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It is actually stuffed into the numeric keypad on the basis of 60%? —Evaluation experience of upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

I think when it comes to small-sized keyboards, many players will think of the popular 68% configuration. Because it retains 60% of its compact shape and also adds direction keys and some function keys, it is relatively balanced in size and function. However, for players who need to frequently tap numbers, 68% of the arrays lacking a small keyboard are still difficult to perform more tedious number tapping tasks.

Indeed, in the choice of functionality and form factor, such pain points do leave a certain market space. Of course, where there is a market, there are opportunities. The upstart GM780 displayed this time is such a mechanical keyboard with a special arrangement.

This upstart GM780 adopts a very unique 75% key arrangement. While cutting off the F area, it retains the arrow keys and the number area, which perfectly solves the problem of small size and no number input. At the same time, this keyboard also has Bluetooth, 2.4g Wireless and wired three-mode connection, real Gasket structure, co-branded Dailuo switch with Kaihua, black transparent PC shell, original height PBT two-color keycaps, hot-swappable and other rich functions.

OK, the introduction is almost done, let's take a look at the actual performance of this upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard.

The packaging of this upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard is very dreamy, and the combination of pink and purple also complements the keyboard theme.

After opening the package, you can see the keyboard body, and you can see that it also comes with a transparent dust cover. For me who lives in a northern city, I must like it.

The accessories that come with this time are quite rich, including a two-in-one tool for pulling out shafts and keys, personalized supplementary keycaps, power cords, four replaceable shafts, and manuals.

The first impression of this upstart GM780 is that it does not look like a mass-produced keyboard at all. Whether it is color matching, shape design, or material materials, the visual effect is unique and different, completely out of the mass-produced company. model impression.

The theme in my hand is called "Fog Mountain". Although I can't guess what it has to do with the fog, the overall color matching is still unified and harmonious. The light purple letter area and the light gray functional area have a natural transition. Coupled with the color bar on the forehead, I inadvertently think of the taste of retro "vapor wave".

Speaking of retro, the large raised forehead on the front also has that kind of nostalgic feeling.

As I said at the beginning, this upstart GM780 adopts a very niche 75% arrangement, that is, the F area is cut off, and the direction keys and number areas are reserved, and each partition is partitioned to avoid overcrowding and accidental touches.

The keyboard on the shell is made of black PC material, and the edge is processed with multi-layer wiring, so that the overall look will not be too monotonous.

After all, it is not a hull structure, so the edges are a bit thick, and it is best to add a palm rest when knocking to avoid hanging in the air.

On the left side of the end are the power switch key, connection mode selection key and Type-c interface.

Turn it over, you can see that the bottom of the upstart GM780 has a whole piece of rubber pad, so there is no such effect of seeing through the PCB directly.

Below the bottom metal nameplate is the storage compartment for the 2.4g wireless receiver.

The foot support adopts a three-stage structure, which is convenient for players to find a suitable tapping angle.

In terms of the shaft body, the upstart GM780 I experienced this time uses the Dailuo shaft co-branded with Kaihua, and the feel type is advanced paragraph.

I tried it with my hands, and the smoothness and stability when knocking are still quite poor, but some shafts have a little "sand, sand" noise, which may be improved after the shaft is lubricated.

The big key position is still the traditional positioning board satellite shaft, which is very firm when shaking, and grease is added inside.

This time the upstart GM780 adopts a real Gasket structure, and its internal leaf spring structure can be seen through the transparent shell on the side.


Through a video to feel how the percussion feel of this product is.

In addition, this upstart GM780 has also added a hot-swappable base, which is more playable and easier to maintain later.

In terms of keycaps, this time it uses the original height of the PBT two-color keycaps, which is ergonomic.

Although I don't know which OEM it is, but after looking at it, the overall quality is quite good, the characters are consistent in thickness, the surface feels smooth, and the color matching is also in line with the theme.

In addition, the personalized keycap with five-sided sublimation is also outstanding, with bright colors, high saturation, rich images and even coloring.

After all, it is a transparent shell, so it can show a crystal clear feeling in terms of lighting effects.

However, since the keycap is still made of opaque PBT material, the overall light effect is actually dominated by the ambient light, which can be used to enhance the atmosphere.

Finally, I tried the wireless connection, and the connection stability is good. The 2.4g has a slight delay in use, but it has no effect on the codeword.

Through these few days of use, I found that the performance of this upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard is quite excellent.

First of all, this keyboard has a good experience in appearance. The large forehead with a retro feel, the black PC shell, the color matching of light gray and lavender, and the more balanced 75% configuration make this upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical The keyboard is eye-catching, coupled with the co-branded Kaihua Dailuo shaft body, RGB lighting effect, hot-swappable base, PBT two-color keycaps, three-mode connection, etc., it is almost impossible to find a big keyboard in the user experience. blemishes.

So if you have the pursuit of a keyboard's appearance, feel, and configuration, then this upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard is really worth a try.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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