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It’s big, white and feels good to the touch, how can I refuse you——Daryou A104 pure white

Speaking of the Dareu brand, everyone will ridicule "top peripherals".

But if you're just kidding, it's all a joke. Recently, Dareu's products are really getting better and better.

Especially its A series, A87, A98, A84, no matter which one is a very good product.

It seems that as long as it is Dareu A series, you can buy it with your eyes closed.

The keyboard opened today is also from Dareu’s A series, but it is a 100% full keyboard layout.

You can think of it as a facelifted version of the A87, but the color of this keyboard is pure white, which is very rare on the market.

The appearance of A104 is the kind of solid-color keyboard that was very popular two or three years ago, with a light blue light.

Since it is white, it should be completely white. The keycaps, casing, top cover, lights and even wires are all white.

And his white is not the gray or green white that is common nowadays, but a very plain and bright cool white.

I don’t know what everyone’s attitude towards white keyboards is. I have always been a loyal white party. For keyboards, handles, and earphones, I will try to choose white if I can. If it is not white, I will try to choose light colors.

In addition to looking very bright and clean, white has an advantage that other colors cannot match, that is, the keycaps are very easy to match.

If you are tired of looking at the pure white keycaps that come with it, you will have a completely different feeling if you spend dozens of dollars to find a set of light-colored ones and replace them.

On this keyboard, any light-colored keycaps will not feel obtrusive.

I don't have many keycaps, so I found a set of pink and blue ones for everyone to see the effect.

White is so versatile, almost all light-colored keycaps can be eaten. These two sets are the same as the original ones, without any awkward feeling.

The shaft body adopts the sky shaft V2 self-developed by Dareu, and the full key is hot-swappable.

Whether it is the quality of the shaft body or the knocking feel, it is remarkable among products at the same price. The hand feels light and rebounds strongly, and the big keys feel crisp.

This time, Dareu distinguished the shafts of the small key and the large key, which can be easily distinguished from the color. The small key is white, and the large key is light blue.

Although the two shafts are called sky shafts, they are somewhat different in terms of pressure grams and feel.

The front section of the small keys will be softer and easier to trigger than the large keys. The big keys are tighter, and they rebound strongly when they hit the bottom.

I tried to change the shaft body of the small key to the large key, and the large key suddenly became light and fluffy, as if it had fallen apart and touched the bottom with a little flesh.

Dareu has slightly increased the pressure grams of the shaft body on the large key, so that the percussion feel of the large key and the small key can be consistent, bringing a better input experience.

It is not new to install two types of trigger pressure switches on a keyboard for the feel, but only Dareu does this at this price.

But what I don't understand the most is that Daryou did it, but there is no publicity at all.

There is no publicity about this on the details page at all, and even the pictures on the details page are wrong.

When I first disassembled it, I thought it was a factory assembly error at first, but after asking, I found out that it was an optimization done by Dareu to make the keyboard feel consistent.

Well done, but next time you must publicize it, if the players don't know, it will feel like a waste of effort.

However, Daryou's solution is not perfect, and there are still a few minor flaws.

Such a large key such as space and Shift is highly praised for this kind of pressure gram distinction, and the feel is indeed consistent with the small key.

However, if the relatively small large keys such as Backspace and Enter use the large key partition shaft, the feel will be much softer than that of the small keys, and the rebound will not be so brittle.

After I tried to replace the large backspace and enter key division switches with ordinary small key switches, the feeling will be better, but it still feels a little soft.

I hope Dareu can solve this problem in the future, and then the big key partition axis will be really perfect.

The keyboard can be easily disassembled by unscrewing the 12 screws on the upper cover.

I almost forgot to mention that the keyboard cover of A104 is magnetic, and it can become a floating keyboard when it is taken off, and the lighting effect of the keyboard will be better after it is taken off.

I don't know if you like this design or not, but the choice is yours.

If you like the floating keyboard, then remove the top cover. If you don't like it, cover it.

After taking it apart, I found something very surprising.

It’s nothing to do sound-absorbing treatment at this price. Domestic keyboards have already rolled up and fly, but there are fewer double-layer sound-absorbing ones at this price.

A104 is not only made of double-layer sound-absorbing materials, but also uses good materials. The top is a silicone shaft pad and the bottom is pearl cotton.

Compared with the Poron material, the pearl cotton will not make the keyboard sound so thick, and it will be a little more brittle.

The PCB and top plate look so thin compared to the thick silicone pad.

But you don’t have to worry about the strength of the keyboard. It is surrounded by high-hardness ABS, and the top plate is made of metal. The workmanship and texture are particularly solid.

In addition to the bottom cotton and silicone pad, the space bar has also done additional sound-absorbing treatment.

It can reduce the resonance sound and cavity sound of the space against the metal roof.

But I can still hear a bit of resonance sound when I put my ear close to it. I don’t know if it’s just my case or it’s not adjusted properly. It's barely audible when typing normally.

The keyboard IC uses a Holtek Semiconductor HT32F52341, ARM Cortex-M0 core, 8KB RAM, 64KB ROM. The shaft seat is from Kaihua, and there is no sound-absorbing cotton.

I have repeatedly mentioned above that in this price range, in this price range.

So how much is this stuff?

At present, Jingdong is 399 yuan, and the activity price is 359 yuan. Add 50 yuan and get a set of replacement keycaps with five-sided sublimation. The keycap style can refer to the temporary pink set in my picture.

There will be additional discounts on Double Eleven, and I guess the base price is around 349.

104 keys 100% arrangement

Full key hot swap

Dareu Sky Axis V2+ Special Adjustment Sky Key Partition Axis

Factory run satellite axis + factory run big key

Double-layer sound-absorbing + space additional sound-absorbing treatment

Magnetic cover

bond wire separation

monochrome backlight

Closed two-color injection translucent keycap

Looking back at the features, you will find out how ruthless the materials used in Dareu A104 are in this price range. This price, this material, this brand, the price/performance ratio is extremely full.

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