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It's a man who wants to drive Gundam! IKBCx Freedom Gundam Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to Gundam, it is the childhood of many boys. It is every boy's dream to drive a Gundam of their own. Of course, wanting to drive Gundam is just a beautiful dream after all, but it is still possible to have a Gundam co-branded mechanical keyboard. It is also a good choice to let Gundam accompany you in another form.

The joint mechanical keyboard this time is still from IKBC. This time I chose the color scheme of Freedom Gundam. After all, the first assembled toy I bought when I was in college was MG Freedom Gundam. At this time, some friends may ask, you guys said you like Zaku before, why do you like freedom now? Isn’t this a betrayal? As an adult, I can say that lofty statement with my wallet" Me: I want it all!

Compared with the previous Zaku packaging, it is obvious that the only outer packaging this time is more concise. The box is mainly white, with the IKBC Logo printed on the front. This color matching is consistent with the main color of Liberty.

The upper left corner of the box is the joint logo of IKBC and Gundam SEED. After all, the Freedom Gundam this time comes from SEED.

The label of Chuangtong·Rishengshe in the lower right corner means that this keyboard is genuinely authorized.

Unlike the previous Zaku, this Freedom Gundam is a single-layer box, and the keyboard itself is directly opened.

In terms of accessories, there are not many, but they are enough. There are everything you need: keyboard body, dust cover, key puller, manual, and 2 AAA batteries.

Take out the keyboard body, the joint mechanical keyboard is designed based on IKBC's W210 as the prototype, the overall color is dark blue and blue, embellished with a large area of ​​white keycaps and a small number of red and yellow keycaps, The color scheme of the FREEDOM GUNDAM that makes up the main character Kira Yamato, regardless of the pattern above, this color scheme alone has a strong Gundam style.

The size of the entire keyboard is about 443*137*42mm, which is a little smaller than the Z200 Pro before IKBC. It weighs about 1.25kg, 2.4G wireless connection, six keys without punch, Cherry MX red switch, standard full-size keyboard, after connecting it You can use it directly without any discomfort.

Let's take a look at the biggest highlight of this keyboard, the joint name with Freedom Gundam. The first thing that catches the eye is the direction keypad, the unfolded dragoon system, and the silhouette of the 5 pairs of wings. I can’t think of any words to describe it except handsome. With the logo of "FREEDOM GUNDAM", I feel that the DNA is moving~

The number pad area is full of Gundam elements. The "FREEDOM" on the "+" key, the full-body portrait of the "ENTER" key in the number area, and the HALO on the "0" key all exude the charm of Gundam. Gundam Chef ecstasy~

There are also 4 multimedia keys on the top of the digital area. This time, W210 is not using the ordinary 104-key arrangement, but a higher-end 108-key enhanced version. From left to right, they are mute, volume +, volume + and calculator call out. key. For daily office partners, it is naturally more friendly, not to mention the convenient and practical digital area, just this computer exhalation function can save a lot of repetitive time for the majority of users.

The Enter key is also full of Gundam Freedom, ZAFT X-10A is the model of Freedom Gundam, an advanced assault combat MS designed and developed by ZAFT. Just looking at the area on the right, you can already feel the sincerity of this joint name, which is worthy of every Gundam fan's madness.

The DIECI above Freedom's head is used on the space bar. DIECI originally means "ten" in Italian, referring to the model ZAFT X-10A of Freedom Gundam. After all, the developer in the play is Italian. Speaking of the space bar itself, the design of the satellite axis is used to effectively prevent the left and right imbalances.

The Win keys on both sides are also endowed with Gundam elements.

On the ESC key, the silhouette of the sideways bust of Liberty Gundam is drawn. Drawing such a complicated pattern on such a small keycap can ensure that the printing quality is really excellent, and it also implies the importance of the ESC key among many key positions. status.

The design of the keys that can be seen from the side has a certain curvature, which conforms to the ergonomic design. With the two-stage foot support at the bottom, it is suitable for the typing habits of different people.

The design on the back is relatively simple, including a battery compartment, a pair of kickstands, a nameplate, and 4 anti-skid pads. The nameplate says that this Freedom version is Ver1.1. Is there a follow-up version? A little look forward to it.

Two-stage foot support, each with non-slip foot pads.

The location of the battery compartment. At the same time, there is a power button on the battery compartment. Remember to turn it on when you want to use it. Of course, you don’t need to turn it off frequently in daily use. After all, the battery life of the W210 is quite objective. After replacing the battery, it can be used continuously for several times. Months are no problem.

Open the battery compartment, and the 2.4G signal receiver is hidden here. It is a very clever storage method, and it will not be lost even when it is not in use.

The IKBC Logo is also printed on the front of the signal receiver, and the details are still attentive.

The biggest advantage of a wireless keyboard is to make the desktop more tidy, especially for users like me who have multiple computers. If you use a wired keyboard, the desktop will already be fighting. At the same time, the mutual influence of 2.4G is very low. The two keyboards and two mice are all 2.4G wireless, and there is basically no interference in daily use. Regarding the delay, many people always have the misunderstanding that there is a delay in wireless, and the wireless keyboard in the implementation stage can already achieve the degree of no delay.

This Freedom Gundam still uses the common Cherry switch. As for choosing the red switch, it is naturally my personal habit. The feel of Cherry is as good as ever. You need to use the keyboard frequently to draw pictures and type during work. The comfortable feel is self-evident for your work.

Wear-resistant and oil-resistant PBT keycaps, combined with Cherry's classic linear feel, can't stop typing. The typing experience is straight up and down, with moderate pressure and quick rebound. If it is the first time for a friend to touch a mechanical keyboard, the red switch is definitely an unmistakable choice.

This W210 Freedom Gundam co-branded mechanical keyboard is the third keyboard I started with for office use. Compared with the previous 87-key Zaku and TTC red switch Z200pro, this Freedom Gundam combines the advantages of the two, excellent design, excellent The feel, let me put it down. As a traditional keyboard manufacturer, IKBC has always produced high-quality keyboards, and the joint name with the popular IP Gundam has attracted a large number of fans, which can be called Win Win.

Whether it is daily office work, drawing, or playing games, this W210 Freedom Gundam co-branded keyboard is a good choice. Of course, if you don't like Freedom Gundam, it doesn't matter, there are Zaku, Banshee, RX-78-2, etc. to choose from~

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