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It's the first time to play a mechanical keyboard with PRG lights, white switches, Van Gogh starry sky customization, did you buy it right?

In recent years, with the rise of various competitive games, more and more friends have begun to understand the importance of mechanical keyboards for a professional player. With the emergence of mechanical keyboards with different axes, mechanical keyboards for different users have also become the brightest star in the peripheral circle. Many nerds, game lovers and urban white-collar workers have entered the pit of mechanical keyboards.

As a non-professional typist, I also bought two mechanical keyboards before. The first is an 87-key wired mechanical keyboard, and the second is a 104-key three-mode mechanical keyboard. Unfortunately, these two mechanical keyboards do not have RGB. lighting effect. Recently, after I cleaned up my desk, I began to think about buying a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting effects. So Xingui recently launched its first Gasket structure GM780 mechanical keyboard, which came into my sight.

What caught my eye was the starry color scheme of the upstart GM780 series. The main color of this color scheme is blue, which I personally like very much, and uses Van Gogh's starry sky and sunflower elements. In fact, before I received this upstart GM780 with a starry color scheme, I was a little worried about this color match. First, I was worried that the blue color was too bright. The jump in color is too large, and it is prone to aesthetic fatigue after long-term use.

The upstart GM780 adopts the popular transparent shell scheme. The blue translucent shell, supplemented by the main pattern tone, is very comfortable to match with the black and dark blue keycaps. I also replaced the original blue keycaps with the bonus starry sky and sunflower elements for the first time. The combination of the different elements of Van Gogh's two paintings does not feel abrupt at all, on the contrary there is a complementary artistic conception.

In terms of size, the upstart GM780 should be said to have taken into account the dual needs of size and function. The overall size of the body is about: 371mm×141mm×37mm. The compact keyboard can effectively save desktop space, and the layout of 78 keys can also meet most The usage requirements of the job.

From the point of view of the keys, the 78-key layout scheme completely cuts out the keys of the F area, but still retains the complete number keypad and the sunken direction keypad, and the input function is relatively complete. Although the function keys of the F area are missing, we can still complete the functional operations of the F area through the combination of keys.

There is a small orange round button in the upper right corner of the keyboard, through which we can switch between windows and macOS system input when using the keyboard. There are four status indicators next to the numeric keypad, which can help us see the working status of the keyboard. To be honest, under these flashing lights, the effect and function of this indicator light have basically been ignored by me.

The top position on the right side of the keyboard provides a USB Type-C interface, a power switch, and a wired and wireless mode switch. The functions are basically complete and the operation is very simple. However, I personally don’t like the three-stage mode switch very much. I always feel that it is difficult to operate. Sometimes it is easy to move incorrectly.

Let’s take a look at the bottom of the keyboard. The transparent shell of the upstart GM780 is designed with many oblique vertical stripes, four non-slip feet, and two-stage feet, which can basically ensure that the keyboard has good stability and a comfortable input experience during use.

In the middle of the bottom is a magnetic metal nameplate. After removing the nameplate, we can see the wireless adapter of the keyboard. This design does not take up extra space, and it is also very convenient to store and not easy to lose.

As a mechanical keyboard, regardless of the internal structure and functional layout, we have the most contact with it. The point to feel whether a mechanical keyboard matches our usage habits should be the keycap and the shaft body. First, let's look at the keycap part of the upstart GM780, which uses the PBT two-color injection keycap most commonly used in mechanical keyboards.

The advantages of PBT keycaps have been well discovered in so many years of experience in mechanical keyboards. Good comfort, long-term reliability, good fingertip contact, and excellent durability and oil resistance make PBT Keycaps have basically become the mainstream solution.

On the basis of good materials, the upstart GM780 keycap adopts an excellent coloring scheme, the overall color is accurate, and the touch is delicate, so that the keycap can be well matched with the interpretation of the keyboard theme, and the texture and look come out immediately.

Turn on the light to experience the overall effect of the upstart GM780. The blue keyboard body matches the RBG light effect. This is the feeling I want.

In terms of switches, the upstart GM780 offers four types of switches to choose from, namely the Xingkong switch and Dailuo switch co-branded with Kaihua, Kaihua BOX white switch and Jiadalong G Silver Pro. I have experienced Cherry’s silver switches and Jiadalong G Silver Pro before. Personally, I feel a bit soft, and the sense of transition is still far from what I imagined, so this time I decisively chose the Kaihua BOX white switch to experience the next paragraph. fun of. In terms of large key positions, the upstart GM780 still uses a custom-made satellite axis, which is very comfortable to adjust, and the percussion feedback is also very comfortable.

