is also directly stored onboard, so there is no need to open the driver all the time. The configuration file also supports backup settings such as import and export, which is relatively good Useful, configuration aspects should be highly praised. Of course, the keyboard itself has its own driver-free operation. If you don’t use macros, most of the functions can be configured without the driver. With the fn key, lighting adjustment, macro, etc., can be directly operated, which is quite convenient.

The reason why CAKE21 is said to have very rich playability is because CIY officials not only provide a single-button slotted PC positioning board with different feel, but also reserve the holes for the PCB satellite axis on the PCB, that is to say, if you want to It is also possible to become a steelless number pad. However, you must be very careful when toggling the switch, as it is easy to be damaged in battle.

Personally, I think the lighting brightness of the keyboard itself of CAKE21 is almost meaningless. However, with three-mode connection, hot-swappable design, playable RGB lighting, and driver settings that can be customized, the Variety Monster can satisfy all kinds of touches. The key ring is really something different.

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