In terms of parameters, the Kaihua BOX white axis trigger key travel is about 2mm, the pressure is about 50gf, the full key travel is about 3.6mm, and the key life can reach 80 million times. Carefully experience the Kaihua BOX white switch, I can clearly hear the crisp clicking sound with the tapping, the sound may be a bit abrupt in the quiet night, but with the rhythm of typing, the keyboard follows The unique fun of typing, I think, is the fun that mechanical keyboards should have.

As the most important link in the playability of mechanical keyboards, replacing the shaft body is not the same as changing the keycaps. Replacing the keycaps can make the mechanical keyboard feel more comfortable and color matching more freely. The fun of changing the shaft lies in different percussion experience and different texture enjoyment. In order to enhance this kind of fun, the upstart GM780 supports mainstream hot-swapping solutions, so even when your RGB lights are fully turned on, we can also perform plugging and unplugging.

As mentioned earlier, the upstart GM780, as the first mechanical keyboard under its brand to adopt the Gasket structure scheme, has also improved the input experience. It uses a metal positioning plate and a PCB liner equipped with a silicone clip, which allows us to feel more comfortable when we use it, and better control keyboard noise. With the good input characteristics of the paragraph switch body, I think Kaihua BOX white switch It really suits me better.

As one of the main reasons why I chose this upstart GM780 mechanical keyboard, I simply want to experience a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting effects. I used to think that the keyboard with a light is a bit rustic, but after I installed the light strip on my desk, I began to look forward to the RBG of the upstart GM780.

Take off the keycap and switch body, we can see that there is a light bead on the top of the key position of the upstart GM780. This light bead supports 16.8 million color changes, which can help us realize different lighting effects of the keyboard.

Turn on the light, cooperate with the transparent shell and the main color of blue, the overall texture of the keyboard will come out at once, and the combination of the light and the main color of blue will directly bring the temperament of the entire mechanical keyboard online.

Upstart GM780 can switch dozens of light effects, five levels of lighting speed adjustment and four levels of brightness adjustment through the operation of combination keys. Therefore, in terms of RGB lighting effects, the upstart G780 is still very playable. It also firmly grasps the player's pursuit of colorful lights.

From the lighting effects, we can see that because the keycaps are dark and opaque, the light is mainly transmitted through the gap between the shell and the keycaps. The advantage of this is that it can meet the user's requirements for lighting effects, and try to avoid the stimulation of high-intensity lights on the eyes. At the same time, it is also convenient for the user to accurately distinguish the content on the keycap when typing.

In terms of device connection, the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard is still very powerful. It provides three solutions: wired, 2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth, and supports up to 3 different devices under the Bluetooth solution. It is very convenient to switch directly with shortcut keys. The equipment can be changed quickly.

What needs to be mentioned in particular is that the upstart GM780 in the three modes all supports the full-key no-dash solution, which can avoid operation errors or interference caused by key interference. In terms of device compatibility, this mechanical keyboard supports mainstream Windows/Mac OS/IOS/Android operating platforms and devices, and has carried out key adaptation for Mac OS, so no matter how many devices are on the desktop, basically a keyboard can Can easily get the input work.

RGB lighting effect + three-mode, how about the battery life of the upstart GM780 keyboard? First of all, this mechanical keyboard adopts a built-in lithium battery solution. The 3000mAh large-capacity lithium battery can ensure that the keyboard can be used for a long time. According to official data, the keyboard can support 100 hours of battery life without turning on the light effect. If you use it every day 8 hours, basically enough for half a month of use. If you turn on the RGB lighting effect, there is no pressure on the 10-hour battery life. In addition, we can also use it while charging through the Type-C interface, but when charging, the official recommendation is not to use a power bank or a fast charger for charging, so as not to cause irreversible damage to the battery.

I have used the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard for a period of time, and I will talk about my personal experience. First of all, let’s talk about the operation. After using the upstart GM780, I find that I like the clicking sound of the Kaihua BOX paragraph axis more, and the operation with strong rebound is more suitable for me, and the linear axis is slightly wavy. Rou makes me a little unaccustomed to it. Secondly, in terms of appearance, the transparent casing, stepped structure and unique design elements, coupled with powerful lighting effects, make this upstart GM780 with starry color schemes a new favorite on my desk; there is also the new Gasket of upstart GM780 The structural design can bring a simpler input experience.

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